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I particularly liked the idea of allowing mothers to access more of their child benefit in the vital early years. This will prove to be so helpful, as we parents know children grow at an astonishing rate and are always in need of new coats, shoes etc. So making more money available in the early years is a great idea.

Without question, Osborne's inheritance tax cut. Hooray!

Sorry Paul but your are naive. Osborne refuses to cut the total burden of taxation so he will raise another tax to pay for the cut in inheritance tax. He just can't be trusted.

I nominate Lord Forsyth and John Redwood for their respective policy reports on truly cutting taxes.

The green air miles allowance.

Douglas Carswell's policy to scrap VAT and the reliance of local authorities on the largesse of Westminster and instead to promote tax competition between local authorities who would keep the entre proceeds of a local sales tax. It restores the link between taxes raised and the voters in the local authority area.

Peter Lilley's "Real Trade" and/or demand-led aid funding ideas. Those are policies that can make a real difference and help millions globally.

EVEL.The only way I think to keep the Union in being.

Gove: Swedish Schools, which will enable parents and community groups to start their own schools and compete with local failures.

Cameron: Wisconsin welfare, which will tackle long-term welfare dependency.

Neither are original, but both are innovative in that they seek to import & replicate good practice from elsewhere

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