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James Forsyth at The Spectator. A good writer. Au fait with technology. Mastermind behind Coffee House.

Mark Wallace. Formerly of the Freedom Association and now of the Taxpayers' Alliance, the boy will go far.

I second Mark Wallace, he rehabilitated the Freedom Association and is now, after what I'm told is only a couple of weeks, making his name at the TaxPayers' Alliance. A sound voice for free people and free markets.

I will nominate Mark's boss, Matthew Elliott. He has built the TPA up from nothing into a formidable pressure group with tens of thousands of members. It can only grow and get even bigger.

Simon Heffer

A relative youngster by the standards of the organisation that he works for. Took over at a time when his employers methods were firmly rooted in the 19th century, not much has changed since but Simon is doing his very best, and continues to impress with his fair minded and liberal interpretation of modern day Conservatism.

I will nominate Grant Shapps. Elected in 2005 with the third largest swing. A very impressive campaigner he was made Vice Chairman of the Party. A blip over Ealing Southall, which was something of a poisoned chalice anyway.

This has been followed by a very solid, sensible performance in the tricky shadow housing brief. His conference speech was excellent.

He is an engaging character, diligent worker, excellent administrator and superb constituency MP.

He is definitely one to watch!

I'd like to nominate the Young Britons' Foundation for the 'One To Watch' award for relaunching with a highly successful conference this year, for roping in and training an entire new generation of activists into the Conservative movement and consolidating/bringing together the alumni activist network.

Christopher Hearon-Harris, for his work as a MEP on the Budgetary Control Committee, with his fight against fraud and highlighting misuse of taxpayers' money, plus campaigning against the EU Constitution and showing the absurd CO2 footprint caused by using Strasbourg. Not to mention saving the pint and knowing a thing or two about Wolverhampton.

Mark Wallace definitely gets my vote. He has done a fantastic job helping transform the Freedom Association into a real activist based organisation with a lively youth wing, and has been all over the media helping raise the profile of the Taxpayers’ Alliance despite only being there a very short time. He’s very energetic, a good organiser, and comes across well in the media. Mark is a great spokesman for modern liberal conservatism and, contrary to the opinions some might have of the Freedom Association, he is neither focused on a single issue nor ideologically extreme in any way.

Why did 18 Doughty St allow Donal Blaney and Iain Dale to be so part-time? It should have been all hands on deck but Iain was always pursuing his media career and Donal Blaney building upon YBF. Why?

Donal Blaney = One To Watch? Stephan Shakespeare should have been watching him like a hawk.

I think that there is only one person given recent events: Michael Fallon, MP for Sevenoaks. He may be an experienced MP with a strong constituency reputation. However, no-one has done more to spearhead our attack on the Government's financial failings over Northern Rock, HMRC data fiasco etc. he should be on the Front Bench and is definitely someone who has made, and I hope will continue to make, his mark.

Tony Lodge of CPS/UK Coal. He has done some excellent work in this arena and has brought the notion of Clean Coal Technology to the forefront of people's minds - the people who matter. He is certainly one to watch.

Just finished reading the blog of Nadine Dorries. Michael Gove should have her right by his side. She will be at the top of the party one day because she talks the talk of the ordinary man and woman. Something DC has yet to master. I like the sound of this policy, I can believe it when Nadine writes about it. I had trouble with it in the week though.

I propose the Young Briton's Foundation for 'One to Watch.' This organisation has done a tremendous amount for young Conservatives in this country, and for the broader Conservative movement.

The opportunities that YBF give young people are of huge importance to the future of Conservative activism and British politics.

Douglas Murray and the Centre for Social Cohesion. Noone else is doing serious work on Islamic radicalisation within Britain.

I'd like to nominate the Young Britons' Foundation, as never have I come accross an organisation so dedicated to their members. The advice and support they offer is absolutely priceless. Whether it is conferences and political training in the US or City workshops designed to help those wishing to get into the competitive world of banking and finance; Donal Blaney and his team make every effort to structure their programmes according to everyone’s interests. I cannot think of any other organisation so dedicated to furthering the influence of the Conservative movement, and for that I thank them and only wish that more people are able to experience similar opportunities.

Young Britons Foundation is a really excellent movement and their conference this year was fantastic. Donal and Shane are working seriously hard to help lots of young people get involved in all kinds of things, so good on them.

I should like to nominate the UK National Defence Association (UKNDA) and its founder Commander Muxworthy RN.

The government is abrogating its principal responsibility of defence of the realm by starving the armed forces of funding while expecting every man to do his duty and if necessary pay the ultimate price.

The UKNDA, seeking to reverse this dire situation, has achieved a high profile in a very short period of time.

My vote goes to Mark Wallace. I was pleased to hear that he's moved to the Taxpayers' Alliance - a good man in a good place.
I have heard him speak several times , once in person and lots of times on radio and television and he is always good at getting the argument across. He is clear, concise, and well-informed, and [unlike many on the Right] he doesn't rant.

I'd cite the Young Briton's Foundation as "One To Watch". Ably led by Donal Blaney & Shane Greer, the YBF has managed to move impressively quickly from a fledgling, new organisation to one which most have heard of and which many have been involved or in contact with. The YBF operates an admirable programme of conferences, seminars and training events, all of which are well-constructed and of great benefit to the attendees. I very much look forward to seeing the YBF continue to grow apace.

One to Watch? That can only be Top Gear. There's nothing else on worth watching, with the possible exception of The Sky At Night (but the Editor might object to that, now they've notched up the sex and violence content).

It is the most popular programme on BBC2, which is otherwise a bastion of dull-thinking eco-liberalism; has won BAFTAs, Emmys, and NTA Awards; has a global audience of approx 350 million and is said to be the most pirated TV programme format in the world. A fine British export.

The Young Britons' Foundation gets my vote!

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