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May I humbly submit the newly revamped www.conservativesabroad.eu which has been completely rewritten by Gibraltar-based web designer Jim Watt?

It has been said that overseas voters can swing several marginal seats at each General Election and Conservatives Abroad might just be able to tip that balance.

This initiative might not be as high profile and shiny as 18 Doughty Street or as vibrant as CHome but Jim's pro bono work is very likely to deliver us marginal constituencies next time round.

The slick website is not really 'innovative' but in terms of spreading our message this is a really big step forward for us - I think it (and CAbroad's web strategy generally) is worthy of note.

Even if this nomination doesn't make a shortlist then I certainly recommend it to all readers as a bookmark.

Are we allowed to say ConHome?

I would agree with Matt that CH is the clear winner even if it can't be nominated for obvious reasons. Bearing that in mind, Facebook, infested as it is with sound people, is a worthy runner-up. As well as being a useful networking tool, the various groups can communicate swiftly with their members whilst the search facilities allow users to find out what is going on with ease.

Any political association or campaign which lacks a Facebook presence limits its reach.

ConHome certainly.

And Comment is Free (Guardian).

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.


It's always a pleasure to hear a man of the people talking to potential voters on their own level. He's keeping it real on the streets.

CH, Political Betting and Iain Dale. I know we're supposed to give reasons for our nomination but in all three cases it's obvious to anyone who's read them.

ConservativeHome can't really enter its own awards unfortunately as Sam wrote in his introductory post about this year's awards. Thanks though!

I'd like to second Geoff's nomination of Conservatives Abroad.

Theirs is a well designed resource cleverly targetting an undertapped part of the electorate.

What about Eric Pickles? For a member of the Shadow cabinet to have their own youtube site, and their own regular radio show seems pretty innovative and forward thinking to me.


I would like to jointly-nominate Catch21 Productions and Projecting Politics for their work in encouraging debate among young people. While both organisations are independent of party politics, both have actively promoted political argument to inspire young people in to taking an interest in politics in general. Their approach is a far cry from the stale attitude of the Hansard Society.

I would like to nominate the Back Boris application on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=3423912390
which was designed by Reading CF member Dave Luckett

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