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Any organisation is only as good as the people within it, so we ought to be mindful of that.

However, I think we need to tread carefully when it comes to making politics a career in itself, just as we ought to be weary of the "professional politician"

I love the line "are leaving to take up job offers"..... as if working for CCHQ wasn't a real job??

Unline Eustice losing Dowden is a blow.

Seriously effective operator and the political team were behind donorgate.

It is right that Coulson decided to get rid of lightweights but at the same time you are right here in that we should try to hold on to talent.

Sorry should have read "unlike losing Eustice - losing Dowden is a blow."

Having recruited, worked with and managed both Oliver and Richard I can concur with the Editor's assessment that they are both "star employees" who have contributed massively over the past few years. Oliver and Richard have exhibited enormous talents, great loyalty, and a willingness to put up with constant change and remain quietly focused on the job behind the scenes. They are superb individuals who the party will miss.

However, i know neither would be keen for their departure to be read as anything other than - working at CCHQ in the Political Section is a tough job - you can't do it for ever!

It is healthy for fresh faces to join - people who have new campaigning ideas and who are fully energized – no one is irreplaceable even if it seems so right now! It is also healthy for Richard and Oliver to build life experience outside CCHQ. Most selection panels always have a go at CCHQ insiders. Now they have the chance to do something else – take the experience but lose the negative branding that may have stuck with them if they want to go down the MP route in the future.

I wish Oliver and Richard well - I hope they will both serve the party again in different guises.... and to encourage them - there is life outside CCHQ and CRD...a balanced and more peaceful one!

The Conservatives have been very slow to update their website. The Prague speech hasnt appeared on the website at all, despite its content being I would think very interesting in showing the ideological perspective the Party is following. They wont even mention it in their newsletter.

CCHQ must keep on top of it...


When I was at CCHQ I was told by a senior Conservative MP that I didn't have a "real job"

Unbelievably, he was rather put out when I left a few weeks later

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