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Well, I don't see eye to eye with him on many issues, but Edward Leigh has been outstanding as the char of the Public Accounts Committee, and by far the most influential of all.

Nadine Dorries and abortion campaign, has to be.

I suggest No2ID - in the light of Catastrophic Tuesday, their objectives and warnings have never been more topical.

I second the nomination for NO2ID. If only so that they get big enough to help my legal appeals when I'm being carted off the prison!

The TaxPayers' Alliance, by a mile. They have made all the parties come to the table on tax cuts.

Even as someone who doesn't agree 100% philosophically with the TaxPayers' Alliance, you have to give them credit for making a big noise in the media for their campaign. The last time I looked, they were getting about half the media coverage of all the centre-right think-tanks and campaign groups combined – with much fewer resources than many of the groups. Not only do they have a massive profile in the tabloids, but they also have regular op-eds in the FT and appearances on the Today programme, Newsnight etc. Lots of people were behind the big shift in the tax debate we’ve seen this year (Forsyth’s Tax Reform Commission, the Daily Express’s Inheritance Tax campaign, Edward Leigh through the Public Accounts Committee), but the TPA spearheaded and directed much of this effort. Also, they should be given credit for the work they have done behind the scenes with Conservatives, particularly on polling.

Suprised no one has mentioned Migration watch.Sir Andrew Green with his quiet dignified way of spelling out the situation in a way that has often eluded the Conservative Party.No 'rivers of blood' from him. Both major parties and I suppose the Lib Dems if you regard an amnesty as serious politics are now talking about immigration seriously. Immigration is now a leading subject for discussion among the electorate.
Hopefully with Sir Andrews help it won't be long before the political parties will actually start advocating policies that will actually do something about it.

I would give a nomination to the following:

1. Migration Watch

2. Direct Democracy

I'd like to nominate Ben Rogers, Stephen Crabb MP and the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission. The Commission's campaigning on behalf of the world's most vulnerable citizens and for oppressed people like the Burmese deserves recognition.

I second that Jennifer. It is a shame that the Right has so many European pressure groups and so few on international justice issues.

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