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The Mendelsohn statement was released minutes before PMQ's. Hmm.

Cameron is more angry than I have seen him before and Brown has only been able to say "it goes back four years". All Labour do these days - and ever have done actually - is say "it was worse ago under the Tories".

Gordon Brown claiming we have the highest employment in a generation is yet another lie! 5.4 million jobless and youth unemployment up 20%, interesting to see Brown in panic and retreating into recalling his record yet again and having to resort to 1992 yet again.

(worse XX number of years ago)

Vince Cable should have put himself forward as Libereal Leader - he gets right in there!

There are a lot of soft-lobs today.

Cameron looks more statesmanlike than Brown ever has every single week. There was a real sense of passion and anger about his performance his week. His questions got to the heart of the issue, and he tellingly got the same old answers back.

Cable's line was a hoot too. The guy always looks a bit nervous and fidgety, but he often comes up with a good barb or two.

Typical of the Liberals that their best MP is not even a candidate. Superb intervention from Cable today, completely nailed Brown.

Impressive intervention from Cable, I'm also impressed at your speed in finding the Bean picture!

Did I just see Quentin Davies on the Conservative side in the background when Gummer was asking his question?

Is "Gordon Bean" the new "Major's Underpants"?

i can't think so, James. I hope we wouldn't have him back!

Excellent reporting - You are ahead of the BBC website, and your reporting accords more closely with the reports I watch after each session!

David Cameron's anger is a real asset at PMQs. I felt pretty angry myself hearing Brown's lies about employment and his fantasy-island plans for training the young.

Gordon Brown promises yet more money is to be wasted on the NewDeal. That means more young people getting paid 50pence an hour for doing 'Work experience', getting their P45s back and disappearing from the unemployment figures for a few months, only to return to the dole queues that they never actually left in the first place.

Cameron did well. Sadly, I find the content of his questions thin even though they are good politics. Vince Cable was far better on asking about the issues related to our armed forces, which I think will resonate with people far more.

Vince Cable was excellent, both on the Big Brown Bottle of Beans and on the armed forces, in a way that it's difficult to imagine Clegg or Huhne managing. If I were a Lib Dem I would be organising a last-ditch write-in Campaign.

Editor - I was just wondering if he was forgetting what side he ought to be on.

Cameron's final assault was devastating.

Cracking line from Vince Cable, the Commons can be so harsh sometimes. Why did David Cameron not ask about Harriet Harman?

I think Brown will be remembered when his sad premieship is over along with the likes of Eden and The Viscount Goderich in the late 1820's, although at least Eden had some principles.

This Mr Bean line will give the papers a field day and its something the press might run with as a permanent Gordon Brown caricature. One can't help thinking that the gods are punishing Brown for not calling that election. On the subject of Eden, I've got his 'Full Circle' memoirs and I can't help liking him as a thinker and a character. Gordon Brown doesn't even come close to being in the same league as Anthony Eden intellectually.

Why don't the Lib Dems just give the job to Vince?!

He's being a very clever politician is Davros. He understands that he is not a youthful, fashionable leader, so he is going for the gool old-fashioned aged liberal eccentric, and it's working. He's getting more attention in four PMQs than Campbell did in 40.

Cameron's final attack was excellent and actually quite a shock; terribly ruthless to the point that I nearly - nearly! - felt sorry for Mr Brown. It went down in well in the chamber, though it may put off a few suburban housewives...

Cable is good but he is like a warm up act. As he has no chance of being the next PM and so he can deliver a line. Having said that Chat Show Charlie also used this position to his advantage.
Clegg is too earnest and blushes too easily and as for Hulne, if the display he has just put on for the Daily Politics is anything to go by, he has decided he has lost and is going for the headlines.

"The guy always looks a bit nervous and fidgety, but he often comes up with a good barb or two."

Simple solution - whoever wins the Lib Dem leadership then should get Vince Cable to write their questions (or get whoever writes Cable's questions for him to write theirs)

Edison Smith, David Cameron has to put the boot in hard, for the sake of our country. Gordon Brown isn't just making mistakes, he has become a liability and our nation is suffering. David Cameron is doing a great job in exposing Brown's weakness and at times like these he can't play the respectable gent, the boot must go in, and go in hard!

Did I miss an explanation ? But why was there no Tory on the panel for Daily Politics. It was all left to Huhne against a Bradshaw trapped in the headlights and a spluttering, jowl shaking Hattersley.


There's a mock cinema poster in this somewhere!

Rod Sellers - What's the point? All the hosts would do if there were a Tory in the building would be to say, the 'Tory party is just as bad' or 'it was worse in the 1990s' etc, especially on a biased BBC (read John Redwood's latest blog).

The best thing to do is rise above it all and leave them to it. So instead we had Huhne embarassing himself and that Labour guy embodying the very smug arrogance his party is trying to deny.

Top stuff I thought!

Cameron was dissapointing. His final flourish was the best of a rather plodding set of questions. Why did he not ask the PM whether Harriet Harman had his full confidence? Why did he not push the question of how well known Abraham's was to senior figures in the party? There is enough evidence now that he was a very well known figure. Oh well.

The Daily Politics did a good job of destroying the so-called 'Independent' investigation. The Judge is a Scottish Labour luuvie and 'well known' to Brown.

Neil wondered who was going to complete the joke,'the actress, the Bishop and the Judge...'!!
At least there is still someone with integrity at the BBC.
I wonder if Robinson [who was there] goes tonight with that or with Hulne's declaration he has reported in the matter to the police.
They asked when he had posted the letter because they rang the police and it hadn't arrived. Clegg is not the only one who can blush !

I do wonder when the Prime Minister is going to do something other than have reviews (with benevolent people appointed to lead them) or throw money at it (which he surreptitiously gets clawed back at a later date). It all seems to be busy doing nothing to me.

Good final attack by DC. Brown sounding tired when reeling off the supposed successes of his wretched Government. Especially when he claimed that David Cameron was in the front bench in 1992 during Black Wednesday. Of course DC was not so the question is is poor Gordon starting to suffer from shell shock?

Did anyone else notice that Theresa May decided to do a 'Jacqui' today? Someone really should have a word with her about her fashion sense. Quite creepy really......

Robinson led with Huhne's letter on the One O'Clock News. It's one last desperate attempt by Huhne to grab the Liberal leadership (which also explains his over the top showing on the Daily Politics).

Andrew Neil has more intelligence in his (big) ear lobe than the rest of the politicos at the BBC put together.

What I found most interesting during PMQs was the utter lack of enthusiasm for Brown's responses from the Labour benches. Even when Blair was under the cosh he would always raise a cheer. All Brown had was Skinner waving a fist at the Tory benches and a few murmurs. The look on the faces of the front bench said it all. Reminded me of the Tory front bench, circa 1996.

Nick Assinder at the BBC gives in to Cameron and Cable

"David Cameron delivered one of the most comprehensive rubbishings of his opponent since Mr Brown entered 10 Downing Street.

The prime minister also suffered the indignity of being the butt of the joke of the day, from Lib Dem acting leader Vince Cable."

Edison Smith, we have to ask what has Dennis Skinner actually got in common with the modern Labour party? I fail to understand why any person claiming to be a socialist could support a government that has continually abused the poor in our society. I wonder is proud of being part of a government that imposed university tuition fees and destroyed NHS dentistry in our country?

But why was there no Tory on the panel for Daily Politics.

They seem to rotate the opposition on the DP - last week it was Chris Grayling but no LibDem. Labour however always seem to get their people in for PMQs. Mind you - they do land poor old Ben Bradshaw with all the really vile media moments. He's been the party whipping boy for some years now. No wonder he was so bad tempered.

Even if you use PPP, Britain's expenditure is still the 4th highest in the world. Labour has increased it substantially after Tory cuts.

The Tories decreased defense expenditure between 1985 to 2000 from 33.5 bn to 24 bn in 2001 figures.

Under Labour, it went up from 36bn to 39bn from 2001 to 2007 (planned)

How much more above inflation do you want to spend on defense, and where's the money coming from?

""The Daily Politics did a good job of destroying the so-called 'Independent' investigation.""

I watched it. I agree, it was good work.

""Chris Huhne has formally written to the Metropoplitan Police Commissioner Iain Blair to demand an investigation into Abrahams donations.""

It's not too late for Cameron to do the same. In fact, as he feels so strongly about it (evidenced by today's PMQs) it's hard to see how he can defend NOT writing to the police himself, isn't it?

Ian Blair's response would be interesting, and what wonderful ammunition for PMQs.

In light of the fact that Brown's sole response to recent events has been 'I know nothing' a more valid comparison would be Manuel of Faulty Towers, rather than Mr Bean.

"Best line of the day from Vince Cable: In a few short weeks the Prime Minister has gone from Stalin to Mr Bean."

hahahahahah I like that one! Mr Bean

The Daily Politics has an in built Tory advantage every week- his name is Andrew Neil. David Cameron should send him to the Lords and make him Party Chairman to replace the Invisible Spelman.

Chris Huhne is beginning to look a serious candidate for Most Odious Man in Politics- a rival for the Great Clunking Fist.

Why didn't Vince Cable stand- look at the job he has done in Twickenham.

We are becoming spoiled for choice:

The Clucking Fist
Chicken Brown
Bottler Brown
Mr Bean
The out-of-control freak

Any others...?

Not too surprised at the Mr Bean line - I compared our esteemed premier to Frank Spencer whilst watching Newsnight!

Even if you use PPP, Britain's expenditure is still the 4th highest in the world. Labour has increased it substantially after Tory cuts.

No - using PPP it's the fifth highest in the world - after USA, China, India and Russia. It was fifth highest in the world under John Major as well.

The country faces terrible problems, economic, social, and constitutional. Yet parliament is obsessed by it's own silly feuds. It's just smoke and mirrors.
Everyone knows that all political parties are totally corrupt in their desire to get their hands on more money, any money. The conservatives, labour, and the lib-dims are all at it all the time. Given government, all sell political favours, honours, contracts, planning permission, sinecures, public offices, and indeed anything they can lay hands on.
Any minute now they will be back to vote themselves the right to help themselves to public money for party use. AND THERE IS NO ONE TO STOP THEM. The thieves are within the gates, wake up!

Nick Assinder calling it a win for DC. is this a first?

Any others...?
Simon Chapman | November 28, 2007 at 14:59

Big Girls Blouse is popular in our household.

Yes DC was aggressive and angry and rightly so. That aggression needs to be balanced with signals to the watching public that the party in general and DC in particular is about beliefs and integrity, not about point scoring, because that suspicion is out there and needs to be addressed.

A few days ago I posted here that the undecided voters, the ones who are becoming repulsed by Labour but still wary of Cameron, need to see evidence that DC is motivated and driven by a core moral code, about rightness, rather than about winning.

I suggested that the committment to restore pensions to the 250,000 men and women who are still waiting for government action was such evidence. I also suggested that the Remploy closures would be a similar battle those floating voters, (and many of the rest of us), would like to see Cameron fight.

This from the Guardian:

""But the same Peter Hain is also, believe or not, planning to throw thousands of disabled people who already have jobs out of work. He is currently planning to close down a number of Remploy factories - places that provide productive work for people who have incredible disabilities. Instead of stewing at home, they go out, meet people, have a social life, and contribute to the nation's economy.

They are people like Jessica Legg, a worker at the Hartlepool factory - on a closure list- who has cerebral palsy and relies on two walking sticks to get around. She has written to Hain to say that she tried to get jobs in mainstream factories but no one would employ her. If the factory closes, she fears she will have to spend the rest of her life at home. Similarly, fellow worker Derrick Jason Smith, a Labour supporter, fears he will end up on the scrapheap with nothing from a Labour government.""

Cameron was rubbish What drugs are your tories on , He was abysmal. Are you tories all on drugs. There was not one memorable point from Cameron. If you think he did so well why are you bigging up Cable.

Nick Assinder allways says Cameron won. He is a tory stooge. Just like thw whole BBC.

Things would have been any better under the Tories how, exactly? Black Wednesday Dave is in no position to comment. Nobody is going to lose their job or their home because of any of this. But they did the last time that David Cameron was allowed anywhere near the running of anything.

Chris Huhne has let the Government off the hook completely if he has reported the latest goings on to its wholly owned subsidiary, the Metropolitan Police, which could not even bring itself to charge anyone in relation to the flagrant sale of knighthoods and peerages.

Still, good luck to him in goading Labour and the Tories into a libel action on that question. The look of terror on that ridiculous Bradshaw creature's face said it all. As soon as this is in front of a jury, then the game is up. So, dare Labour and the Tories sue?


"Cameron was abysmal".

Just like your grammar and spelling.

David Lindsay

Hard to know where to start.

"Black Wednesday Dave" was not even an MP in 1992, unlike Gordon Brown who supported ERM entry at the time.

How do you know people will not lose their jobs and homes over Northern Rock? The first run on a bank in 140 years has put 6,000 jobs at risk, and seen £24bn loaned to the company to keep it afloat.

John Major's Govt was hapless, but at least it kept the bank details of 25m state clients safe.

Simon Chapman at 14.59:

I think Incapability Brown is a fair description.

Tim also said: " Commentator says 'goal gets wider for David Cameron every week'. Indeed!"

Instead of "Open Government", we have "Open Goal Government" at the moment.

I think that we should just watch from the sidelines for a bit as the media and Vince Cable et al have a lot of fun at Gordon's expense.

He obviously hates being laughed at more than most people do, so that is the weapon to use.

George Osborne did a marvellous job after lunch in forensically dissecting the hapless Alistair Darling about the missing disks fiasco. Both Darling and a Nulab backbencher upbraided Osborne for making some very funny comments, accusing him of not taking a very serious matter seriously enough.

Darling was grey, pedestrian and unconvincing.

When can we get rid of these incompetents?

Simon Chapman: after the constant repetition of "I know nothing" over the last few days, we'd better add Manuel to the list.

Unfortunately one of our MPs seems to have gone off message. Time for a chat with the Whips.

Martha Kearney: Richard Bacon, do you think that David Cameron did go too far?
Richard Bacon: Well, perhaps in the heat of the moment he did. As Tony said these things do get very excited.


dirty european socialist, the only ones dabbling in drugs as far as I can see have been the entire Labour government, well their 'I'm spartacus" act over Jacqui Smith's cannabis revelations seemed to indicate that. Reading your posts I can't help but wonder how old you are? You need to understand that this is a serious debating forum for adults.

Excellent stuff today. DC did a pretty good hatchet job on Gordon Clown but the real gem must be Vince Cable's comment about Brown moving from Stalin to Mr Bean, creating chaos out of order. A sure fire headline grabber in tomorrow's papers

From passing leftie: How much more above inflation do you want to spend on defense, and where's the money coming from?

Posted by: passing leftie | November 28, 2007 at 13:44

Coming from the party that has just flushed 24 Billion of your Earth Pounds down the toilet that is Northern Wreck, it's a bit rich to be asked about Tory spending plans!

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