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Editor, I though the first question was a bit restrictive. I personally welcome defectors, but will never trust them, and don't believe that they should be afforded special privileges regarding selections.

I don't have a problem trusting defectors per se since parties change and people change and that's fine. Obviously some defectors are more equal than others. A Quentin Davies does not equal a Churchill!

As for making room for them, I don't think they should get special treatment per se, but I do think that if they've reached a certain seniority, the party should meet them half-way and share the political risk, and that may mean finding a winnable seat. But the party has done the same in the past for the likes of Portillo and Rifkind.

What is the point of supporters who are not members filling in the checklist? As far as I am aware their results are not published.

Conservativehome promotes its narrow world view through question 2: Anglo-centric, interventionist, anti EU. In a few weeks Editor will be speaking about the results [promoting his agenda] on the Today programme.

A good question David C and I have been sloppy on not doing enough with non-members' responses. You'll be please, I hope, with what I'm planning, however...

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