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I would like to nominate Zoya Phan - the brave young woman who has spoken at several Conservative Conferences now (including the Womens Conference recently). She is working so hard to free her country from tyranny, brutality and repression and we must do everything we can to help!

I forgot to mention above of course that the country concerned is Burma!

Are there going to be nominations for Nationalist? Or are we all still guilty?

Linda Whetsone, for continuing the work of her late father, Sir Anthony Fisher, in helping spread freedom around the world through the active creation of a global network of think-tanks.

Ben Rogers, for his principled, compassionate and steadfast work in Burma.

I nominate Alex Singleton of the Globalisation Institute who campaigns against protectionism that impoverishes developing countries. He has had a strong influence on Andrew Mitchell's international development policies.

I agree with Ben Rogers's nomination. He has worked tirelessly for many years for Human Rights about the globe. His work in Burma has been magnificent. The fringe event at Blackpool this year on the Maldives (heaven to visit, sometime hellish to live there) was excellent. He and Stephen Crabb are doing tremendous work on the Conservative Human Rights Commission. Ben is a genuine internationalist.

I second the nomination of Alex Singleton. I'd also like to add Prof. Julian Morris, for his principled stand against foolish policies that will impoverish much of the world and for developing and championing policies that will speed growth and reduce untimely deaths in Africa.

I'd nominate Bjorn Lomborg - for injecting some Copenhagen Consensus sense into the whole question of "how to get the best bang for your buck" when it comes to allocating resources for development - and also for his courage in standing up to those anti-developmentalist types who seek to hold back the growth of the world's underdeveloped economies in the false name of 'global warming'.

I nominate Top Gear. Their vigorous and enthusiastic approach to motor journalism surely "improves the world around them", spreading mirth and cheerfulness - and they often go abroad, like that one when they drove those cars across Botswana.


How could I have forgotten! In the last series, their drive through Southern states in the USA was a classic as well, with new relationships being formed with locals - many of whom were affected deeply by the Hamster's public commitment to gay pride. They can be guaranteed a warm welcome should they return to one area in particular (the flames from the burning crosses will keep the chill away, no question).

Although he has disqualified himself from this award, our esteemed editor has racked up a genuinely impressive air miles total over the last 12 months, on his tours throughout the Anglosphere, with trips to Canada, the USA (more than once) & Australia to name but a few.

That episode of Top Gear was about the funniest TV show I've seen in years. I totally agree with the sentiment painted on their car 'Country & Western is rubbish'. Of the other cars the less said the better.

Quite right Malcolm. The slogan "Hilary rules OK" (or something similar) was calculated to give the very deepest offence.

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