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Conservativehome is best when it's serious.

This is VERY serious.

After all these years we now know that Mr Bean's first name is Gordon.

This is potentially extremely damaging as it is not something that the public, media or Conservative party are going to forget in a hurry.

Can anyone else think of a nickname that has so damaged a politician as this might Brown?

Shame you had to thieve this one from the Lib Dems!

Great posters and gave me a right good laugh - thanks boys.
Hopefully, it will soon be Bean & Gorn (Harman), but are we going to get Black Adder next?

Shame the Lib Dems had to steal this one from Leo McKinstry!

This is, I believe, one of those things where the origin of the phrase will become irrelevant, because everyone will be using it regardless (including the media).

Yes, Leo McKinstry coined the phrase a while back.

Therefore it is relevant, it would appear, where and when it originated - in the sense of capturing a particular public moment. Clearly used by an MP it becomes a nick-name suddenly worth talking and joking about. "What is the secret of good comedy....? Timing!"

But very good posters!

One question - who do you think is "Boff" in this remake? Douglas Alexander maybe?

I remember there was a song... "Gordon is a Moron"!


Sally - speaking as an academic scholar of punk and new wave, I'm not sure that the ballad to which you refer is an appropriate theme for the PM as it is in fact a paean to jealousy, viz:

"Oh, she is cruel and heartless
to pack me for Gordon
Just cos he's better looking than me
Just cos he's cool and trendy "

Gordon Brown is of course none of these things.

Oh dear... I'd forgotten that was how the lyrics went - but it's always that chorus that everybody remembers, isn't it?

Is it time to repeat "Not the Nine 'o' Clock News"?

It is an insult to Rowan Atkinson and I do not want to muddy his name by associating it with Brown.

Just as long as we stand back and let the left self destruct, we will be the stable statesmanlike party to guide the country out of the brown stuff, and Gordo "Trousers" Bean will just look more and more ridiculous

I think Brown also makes a good stand in for Frank Spencer

Except that, unlike Frank Spencer, he's never around when there's trouble.

LOL - I've already done a Laurel and Hardy (Darling and Brown) which Tim has, and Frank Spencer was going to be the next in the series under the heading 'Some Governments Do 'Ave 'Em'!

Paul Oakley:

As another former devotee of the punk genre did you know there was a spin off single by 'Gordon the Moron' called 'Fit For Nothing'?

How perfectly apt!

Unfortunately, whilst I have it in my collection I have no recollection of it so cannot quote any of the lyrics. Perhaps I should dig it out.

Indeed the Laurel & Hardy and Frank Spencer analogies are excellent. Particularly the the take on the Spencer mantra

'Every day in every way, I'm going to relaunch my party (get better and better)'

I also thought about a Dad's Army analogy. How about this for a cast?

Gordon Brown - Capt Mainwaring
Ed Balls - Sgt Wilson
Alistair Darling - Corporal 'Don't Panic' Jones
Jack Straw - Private Walker
Milliband (D) - Private 'Stupid Boy' Pike
Doug Alexander - Private 'We're All Doomed' Fraser
Des Browne - Private 'May I be excused' Godfrey
Yvette Cooper - Mrs Pike
Jacqui Smith - Dolly Godfrey
(only talked of but you can't leave the hapless Home Sec out)
Harriet Harman - Cissy Godfrey (ditto)
Stephen Byers (Campbell/ Mandelson) - Warden Hodges
Tony Blair - Reverend Farthing
Alan Milburn - Verger Yeatman
Hilary Benn - Private Sponge
Peter Hain - Private Cheeseman

Dad's Army Characters - Wikipedia

Good to see ex-punks on here,


Mine is the best.


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