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Tim, McCain's finished in the US race...Huckabee's the man to watch

I like the look of him .... almost worth moving to Australia for... and the bike's quite nice too!!

I've just watched Nelson on the ABC's "7.30 Report".

He was pretty good - buying time on some issues where the interviewer was trying to force him to make a call on some issues that could land him in difficulty (Work Choices, "Sorry").

Tim I would NEVER want the leadership of the parliamentary party in the hands of the Liberal Party membership, and I've been a rank-and-file member for 15 years. Likewise, it always amazes me that the UK Conservatives accept their organisational party head to be an MP chosen by the Parliamentary Leader!

The need is the same - party members having a sense of involvement in selecting the "brass". It's just that the Australian Liberal way is different to the way the UK Conservatives do it.

I hope he's giving up that motorcycle for a pedal bike...

It's that casual sort of anti-bike remark that loses us the crucial 2wheels-good vote at election after election.

At least it's a Triumph...can't be a such bad bloke.

Gubbins, Huckabee is a religious nutter. There is only one true Conservative in the GOP race and he is powering ahead of your man. The next Ron Paul "money bomb" donation day is tomorrow!

Reminds me a bit of Alan Clark, though vintage motorcars were his thing.

So itwas very nearly Malcolm Turnbull, erstwhile leader of the campaign to abolish the monarchy in Australia?

Well, of course.

If you believe in "meritocracy" (that those with wealth and paper qualifications should determine merit, on the basis of wealth and paper qualifications), in globalisation (with its erosion of national and local differences), and, within that, in enforced conformity to the culture (in a horribly debased form) and to the geopolitical interests of the United States, then you must believe in the abolition of the monarchy, whether in Australia, in Britain, or anywhere else.

Thankfully, these are exactly the notions that have just been rejected at the ballot box in Australia, and will be again when the next republic referendum comes along. Will the Australian Political Class get the message this time?

Open letter to Brendan Nelson:

Dear Brendan

As the leader of a disgraced and demoralised opposition it would be in your interest, and those in your team, to heed this excellent advice my mother gave me many years ago.

Quote: 'If you don't have anything constructive to say don't say anything' Unquote:

The coalition will be in opposition for at least a decade or more, so spare us the threat of a return to a government in 2010. Think in terms of 2020 as a possibility.

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