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Philip Hollobone. Our (literally) best-value MP. And sound on the EU too of course.

For MP I would agree Philip Hollobone.

For MEP it would have to be Dan Hannan who seems to be doing more than all the other MEPs put together to highlight the inadequacies of the EU and campaign for a referendum on the 'Constitution/Treaty'.

Sir Peter Tapsell - just because

Nadine Dorries for being brave, outspoken and a recognisable human being

I would echo the views for Phillip Hollobone for whom this award is more appropiate than the Lifetime Achievement Award.
I would also like to nominate Sir Malcolm Rifkind for his many excellent speeches and particularly for his work on EVEL.

There's only one man for this job. Did anybody see Grayling SMASH that idiot, Hain, yesterday?

And before we get DavisFan on here, there is no way he deserves this title. Not after he failed to land a single blow on Jacqui Smith.

Nadine Dorries, I only realised as a result of reading her blog that MPs are human beings. Strangely enough, a thought which had never occured to me before.

Dominic Grieve MP

He has fought hard for his constituents by supporting grammar schools which it seems the hierarchy of the Party were not exactly excited about. I believe that MPs are right to represent their constituents views as being of primary importance rather than being a Party clone who waits to see which way the wind is blowing.

Dominic is also one of the few people that Jeremy Paxman treats with real respect on Newsnight, but then Dominic answers the questions honestly, clearly and eloquently.

Philip Hollobone is a very good idea.

Whatever happened to the achievements of volunteers?
Can we have an Obit column to which we can record our thanks to who have literally given their life to the party?
At Beryl Duckworth OBE's funeral yesterday the "Party" was not even officially represented!!

Hollobone for me too.

Philip Hollobone for demonstarating that not all MPs are self serving snout in the trough addicts. He seems to understand the idea of service.

Mrs Nadine Dorries deserves it because of her stance on abortion. Very few politicians have been brave enough to challenge the cosy consensus of the political elite, in the way she has done. Not only is she a politician who is a human being too, but she's got a backbone also. Sadly, there ain't many like that in the House of Commons!!

Nadine certainly has more status and more oomph than most frontbenchers. She should be Party Chairman to replace that Caroline whatisname.

Nadine Dorries for standing up for what she believes in rather than just taking the easy option and toeing the line.

"For MEP it would have to be Dan Hannan who seems to be doing more than all the other MEPs put together to highlight the inadequacies of the EU and campaign for a referendum on the 'Constitution/Treaty'."

Well said, Richard Tyndall

Philip Hollobone for his integrity both to his local association but importantly to his constituents.

I vote for Philip Hollobone. If there is a sounder man in Westminster, I don't know who he is.

My vote goes to Philip Hollobone, whose motto might well be 'Service above Self'. What a role model for aspiring British patriots wishing to serve their Nation.

My vote would be for Phillip Hollobone too, but in the interests of widening the field of nomination, I'll propose Michael Gove MP for excellent speeches in Parliament, arguments in the media and writing in general. And Roger Helmer MEP for having the guts to fight the good fight in a uniquely hostile environment.

Hollobone for me, also - he sets the very best example in every way!

David Davis is clearly the winner.

He only held off savagely beating Jaccqui Smith out of a desire not to take out Ian Blair who stands for exactly the kind of namby-pamby bean-counting nonsense which DD hates.

Grayling4Leader must be mad if he thinks Grayling came anywhere near DD either in message clarity, tone or in sheer volume of press releases yesterday.

Nadine Dorries-enough said!

Hollobone for me too. Hard working, principled and cheap as chips!

Dan Hannan for MEP. I wish he were an MP; he talks such good sense.

Dan Hannan for me. Had the privilege to hear him speak last week. A lady UKIP member said that everytime she hears him speak it makes her want to join the Conservatives. From my point of view everything he said left me in no doubt of why I joined the Conservative Party. Dan would make a first class MP and Minister.

Yes it must be Philip Hollobone. Whilst other MPs use taxpayers money to hire staff to open letters from people like me, Mr Hollobone does it all by himself. Surely there can be no more productive use of an MPs time.

To answer Roger Helmer's question, there might not be a sounder man in Westminster, but there is a woman, she's called Nadine Dorries.

Dan Hannan for MEP, astute and very smart. he should be an MP, wasted in Europe.

My nomination is Nadine Dorries - someone with principles based on basic respect for human life, not just vote catching, which is so sadly rare in modern politics.

Dan Hannan and Nadine Dorries. Two of the best. Both workers and writers who communicate outstandingly well with the electorate.

Adding to what Caroline Strafford @ 11:44, Dominic Grieve MP no contest has my vote. His unpublicized yet very constructive work on diversity that started way before it became fashionable should never go unnoticed.

Yes, Hollobone. Gets on with the job. Doesn't waste taxpayers money.

To Mike at 17:28, I say that surely it is a good thing that we have such a bright and articulate representative as Daniel Hannan in Brussels. As rightly or wrongly around 70% of our legisltation comes from Brussels, it is surely imperative that our MEPs are as good calibre as possible in order to effectively scrutinise and amend damaging legislation. It's time certain Party members wised up to the fact that MEPs should not be third raters extending their careers in order to top up their pension and that their role is every bit as important as an MP in opposition.

I nominate:

David Davies MP- a strong critic of government waste and absurd political correctness who gets a lot of press coverage for a backbench MP

Jeremy Wright MP- who does sterling work on unfashionable causes such as raising the profile of carers and the treatment of people with dementia

Dominic Grieve- for his excellent work in defending civil liberties against this authoritarian Government

If the criteria is 'outstanding', then it has to be Nadine. MRSA, abortion, universities, grammar schools, and I am sure there's more!

Philip Hollobone has been very good, although I must say John Redwood is excellent. His speeches in the Commons are wonderful and so educational, especially when it comes to the economy.

Hollobone for me

Sound bloke with rock solid principles.

"Philip Hollobone. Our (literally) best-value MP" I agree, he restores your faith in politicians by deeds while others make excuses for their ever increasing costs.

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