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If I was Cameron, knowing his past troubles with stories about him and drugs, isnt going within shouting distance of Kate Moss a rather risky thing to do?

One of the lovely things about DC is his penchant for self depreciation, unlike GB who thinks he is GORD!

These celebrities like in their own little bubble and I very much doubt if Kate Moss has read much about the sub-prime crisis of late. It is nontheless amusing to read about what happens when the world of celebrities and politicians cross paths. I am reminded of a story of the time when Marilyn Monroe was tangled up with the Kennedy brothers. JFK had been enjoying the carnal side of Marilyn but was said to be worried that certain people in the high echelons of the political establishment did not approve, so JFK literally passed Marilyn onto Bobby who, perhaps not surprisingly, was more than happy to take on the job. Anyhow one night in bed it seems that Bobby let down his guard played the braggart, telling Marilyn a 1001 state secrets, fully confident that these secrets would enter one pretty little ear and exit the other. Several days later it seems Bobby was horrified to learn that Marilyn Monroe could recall his bragging in word-for-word verbatim. Marilyn told a friend that Bobby had actually turned white! Marilyn Monroe informed Bobby that she was an actress and that she was used to learning lines, although she added that she tended to fluff lines in front of the camera, but she could always remember them being an actress. A few weeks later Marilyn Monroe was found dead in controversial circumstances.

I would like to say in jest - is this what is meant by "sexing up"?

Harmless joke, probably enhanced his likeability!

I think Cameron misunderstood what Kate meant about needing a pipe layer... ;-)

May I congratulate the Editor for his choice in photographic illustration for this post.

Kate Moss should be in prison for constant misuse of banned substances - not still free and able to attend exclusive charity dinners.

A pathetic, cynical made up line to make him allegedly look likeable. Personally, I think she should be inside for his drug misdemeanours. Great role model, Dave.

No way Chris! The world's a more fun place thanks to Kate and her talented ex Poet Pete, and Cameron, to his credit, must recognise this by sharing the story.

Lighten up a bit. It's not Kate's fault that all the fun things get banned!

Cameron certainly goes up in my estimation for liking Miss Moss.

Arthurian Legend, don't you think she a little bit too snappy to be attractive? Charlotte Church would have looked better in that lingerie. Still, I suppose Kate Moss is meant to be a clothes horse, rather than having curves like a scenic railway! I can't help thinking she would look better with a couple more stone on her though.

“The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat”
is a famed neurological tome.
To this we can add a new title that
just got writ on conservativehome.
Kate Moss’s IQ never had a high score
but now she is shown even dumber:
“The Lass who Mistook Mr Cameron For
A Useful West Oxfordshire Plumber”.

Very good Annabel and very true.

"Kate Moss should be in prison for constant misuse of banned substances - not still free and able to attend exclusive charity dinners."

I agree....However, if we took that line, we'd have a stock market in crisis with every Trading floor in the City half empty, no newspapers, no music to listen to... you get the idea.

You really would think that Kate Moss was the only person to ever snort a line.

Lock up half of London on a Friday night!

Serious Bit:
WHY would Cameron tell a story about the most famous coke user in the World though. Not sure this will go down well with the middle England types...

I'm going to miss Parkinson tonight, but if anyone can put it on Youtube after, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the video player on ITV's website requires the viewer to have Internet Exploror 5.5+, IE tab, DRM, Version 9 Mediaplayer among others - basically the moon on a stick. Silly really.

The people saying "Oooh, I don't know how this is going to go down in middle england blah drugs blah blah" are taking it a bit seriously.

If he was on there talking about serious issues non-stop people would just switch-off altogether.

If you watch the clip of it they have on the BBC news website Cameron gets the biggest laugh and applause I've ever seen a politician get on TV. People love that sort of self-depricating thing.

Plumber?, are we sure that it wasn't "Plonker".

"Kate Moss should be in prison for constant misuse of banned substances - not still free and able to attend exclusive charity dinners."

On the contrary, if she wants to fill herself up full of dangerous substances that's fine by me. Natural selection dictates that idiots will pay for their mistakes.

So one alleged ex coke head talks to another alleged ex coke head and we are supposed to find this funny?
It sounds like dave is trying to laugh off his spectacular bungled trip to africa during the summer with a little quip about meeting kate moss but i am sure the people who were actually caught up in the floods will not see the funny side to it... personally i don't want another blair and i think mr cameron should stop the AC/DC (andy coulson/dave cameron) show before people start to see though it.

Don't politicans have to deal with all sorts of people with charm and good manners? He is not giving her a reference was working with children.
Lighten up.
To some, we Tories have to prove we are normal. The clip seems to be running non-stop on Sky TV and people are smiling WITH him.
I agree with Annabel's take.

To Tony, Thank you for making the case for a few curves!

Doesn't surprise me - anybody who is daft enough to have had a relationship with Pete Doherty is clearly a bit challenged on the IQ front!!

Some real miserable folks on here. This light self deprication will go down better with the viewers than Cameron slating Labour's economic policies. Say what you like about Blair, he did win 3 elections with this kind of stuff.

"So one alleged ex coke head talks to another alleged ex coke head and we are supposed to find this funny?"

Geez some of these comments just prove how out of touch some of us can be! Watch the clip, the audience loved it. Please, lighten up.

Can you imagine what would have happened if Gordon had been subjected to the same thing? Kate Moss's lack of knowledge about him would be blamed on the last Conservative government, a tax would be introduced on those unaware of the existence Gordon Brown, and the FOI Act would be used to leak documents to 'prove' that Kate Moss knew who Gordon was all along. Annabel is dead on right on this one.

"...telling Marilyn a 1001 state secrets, fully confident that these secrets would enter one pretty little ear and exit the other."

Marilyn had a lot of problems, but stupidity wasn't one of them. Ask any actor: you have to be smart to convincingly play dumb.

Kate Moss is smarter than she looks.

She obviously realises that DC is going to be the next Prime Minister and that she should get his number now, while he is still willng to hand it out.

I'm sure at some point post the Conservative landslide of June 2010, Miss Moss will be making that call, probably from some foreign prison cell having been caught out with the Peruvian marching powder on one exotic photo shoot too many and with Gladstonian zeal, OGL - as he will then be - will send gunships, (helicopter, obviously), to rescue the damsel in distress, thus provoding The Sun with the St George and the Dragon imagery which we need to feed them in order to secure a second great victory in 2014.

God, Andy Coulson is good, though I doubt she will look quite so good in those pants by then!

Sally, I'm told by my two sisters (sensible tory voting women) who occasionally deal with young Mr Doherty, when he visits our Post Office or Community shop, that he is a fine fellow, polite, bit diffident and other-worldly, with a 'very nice' and supportive mum. The Sun/Daily Mail reporting doesn't necessarily reflect the whole of a personality.
He has made himself the victim of a vile addiction but that isn't who he is.

Dave J, yes, I read one time that Marilyn's favourite books were about Abraham Lincoln and that she was also interested in poetry. Her husband the playwright Arthur Miller said she was a complex character and he based his 'After the fall' book on her.

Smartest of all the actresses was former child star Shirley Temple who went on to become US ambassador to Czechoslovakia at the time that communism collapsed in that country. Shirley Temple it seems even used her own money to support anti-communist movements in the country because of her severe dislike of communism. Now thats the type of lady I'd like to meet one day!

I just found this on Shirley Temple. It made me smile so I thought I'd share it.

"Of her diplomatic posts, the strongly anti-communist Temple thought her most exciting position was as ambassador to Czechoslovakia, under George H.W. Bush. "I was told I was going to a Stalinist backwater, one of the toughest countries around... And I thought, 'Good! Let's go get 'em!'" While in Czechoslovakia, she once eluded the secret police and attended an anti-government rally, and then watched that nation's 1989 Velvet Revolution from a friend's apartment."

Easy mistake - Another cowboy at work.....

Kate Moss is about on an intellectual par with Cameron, so they are made for each other. Speaks volumes about the tenor of political debate on this poor excuse for a site that this is the most interesting and stimulating article here.

My fiancee once mistook the cleaner in her old office for Cameron once (just before she came to work for me), sadly, he'd done more actual work in that particular afternoon than Foxy Dave had in his entire life.

"Some real miserable folks on here. This light self deprication will go down better with the viewers than Cameron slating Labour's economic policies. Say what you like about Blair, he did win 3 elections with this kind of stuff."

Whatever happened to actual policymaking, I don't know, but I suggest you get out into the real world more often and find out what people want and how Blair really did win the last election and who should really be running the country now.


The scary thing is that I can tell just by looking at you that none of you have actually been to hear Cameron speak or seen him except on the TV over the last two years, otherwise you'd all have woken up pretty fast to what he was really like or what was really going on in the country at large.

Yes, **that** one.

Come on, have the guts to admit that I'm still here and not going away.

"Michael Howard", hate to be the one to break this to you but no, you're not that Michael Howard. You're someone who doesn't like the party and hasn't got anything better to do on a Sunday!

Impersonation is against our comments policy. I don't have time to add that caveat to your name in any more comments than the few I've approved. Future comments will be ignored and you will be banned. Thanks.

Michael Howard (not that one), in the real world, I work in the seat that got the biggest swing in the country at the district elections so do have some idea of what's going on, and I met Cameron last Friday and heard him speak. Sorry to burst your sad little bubble.

The Kate Moss story was light hearted and went down well on TV.

But I agree with the person above who said this shows up Kate Moss as smart, for getting Cameron's telephone number, for the following reason. By getting his telephone number she achieved two things at once: stopped him droning on about the floods and flattered him (despite his "self-depreciating" drains joke). A standard technique that I saw recommended in an advice column last week for attractive younger women to get rid of the immediate (and boring) attentions of middle aged admirers. It is unlikely that she kept the number.

It shows a certain charming naievety on Cameron's part that he didn't realise that this was what was happening (or perhaps he did).

The picture of Ms Moss was taken at 33 Portland Place and frequented by many Tories in the past

On February 4, 2008, Lewis Hamilton was verbally heckled and otherwise abused during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Catalonia by several Spanish spectators who wore black face paint and black wigs, as well as shirts bearing the words "Hamilton's familly [sic]".

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