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Congratulations Tim and Sam.
Really encouraging to see the leadership engaging with us through you.
I'm looking forward to seeing some CH regulars on video!

Good on DC. Always thought an i/v with CH was overdue.

Do they have to be exactly a minute or can they be a lot shorter?

They can be shorter, Pisaboy. The pithier the better!

Can I wear a disguise? I was thinking kilts?

LOL @ Englandism ;)

Not something I would do myself(apart from anything else it would take all day to upload on dial-up) but I hope someone asks him about the minimum wage- why his party opposed it, why they abolished the wages councils and whether he wishes to apologise to low paid British workers for his predecessors actions over this.

Someone should be able to cook a minute's worth up from that little lot :D

Brilliant, Love this idea!!!!

Sharpening my pencil as we speak (or as I write anyway).

Has he ever used botox?

Thanks to those who've emailed questions. With one exception none have so far really understood that the questions will be video questions and some imagination as to how those questions can be made interesting would be appreciated!

What exactly was wrong with the gun control video? It sounded like a good question to me.

"What exactly was wrong with the gun control video?"

Wellll . . . I'm as much in favour as anyone of allowing people to own assault rifles, but even I think if you do have one you shouldn't refer to it as your "baby".

Incidentally, if you are thinking of asking a question on gun control, don't bother, I already did a few months back. The policy is clear: the current leadership has swallowed left-wing ideas on this topic, hook, line, sinker and entire fishing rod, and is equally prepared to impose and enforce intolerant laws. It is of course true that these laws do nothing for anybody's safety. It is also true that supporting this policy has undoubtedly cost them tens of thousands of votes and gained them nothing. But hey, if they don't care why should I? I'm planning to be off to other side of the planet next year, to a country where they still have some vague idea that citizen does not equal serf.

You know this will essentially be a waste of time. He will have a long list of prepared answers and what he says will most likely be something that his team have come up with. It looks like hes wishing to talk to the grassroots, but if you look over the past two years and the treatment of the grassroots and the Associations, I cant help but be very cynical about this.

It is not always as contrived as that. Whilst it is fairly well know around the industry that if you have a large enough play list, someone from the audience can always be relied to ring in and ask for the track you want to play next, in the political arena the politicians are actually interested in peoples views.

You should take on board the idea that more is won with a smile than a frown...

"in the political arena the politicians are actually interested in peoples views."

Sadly, thirty+ years of political campaigning have led me to the conclusion that they are interested only in explaining in a friendly, understanding, and faintly patronising manner why the policy you want cannot possibly be implemented because the BBC would not like it.

Re Nigel Hastilow (Halesowen and Rowley Regis)
Sad that you forced him out. He did have some apt comments regarding the future problems that we in the UK could well be facing in Schools, NHS care and Social support for increasing numbers of immigrant population. We're a small island (UK)and we should be encouraging our own indigenous population to do the training or get on with the jobs that are needed to be done. Are we becoming a lazy British Nation? I'm not racist, vote Conservative but am very concerned with the direction that our fine historically produced country is going. Centuries of History is our Heritage.

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