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The only thing Harold Wilson ever did which attracted my respect was to successfully resist America's quite heavy handed insistance that the UK send troops to Vietnam while still, on the surface at least, retaining cordial relations with the White House.

David will need to display the same skills in this now as Wilson did then. The important lesson is that Wilson proved, to his credit, that it can be done.

I'm very happy to hear about this. Cameron has got to show that he is a serious player on the world stage, and Brown's shaky relations with the US government is a good reason to start forging stronger links.

Not sure if this is such an important story.After all Bush will not be president when Cameron has a chance of becoming prime minister.
If it is true then I'm glad that Bush and his team have decided not to be so childish.Their refusal to meet Howard or Cameron reflects very badly them.

This will be the start of improved relations between the party and the white house. It will give David Cameron and William Hague an opportunity to explain the Conservative position on foreign policy and for both parties to look at the geopolitical situation and hopefully find areas of mutual co-operation.

The Republicans propped up Labour. They proved they did not care about Conservatism in the process. For cool relations, they can blame only themselves.

Cameron still shouldn't be seen with the "toxic texan". Bush wont be in the White House when Cameron is PM, so where is the advantage?

I agree Jon. We should keep clear of Bush.

Not good.

Bush is a discredited, lame duck President. Like Blair and Brown, he delivered a profligate economic record at home and disastrous imperalist foreign policy abroad.

Guiliani's refusal to meet Cameron when he was behind in the polls shows that the Republicans do not really respect him. It is likely that Dave will be lobbied by the Buish administration to support an attack on Iran.

Cameron will only be tarred with the neo-con brush if he goes to the White House. He is better off staying at home.

Spot on, Stuff Bush- he is going to meet one of the most loathed politicans on the planet.

First big mistake in a while, but it will be hard for Labour to critise him for it.

I'm no fan of Bush and the neocon gang but he's still US president and this meeting will enhance Cameron's credibility and standing on the world stage as a figure of substance and is another clear sign that the incompetent and discredited Brown is yesterday's man.

I don't feel this is a question of the character of president Bush. Rather its about re-building the relationship between the Conservative party and the white house. David Cameron and William Hague are astute politicians and are not given to lackyism. Tony Blair allowed himself to be railroaded by George Bush, that is a political lesson that is sure to have been learnt by Mr Cameron and Mr Hague.

Bush is a busted flush and we should stay well clear of him and his administration.

Bush was very pally with Blair and did nothing to support the party in the wilderness years, demonstrating, yet again, that the Yanks look after their own interests and the devil take everybody else.

If he's seeing Dubya, then he needs to see all the candidates in the White House race, from both parties, to show an unbiased face.

He would gain immense kudos if he used his meeting to lambaste the yanks for their policy in Iraq and economics, following in the steps of Sarko.

"If he's seeing Dubya, then he needs to see all the candidates in the White House race, from both parties, to show an unbiased face."

Why exactly should David Cameron see all the candidates? I beleive there are 15-16 candidates, if you put the Democratic nomination and the Republican together.

David Cameron should maybe meet with the Front-Runners, like Giuliani and Clinton, maybe Obama, Romney and McCain as well. However, there is no point in him meeting marginal candidates like Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul, Kucinich and Biden.

David Cameron should meet Ron Paul, the only true conservative in the race. He is for small government, low taxes and a non-interventionist foreign policy. The Conservatives could learn a lot from him.



Have to say I find the rhetoric above against Bush hard to take. If Cameron in any way aligns himself with the Democrats and especially Madame Clinton, I would be very disappointed in his judgment. I still think most of the anti-Bush stuff stems from Iraq; and I'm sorry, but I think the Blair-Bush stance was still right, even though the follow through has been less than perfect. I honestly can't figure out the vitriol he seems to raise in people.

This is great news. Hopefully George can say something which will serve to break Dave's obsession with the 'environment'... who knows - after the next UK/US elections this could be the opportunity to re-cement relations between the two biggest players in the Anglosphere/laissez-faire/capitalist world?


Channel 4 / Yougov Poll

Con 41% (nc)
Lab 32% (-3)
LD 14% (+1)

this is the biggest lead the Conservatives have had since Black Wednesday.

It is also suggested that this was taken before disc/datagate.

With the latest bad news regarding datagate this could be enough to cook Darling's Goose

Could this be the Winter of Disc-content(pun courtesy of PB.com)?

this is the biggest lead the Conservatives have had since Black Wednesday.

Qualification - on Yougov

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