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"the cause of peace and progress is best served by an America that is engaged in the world"

Very true. It is a great shame that events in Iraq have overshadowed the vital role that the United States played in bringing the Soviet empire to an end and to world stability in general. The United States government has done much good in the world in the last fifty years and hopefully will continue to be a force for good in the future.

Can anyone think of a member of the current Shadow Cabinet who, if an American, could not conceivably be a registered Democrat?

Or, indeed, of a member of the current Cabinet who, if an American, could not conceivably be a registered Republican, even if a strong supporter of Giuliani?

Indeed, is it conceivable that Cameron and those around him could be Republicans at all, Giuliani or no Giuliani? Liberal posh boys were a generation or more ago. But now? I don't think so.

Well dome Mr Cameron. Proud of you today.

David, I would put Liam Fox down as most likely Republican in the Shadow Cabinet - not that it matters.

Why would he want better connections with Team Bush? Even the Republicans appear to prefer to ignore him, judging by the primaries.

Umbrella man, you are right. David Cameron is the sort of level-headed character that will restore our national pride after he becomes prime minister. Our nations standing has really fallen away under Blair and Brown, we need David at the helm to make us look respectable again.

I always find comparisons between supposed voting-intention in the US and the UK a bit odd.

Two different countries. Two different politics. I'm a Conservative in the UK, but would perhaps vote Democrat in the US (though never for Hillary). The US is a more right-wing country than the UK so, yes, I certainly can imagine many a Tory voting for Obama or Edwards or Biden.

One only has to look at the paucity of the Republican field (only Ron Paul has any integrity) to feel rather depressed if one has an affinity for the Republicans. Mitt Romney, for instance, could well win the nomination, despite declaring the UK a backward nation and universal healthcare as the spawn of Satan. Has this man ever left American shores??

As for Dave, more good work. While Brown and his pitiful government begin listing into an ocean of hurt, DC is looking increasingly stateman-like. While Brown gives speeches on plastic bags, Cameron is meeting the President of the United States. That's what Prime Minister's do, Gordon.

Tony, you're not related to David Cameron are you?

Michael Davidson, no I'm not related. I just think David Cameron is the man with the long-term vision to take our nation forward. Since David became leader I've watched how he looks at problems, takes stock, and comes up with long-term solutions rather than the quick fix/quick fail approach of Labour. I think we need a 'Thinking' prime minister. Someone who 'Worries' about our country. David Cameron certainly does that.

There's nothing wrong with praising Mr. Cameron, Tony, but occasional constructive criticism can be helpful also.

this whole trip is so embarassing!

What an own goal!

Michael Davidson, I've already said that I don't agree with the idea of pushing single mums into work, because I don't like the idea of 'Home Alone' kids, which is what will happen if a single mum is out working.

I've also said that I think the priority employment strategy should be geared towards helping those on JSA into work rather than chasing around an egalitarian pipedream of trying to shoehorn every disabled person into a job.

I don't expect to agree with every aspect of Conservative party and feel that as a voter I need to judge a party by its whole package. I agree with most of the proposals coming out of the Conservative party and think there is a real programme for government in place. However I would like to see the compulsion to make single mums work dropped, not that I'm against mothers working but in a single parent household a working mum will mean a 'Home Alone' child.

As a former British diplomat in the Balkans, I can tell you that the bulk of his speech was absolute tosh. Seems to have been written from a Sarajevo and Brussels bias with little connection to the wider picture in the Balkans.

Are you kidding me?

No sensible Tory would ever vote for Obama. He is a close as you can get to being a full blown socialist in US Politics. He is advocating gigantic increases in taxes and public spending; strong supporter of race preferential treatment (Affirmative Action), and so on.

Hillary Clinton is further right; but she too has very strong socialist tendencies. Her programme as stated on her web site would basically nationalize 25% of the US economy.

In many areas, US Democrates are further to the left than Labour.

We must never forget that the freedoms we enjoy today are in large measure due to the efforts and sacrifices of the Anglosphere, of which America is the leading nation.

Yes, the USA has its imperfections. Show me a nation that hasn't any. Other than the question of affordability of healthcare for the masses (inc son & daughter-in-law!), I can't think of any major deficiencies to be rectified in order to raise the US even higher in my estimation.

The special relationship must be revived and MR C is the man to do do it.

Better UK as 51st/52nd/whatever state(s), than as regions of a sclerotic EU.

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