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To my way of thinking no Democratic nation or state should have anything to do with hamas until they acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.

That the European Union continues to funnel vast amounts of money to the 'palestinian authority' is to its enduring shame - if there is one thing Britain's MEPs should be lobbying for it is stopping this sick EU funding of an avowedly terrorist organisation.

The British political establishment has always conciliated terror, when its onw skin was at risk. Tony Blair was simply the latest example, and the Israelis know this. The Tories are every bit as bad: Chamberlain thought that he could do business with Herr Hitler and the late Lord Gilmour was, according to the obituary columns, an admirer of Robert Mugabe.

As an Ulsterman I'm embarrassed to see that, assuming that street lamp is in Ulster, those flags are the wrong way round! You put the sovereign national flag top, so unless Israel is laying claim to Ulster it should go Union Flag top, then I guess Ulster flag, then Israel flag below.

I'm sure peace in Northern Ireland was helped greatly by the changing political situation in the Irish Republic, with its emergence as a modern liberal-democratic society increasingly disinclined to support the IRA terror campaign. As far as the Middle East goes, things seem to be moving in the opposite direction.

Good point Simon.

At this morning's meeting David Trimble made exactly the same point about the order of the flags!

"Lord Gilmour was, according to the obituary columns, an admirer of Robert Mugabe".

Not surprised - they were ideological soulmates!

A major factor in resolving the problems in Ulster stem from the ages of the protagonists. They all faced being by-passed by history and wanted to be involved in the end-game. Neither side in the conflict got what it really wanted.

"...it should go Union Flag top, then I guess Ulster flag, then Israel flag below."

No, it absolutely should not: it should be the Union Flag top, the Ulster flag beneath it, and the Israeli flag on another flagpole level with the Union Flag. One sovereign state's flag is not supposed to be flown beneath that of another: the only exception is for victory in war (for which most notably see the pics of the German High Seas Fleet being surrendered at the end of the First World War, flying the Union Flag above the Imperial German tricolour).

Dave J - I sit corrected!

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