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It just gets worse and worse...and it almost seems as if they simply don't care!

Ruth Kelly, just resign. As the government likes to say when things are going the way of the pear, you are not "fit for purpose".

Quite staggering, One more point on the data protection act:
"Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data."

I gather there is some more embarrassment for the Government as it has been found that the Home Office has been employing illegal immigrants as security guards.

Memo to CCHQ: please can we stop "Beggaring Belief"? It's tired and cliched (though admittedly an improvement on "gobsmacked").

In fact, we can all too readily believe the latest data-blunder; a better line might be derived from Brian Blessed's anguished performance as Augustus in I, Claudius:

"Is there ANYONE in Rome who has NOT slept with my daughter?"

If we characterise every mis-accounting for paperclips as "a monstrous scandal beyond all description" we'll be a bit short of shot in the locker for anything really serious in the New Year.

I fail to be shocked any longer, this whole government has lost any semblance of control over itself and it's departments. They are devoid of intellect,purpose, and direction.
For God's sake why can't they just download themselves onto the world's biggest dvd drive and burn themselves to oblivion, consigned to an archive readable only by 22nd. century geeks.

Goodness me, they seem to be going from one scandal after another. The incompetence of Brown and his cliche really is beyond a joke now.

Is Theresa Villiers, Shadow Transport Secretary, on strike? We never hear from her. With Boris in hiding, who is standing up for motorists and passengers in London?

At the next PMQs, could David Cameron not simply ask for a CD with the names of all the people in Britain, whose data has not been lost by the government?

We could then print an A4 poster of names of those who have no need to worry.

Maybe Im wrong here but I think this dates back to May, so its before Brown. I wonder why its taken so very long for the Government to announce it?

Regarding Villers, I caught her jousting with Ruth Kelly yesterday in the Commons.

Northern Rock news today. [The Government] has offered to cover any loss by financial institution which provides money to Northern Rock so the bank can operate normal banking services. BBC has just announced it on the website.

Ruth Kelly, just resign. As the government likes to say when things are going the way of the pear, you are not "fit for purpose".

Rather unfair, I think - Ruth Kelly wasn't Transport Secretary when this happened, and even if she had been it wouldn't have been her fault.

The fault lies surely in government departments farming out responsibility for this sort of thing to the most competitive (i.e. "cheapest") bidder.

Now remind me, which party was it which promoted introducing competition into state organisations in the 1980s and 90s? I'm not opposed to privatisation per se, obviously it can bring many benefits if done well, but we are still paying the price for the folly of removing responsibility from experienced people who knew what they were doing, had been doing for decades, and giving it to any old cowboy who can undercut them. Our railways are another perfect example.

Absolutely Teesbridge. Very little 'beggars belief', and government losing data is an everyday occurance so I can well believe it!
Nick Herbert seems to me to be a great guy but he seems to feel that whenever he speaks a great oration is called for. He needs to relax a little and learn to speak a little more like normal people do.
Another terrible, terrible day for Gordon Brown and his government of incompetents.Poor Britain!

I would be calling for Ruth Kelly's resignation, were it not for the fact that she'll just end up in another ministerial post screwing different things up instead.

"Rather unfair, I think - Ruth Kelly wasn't Transport Secretary when this happened, and even if she had been it wouldn't have been her fault", said Vernon.

Irrelevant.The woman is a disaster.

One question I haven't heard asked is: Why is Government data of British nationals being stored off shore, no doubt under the sovereignty and laws of another country?

Surely this has serious implications on a number of levels, starting with data security and being able to determine the laws under which the information is held?

Nick Herbert ought to look at Capita's role in this fiasco. Rod Aldridge, Capita's former Chairman, was caught up in the loans for honour scandal.

I am rather amused/bemused by Theresa Villiers' belated contribution at the bottom of the main piece. Drivers' interests and rights are key part of her brief. She has held the transport portfolio for several months and we have yet to see a new policy. I doubt whether she is up to the job, worse than even the hapless Ruth Kelly. Taxi for Villiers!


Surely it's about time that the Data Protection Commissar took action and instituted legal action against the government on behalf of those individuals whose data has been lost.
If the HSE can undertake a ridiculous prosecution of the MET, the the DP chief has very relevant grounds.

Oh, in passing, I thought Theresa had returned to Brussels, such is her impact, and didn't realise she was a shadow!!.

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