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fantastic! Someone should do cartoons to go with them!

It's certain these comments are fair,
But someone has entered thin air.
It's Brown's little puppet,
A meaningless muppet,
Yes, Alistair Darling's not there.

Hilarious. Should be much more ribald.

But we must respect Mr Ed's views.

Much better than I could do Mr Leonard. Did it take you a long time?

See that Darling, Not the Chancellor of the Exchequer, doesn't feature. Have I missed something? has he been sacked? Or is John Leonard hinting at what we already know, that is to say that Darling of of no coonsequence whatsoever!

Surely you missed the most important of the lot !

Darling, poor clone i/c the Exchequer
was at his best while being a wrecker
yet in face of dear Prudence
he wouldd just sit on the fence
and would never dare threaten to deck her

Alan Douglas

Indeed a very good spot! I did overlook the Mr Darling (it was very late when I wrote it) but I don't think it was a great oversight as we all know who really is running the treasury!

Alan D/ JohnC excellent stuff!

Malcolm D: Surprisingly it only took a few hours.

Thanks guys!

Tried to do limeric but just not up to it. Surprise Brown nodding off at the Albert Hall AND the BBC showing it. (suppose heads are rolling now)

Anyway, what's a feartie?

I rhyme in the mode of McGonagall
Whilst John Leonard ‘s are more metronomical.
I try hard as I can but it simply don’t scan,
So my point is dissipated when I say that the government’s failings are nothing short of astronomical.

McGonagall’s rhymes I surpass
Compared with mine, his are first class.
But John Leonard, oh wow ! He’s said it - and how!
This government’s a pain in the ass

Having sat at my PC at home
in futile attempt at a pome,
I’m as clueless a clown as that lacklustre Brown
So, sorry conservativehome.

To Darling it came as a shock
When the crisis that felled Northern Rock
Despite long foreseen gravity
Was dodged by Macavity
So his head was left on the block

David Sargeant:

If you missed it, Alex Salmond observed after the Election was cancelled:

"Gordon Brown is not so much the Grand Old Duke of York - more the big feartie from Fife!"

From wikipedia:

feardie/feartie (Scottish) - frightened person, coward.

Limericks are not, I fear
(as said above, my forté here.
So I will change poetic gear
and copy nonsense style of Lear,
(- and tints of Carroll do appear):

Said the pobble who had no toes
“What’s Brown’s vision? Heaven knows!”

Averred the uncouth axolotl
“Gordon Brown ain’t got no botl.”

Quoth the fiery salamander
“NuLab rules by gerrymander.”

Slurred the tired, emotional newt
“Brown’sh guvvermint should get the boot.”

Chameleon of varied hue
Said “Government must change to blue.”

Jabberwock, so boldly snarling
“Let Osborne take the place of Darling.”

Said the gimbling slithy tove
“Swap Ed Balls for Michael Gove.”

A Runcible Spoon came clamourin’ :-
“Chuck out Broon. Vote Cameron in.”

The 'PC' police chief Ian Blair,
Whose record is much less than fair,
Pursues with great pace,
Without seeing a face,
Anyone with tight frizzy hair

Great stuff John. Thanks!

Sir, please consider some further offerings from the New Labour era.

A deputy Prime Minister named John,
Enjoyed some croquet on the lawn,
He sighed to his mates,
As he tapped through the gates,
There'll be no word of this when Blair's gone!

There was an old staffer named Temple,
Whose function in life was quite simple,
She was made to prostrate,
In an office of state,
'Neath a weight that would make most girls crumple.

There was a wee ginger named Charlie,
Who couldn't stick to the orange and barley,
He appeared on Newsnight,
And put up a good fight,
But went down for the sake of his party.

There was a young press hack named Piers,
Whose career should have ended in jeers,
He set up our troops,
With some rank rotten scoops,
The **** should have got twenty years!

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