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Superb, I hope this reaches as many people as possible. It's all very well comparing GB and DC but what we all have to remember is that our front bench team knocks spots off Labour, and this rightly hammers that home.

A very good, and a very engaging broadcast from team Cameron. I liked the way each section blended easily into the next and the fact that the monologues were long enough to hold the attention but not too long as to obscure the message. In a broadcast like this a few well crafted salient points are much more likely to stick in the public mind. David Cameron in his office created the image of prime minister in waiting. Interestingly when David mentioned green policies I instinctively looked at the green lamp, which helped to re-enforce the point.

Excellent. This should be sent out in every copy of a National Newspaper - THE SUN!

Very, very good. The first party political broadcast to leave me wanting more...

A tidy, professional looking broadcast that gets its points in effectively.

But there's something else that I find myself noticing too. Largely how the shadow cabinet members actually seem better qualified and more appropriate to be doing their respective jobs than their cabinet counterparts. I look at Davis and I see a Home Secretary; I look at Hague and I see a Foreign Secretary. I cannot say the same when I look at Smith and Milliband.

Looks good, although a little concerned it reminds me of the Yes Prime Minister broadcast when they have to decide whether they need a background that is fresh and energetic or one that is sober and wood panelled.

It is also VERY long - is this really going to go out on TV?

Like the Editor I can see that using "Team" Cameron is a good move.

This is a good broadcast. However, did they try to make Baroness Warsi look like an idiot on purpose? Next time will they will tell her to actually look into the camera??

It's too long at 4'39. It's men/women in suits in offices, which is dull.
Content is good, but no-one will be watching because of the above.
We need to get 'the team' out of the office and in the real world, and we need to make our PPBs interesting and eye catching, rather than ear-catching. This is the telly, not the radio.

Excellent. Glad to see shadow cabinet members being used, and not just going for the cult of personality.

Very impressive. It continues the task of persuading the public the Conservatives have the right policies and the right team to implement them. NuLab is pushing hard at the (rather threadbare) message that Cameron is just a sneering toff who gets personal about Brown but has no policies. (Witness Kevin Maguire being allowed to spin this on the Daily Politics today). It's a smear - but it will be very important not to allow it to gain credibility. It was hearing Conservative policies and seeing the strength and unity of the team at conference that began to win the public around. Ultimately this is what will win the next election.

I thought it was good but would bow to the experience of Nick Longworth who being a TV journalist knows what he is talking about.
Has anyone seen any recent recent BARB figures on how many people actually watch party political broadcasts?

Warsi? Why? Hardly instils confidence.

You should upload this video to You Tube so that it is accessible to people who search on it.

Nick Longworth, I disagree and think the office theme promotes sobriety, and the image of a level-headed government-in-waiting that is serious about dealing with the problems that Britain faces today. People generally expect senior politicians to be focused and businesslike.

I thought the broadcast was very good, but like other people I think it would have been better if each of the Shadow Cabinet cintributors had been filmed on location in an area of relevance to their portfolio.

Nick Longworth's right. This isn't particularly good, looking distinctly forced. It's not the vehicle to get people re-engaged with the Tory party unfortunately...

My suggestion, Tony, was that having ALL the speakers in the same suit, same office, setting is boring and the length of the PPB only exacerbates that. There are many ways of balancing effects of sobriety, experience, optimism, understanding, etc. but having the same theme throughout is ineffective, in my opinion.

Excellent stuff that makes the Conservatives look like a great team, and more importantly, a party of substance.
It may look boring to some but that is insignificant - politics is supposed to be a serious business.

I actually put this on TV with the intention of ripping it to shreds ..usual stuff etc etc

But I've been totally disarmed with the funniest thing I've heard in yonks......

Is anyone actually watching BBC2 now??

Anne "Archie Stirling, who in Febuary 2007 founded the Scottish Voice Party is the nephew of Sir David Stirling who founded which elite fighting force in 1946"

Contestant: "The Liberal Democrats?"

I'm still laughing, not even bothered about knocking Cameron.

Those of you who watched on broadband missed a treat.


DC's 'office' looks worryingly like my old headmaster's study - hardly something that I feel will appeal to most viewers.

Lots of talk about families - what about something for us hard-working single-people?

And talking about 'environment and carbon emissions' at a time when petrol prices have hit £1.05/litre isn't exactly a votewinner either - promising to reverse Brown's recent hike in fuel-duty would be vastly more appropriate given the impact fuel prices have on the average hard-working person.

Nick Longworth is wrong. Getting people out the office would give us images that can be good and have their place. But they've also become a cliche and would only add to the 'PR' - 'all style no substance' charge against the Conservatives. This was clearly an attempt to counteract that with a sober and straightforward - 'retro' (if you like) presentation. It's because that such images are now unfamliar that people will take notice. It got across the messages it needed to - a government in waiting, working hard at their desks, (which were actually nicely varied), a balanced team under strong leadership. Not flash - just Conservative.

I'm surprised people commenting on the length of the broadcast don't realise it's going out in a fixed length slot after the news (on BBC and ITV) - matching Labour's broadcast yesterday. The length was not negotiable.

I thought this was excellent, superb: but Nick Longsworth comments worry me somewhat. I think the public has been wanting to hear policies and plans -- which is why they reacted so well to the IHT news -- but Nick seems to be saying that the visuals are actually more important than the messages...he's no doubt more in tune with the younger generation than I -- so he's put a doubt in my mind which wasnt there when I first saw the video. I guess only a poll of viewers who've seen it would actually answer the question as to how effective it is.

I thought it was a good ad, and it was an excellent idea to focus on the broader team. Caroline Spelman needs more practice though as she did look uncomfortable, stiff and jerky, and you could see that Davis, though uncomfortable, sensibly took the calm, slow approach.

Interesting to see the different quality of the respective shadow minister's offices. Poor Liam sparse effort looks like he is in the dungeon along with the IT crowd.

What is clear is that the all new ideas are coming from conservative circles and that Cameron does have a decent team around him to deliver them.

So let's hope he comes to his senses and does not spark warfare by reneging on his referendum pledge when it is ratified.

The whole point of the advert was to be a clean sober exp-lanation of the Conservative response.

Caroline Spelman was the one wo/man out. Im no fan of Sayeeda Warsi either, so her being on the PPB to balance the white tone just puts me off.

I gather from what William Hague said the Conservatives will NOT be offering us a referendum whether the Treaty is ratified or not. Another big let down.

Caroline Spelman was the one wo/man out. Im no fan of Sayeeda Warsi either, so her being on the PPB to balance the white tone just puts me off.

I tested the broadcast on a Labour voting friend of mine - so anti Tory it was quite hard to get him to watch it. Altho' he found Cameron at his big desk rather too old fashioned and a bit off putting, he particularly DID like Caroline Spelman and Sayeeda Warsi. Interestingly he also liked George Osborne.

I thought it was excellent. I thought that showing the team in their offices gave the impression of gravitas - of a cabinet in waiting. And David Cameron is looking increasingly Prime Ministerial.

Its managerialism which reigns -reminds me of good old Heathco and its managing director.
Running on a platform of competence and waste reduction is not a political party.

I have never had any dealings with dating agencies, but whenever they are featured in television dramas or sit coms, they always involve videos just like that.

Osborne, of all people, banging on about aspiration, and people struggling to get by, and what you was the one really sickening part. Like he'd know! But we got quite a spread of potential dates: Cameron and Osborne the posh boys, Spellman (who?) the posh matron, Fox the Scot, Hague the Yorkshireman, Davis the no-nonsense TA type, and Warsi the thirtysomething solicitor who failed to win a safe Labour seat last time, and who has therefore been put in the House of Lords and the Shadow Cabinet, like everyone else in that position. Or have I missed something?

GSOH? We'd certainly need one under them.

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