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Peter Oborne's book about the triumph of the political class (can't remember the exact title) was very thought provoking. If it wins it would show that the readers of this site are not a bunch of political careerists.

Oborne's book, without a doubt - a genuine bit of political investigate reporting coupled with an overarching and sobering analysis. Oborne's thesis will surely find its way into most politics courses, and into general political dialogue. It should also prompt us to ask how we get our government back!

I'd nominate Oborne's book too, which was indeed called The Triumph of the Political Class.

Thought-provoking and disturbing, in equal measure.

P.S. I've passed my copy onto my son who's studying A-level Politics. Don't suppose it will earn him too many brownie points though!

There's not really much that's come out this year.

Chris Dillow's "The End of Politics" is very good.

America Alone by Mark Steyn or James Delingpole's superb book

Wasting Police Time, PC David Copperfield

Richard - Not all politics teachers are card-carrying lefties!! I have been busy recommending the Oborne book to my own A-level students!

Parkers Law and Conduct of Elections-because without understanding it fully, none of our elected members would be where they are.

Peter Oborne's book without a doubt, it has provoked a real debate in politics.

TPA Bumper Book of Government Waste. Every rift filled with ore - well done Matthew and Lee!

Andrew Roberts: History of English-Speaking Peoples Since 1900.

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