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It is a shame (although completely understandable) that you are limiting the awards to domestic candidates, as I would have nominated Chief Minister Peter Caruana of Gibraltar for either the "Internationalist" or "Outstanding Politician" category.

There can't be many politicians who secure re-election taking them into their 11th year in office on a robust domestic agenda whilst also defending their territory successfully against a hostile EU nation who wish to occupy us.

I would like to nominate Nadine dorries as outstanding parliamentarian of the year. She has become high profile and justifyably so.
her work on lowering the abortion limit from 24 to 20 weeks was remarkable. She was able to identify vested interests at work against the bill and issued a minority report.
Her blog is informative and funny and has a huge following. She is everywhere and is tireless. not bad for a working class girl from Liverpool in her first Parliament

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