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Different people have to be reached in different ways. Andy Coulson is very good at getting the message across to who don't follow politics on a day-to-day basis. It is worth bearing in mind that many people's vote is governed by their emotions rather than any sort of intellectual analysis. Andy Coulson is one of those rare breed of people who can tap-in to the popular mood at the time.A man who can articulate a situation in a memorable sentence is definitely an asset.

I do not think it an exaggeration to say that Coulson may well have saved the Tories. His big money salary was money well spent.

Coulsdon is the only explanation for the sudden and totally unexpected turnaround from Blulabour bungling to genuine Tory red meat, which saved Cameron from certain oblivion.

Yes the money was indeed well spent.

The real credit should go to David Cameron. He is good at blending talent to achieve an effective mix. Hilton is a moderniser, Coulson is more of a traditionalist. The same applies elsewhere in the Cameron machine. Danny Kruger is pretty trad, Dougie Smith is a mod. Ed Llewellyn is very Whitehall, Kate Fall is more county set. Andrew Mackay is boardroom smooth, Desmond Swayne is military bluff. I could go on. DC is the ace conductor.

Taking nothing away from DC and the front bench, it certainly seems that Andy Coulson has managed to put a check on some of the more outlandish views within the party leadership.

The results can be seen. The best consistent poll results since July 1992.

Now if he can encourage the likes of Lansley, Clarke and Rifkind to get in line with the vision that is being defined and persuade the QOL team to build some decent voter-focussed proposals out of the solid analysis in the QOL report then we might have the whole package.

More of the same please Mr Coulson.....

Great insight Sam

DC is the ace conductor.

Is that so? Well the symphony wasn't sounding very sweet until Coulson came along.

Dougie Smith is a mod

Is that what you call him, Sam? I would choose terms that could not be published on a family blog.

I knew Douglas Smith when he was an FCS activist. I suspect you don't know him at all.

Whatever 'mod' stands for in his case it is certainly not 'moderate'.

Sam, I agree fully. David Cameron has created great balance in the Conservative approach. David understands that a Conservative government will have to govern for the country and that requires balance. The Cameron team is now so well balanced and what's more they gel! Years ago I read a book on advertising and it taught me that you've got to sell the message to sell the product. To capture people's attention you've got to reflect their concerns, then you can sell your product. Politics is no different. David Cameron has put together a great team, and a team that is getting results.

It may interest the folk on here that a MORI poll for the Sun has put the Conservatives BACK IN THE LEAD, which is evidence that the previous poll was a rogue one.

Take a look at the UK Polling Report and you will see what I mean.

yes, can we have a tory diary on the mori poll? The Sun headlines it as a new low for Gordon, and it has us in a 5 point lead.

Coulson is paid to take hard decisions. he is doing well.

Eustice wasn't pulling his weight. Coulson saw that and the lobby reaction to him trying to perform a press secretary role but unfortunately only with the credibility of a press officer.

Just one example but the this ruthless but sensible decision shows we are on the way back to power!

Coulson has done really well, but it seems it will be in vain, because as Brown clearly knows, Cameron's d-day will be the day after the eu referendum has been ratified.

Now Cameron has confirmed (according to Ben Brogan) that he will not honour his post-ratification pledge, internal warfare is guaranteed.

Time for the referendum party to rise once more?

Votedave, yes, it looks as if Gordon Brown is mired in political quicksand. Let's hope we can get that great British institution 'The Sun' backing David Cameron at the next election, whenever Yellow Brown is forced to call it.

As David Cameron said the other day on his video, its only a matter of time before this decayed Labour government is extracted by the British electorate. The Blair-Brown years are heading for the dustin of history.

Tony Makara - if you read the article it reveals that after breakfasting with Brown on the day he bottled it, Murdoch quickly organised to meet Cameron for dinner the next night and congratulated him on his speech and they apparently got on well. Since then the Sun has become increasingly critical of Brown.

Why do we have to hear Cameron's news from Ben Brogan and Brown's from Marr.

Two leaders and not a bottle between them let alone deep blue water.

Coulson has done really well, but it seems it will be in vain

Ah, so would you also say that all the good work by Conservative candidates and activists (including myself) has been invalidated by a read on a good ad by the likes of you as well? I don't think so.

The factual, rather than comment, portions of the Brogan blog post are in agreement with the arguments I made to your previous posts here - no change. I attended an Area conference here today where this subject was addressed by reasonable, sensible Conservative Eurosceptics such as Roger Helmer MEP, and the overwhelming opinion was that we need to focus on the fight against the Treaty (Constitution) now.

Now Cameron has confirmed (according to Ben Brogan) that he will not honour his post-ratification pledge, internal warfare is guaranteed.

I don't agree with your take, but if you want to guarantee warfare, Chad, I guarantee we'll crush you! Remind me, how many seats have your guys in UKRAP won lately? Besides, how can you promise "internal" anything? Didn't you strop off from the Party a couple of years ago?

Apologies, Ed, I'm indulging Chad in steering a thread to his own agenda again...

Ted, yes, let us hope that David Cameron's call for change will feature more often in TheSun. If Gordon Brown thinks he can get by without the support of TheSun he has badly underestimated the influence of that amazing paper. Its hard to define what exactly makes TheSun click with so many people but TheSun just seems to have an antenna for popular taste and popular feeling. One thing is for sure, being an enemy of TheSun is a death sentence for any politician, as Neil Kinnock knows only too well.

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