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"I recommend this webcameron video."

So would I. I would also like to encourage everyone on here to post on the Webcameron forums as well. As far as I can see only myself and Tony Makara do so.

Good stuff. I'm also aware that Nick Herbert wants to end the juristiction of the European Court of Human Rights in this country.

"11,000 foreign nationals are now in custody - 13.5 per cent of the prison population"

A policy of immediate deportation should exist for all foreigners who receive a custodial sentence. These figures are shocking.

Very important point from Sean:

"I'm also aware that Nick Herbert wants to end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights in this country".

Nick Herbert - and David Cameron - wants to end that but are the tories commissioning a draft of our own Bill of Human Rights to rpelace it? We have been told by opponents that it won't work.

What is the truth? Nick Herbert hasn't set up a review body on that one.

Bootcamp for a certain category of offenders should also be considered. This is an option the Americans have and ought to be adopted by the UK. UNless it's drug dealers, murderers or sex offenders, "nasty" crimes such as these, for other convicted criminals the option of, say, three to five years mandatory military service could be made available.
The army could be a suitable vehicle for rehabilitation. And it would also help the military with their manpower problems! :-)

By all means let's toughen up prisons, but why inflict these dregs on the poor over-stretched military? It might have been ok in Wellington's day, but the modern military is no place for them.

Why not get Joe Arpaia over from Arizona. His methods would make the criminal classes sit up and take notice. See HERE for more details. His tents would also ease the overcrowding - Dartmoor would be a good place for them.

You don't have to inflict it on the military. You could recruit ex-military to run boot camps. It should be aimed at young males getting into repeat offending. It would be the making of many young men and the good ones could go on to have a career in the forces. We should do it.


This is great stuff - the sort of sense Reform has been talking for years.

This is all great, original stuff. The real politics of "and". Build more, smaller prisons and lock more people up for longer. That's the American model - it really works well.

It's a great idea to bring back National Service, too perhaps add a dash of corporal punishment to appease the "Proctor" wing of the party. It's lovely to see all these posters sitting comfortably and experiencing a frisson of pleasure at the suffering of all these young scallywags. I think it should be compulsory for anyone who thinks we should bring it back - they can lead by example

We could also save a fortune if we reintroduced capital punishment for rapists and murderers. Why lock them up at the taxpayer's expense when we can hang them?

Seriously, though, one of the most important and highly neglected aspects of the prison regime is proper food. Lots of studies have shown that prisoners who are receiving a properly balanced diet with the correct micronutrients behave a lot better and are less likely to reoffend. Eating your greens could be the punishment!

Incidentally, where is the money coming from for more prisons and more prisoners? Raise taxes, or cut other service? Do let me know.

Perhaps a return to Blair's old speech about tough on crime and its causes.
Clearly there has been no real attempt to control crime, rather the police services have been hampered with the introduction of targets and quotas.
As for criminals, they have been having an easy time of it, as a result of overcrowding which has spawned the early release scheme, and the misguided practice of giving them the doubt and allowing the juduciary to make and influence their own political agenda, thus handing out weak sentencing.
Additionally we have a set of laws that mitigate against the victim, the " I know my rights brigade ", who unfortunately have drowned out the riposte which is " what about your social responsibilities ".
The party needs to propound a strong law and order policy, it is often the poor and disadvantaged who are hardest hit by crime, the very people that NuLab claim to represent.
As for new prisons, build loads, we will need the extra space in due course to 1)bang up all the alien crims that we have allowed in, 2)the additional waves of immigrants that will surely arrive with the extension of the Schengen Agreement to the A8 accession nations, which will weaken security and immigration controls on the Eastern borders and 3) the inevitable increasing tide of humanity that wants to come to the UK from Africa and Asia and elsewhere.
As for Joe Arpaia from Arizona (Derek | November 28, 2007 at 19:49) he is blessed with good weather and a judicial system that allows his practices. The Human Rights brigade would be up in arms, Liberty demanding the EU do something, and the Howard League no doubt advocating insurrection.
As for siting new jails, why not The Falklands, a challenging environment and quite secure from breakouts, or Orkney/Shetland. Prisons are for punishment not social interaction and I see no reason for outside visits.

"Incidentally, where is the money coming from for more prisons and more prisoners? Raise taxes, or cut other service? Do let me know."

From cutting benefits to the poor, hopefully.

"Incidentally, where is the money coming from for more prisons and more prisoners? Raise taxes, or cut other service? Do let me know."

From cutting benefits to the poor, hopefully.
Sean Fear | November 29, 2007 at 11:14

How about from cutting MP's expenses and allowances and all that lovely lolly that the Unions get from NuLab under the modernisation and communications scam.
Crime reduction generates its own savings.
Prisoners, as has been said here not a while ago, be used on treadills to generate clean renewable eco friendly electricity which can be sold on.
Making prisoners work to cover their board and lodging costs.
It doesn't take rocket science to work out how to make the prison service less expensive and a darn sight more effective.

Sean said:
From cutting benefits to the poor, hopefully.

I'm glad you are entering into the spirit of the thread - it's really hotting up. It's turning into a real sado-masochistic Tory love in. You want to get rid of the human rights act, George wants to send them to Falkland Islands, Matt wants to reintroduce National Service. All I need is someone to demand capital punishment and I'll can call "House."

It's funny that's always extra money for killing people or locking them up, but anything else is a waste of public money.

If the UK left the EU and The European Court of Justice and European Court of Human Rights then it would need no Human Rights Act and could reintroduce Capital Punishment.

One solution to prison overcrowding would be to reduce cell sizes, convicts could be held in solitary confinement in cells a quarter the size of current size, a level could fit two cells one directly above the other, there is no need for prisoners to be abe to stand up.

Outsource jails to Siberia or China to warehouse those prisoners who cannot be rehabilitated -- and make the 3rd serious offence (murder, GBH, robbery, rape, kidnap and similiar crimes) a mandatory life sentence without parole.

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