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Just flicking through the speeches from yesterday and Michael Gove spoke about special schools, which is all well and good, but he did not mention children in care. Not one word. Labours record on educational acheivement of children in care is abysmal and we dont seem to wish to challenge it, nor propose alternatives.

Its great that we are talking about families, but we also need to be paying attention to those without them. They may not be old enough to vote, but they are a section of very vulnerable people indeed and we mustnt ignore them.

Confernce is turning about to be brilliant!

I'm loving the atmosphere and feel inspired about being a Tory again. Well done to Mr Cameron and Mr Osbourne - You are proving the doubters wrong.

The polices are well thought out, constructive and positive and already many of my non-Tory friends are turning our way after many years in the cold. Things really are looking up!

The next Government will be a True Blue one.

Caught five minutes' worth of Liam Fox on News 24 this morning. Best five minutes I can remember hearing from any politician in years.

It's always interesting to see a Conference from the outside, as the real world sees it. And because work obligations meant I couldn't go this year, I'm seeing Conference the way everyone else in the country does - on TV. Sadly I've got to tell all of you at Blackpool, however Michael Gove's speech went down in the hall, he was a disaster on TV. He was absolutely *demolished* by Andrew Neil on the BBC2 programme. Watch it, if it's online, and squirm.

Didnt think Gove was that bad Suffolk Tory certainly a lot less cringe worthy than Call Me Darling on Today. Thought Cameron was top form with Neil and Osbourne speech was just what I needed to hear. Felt inspired to be a Tory again.
We've still got a long way to go but I'll be knocking doors with a spring in my step (if Brown got the bottle to call it).

I watched Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics - it's hardly fair to say Michael Gove's speech went down badly on telly. It wasn't shown. All we got was Neil, armed with a big fish, wittering on about how Gove's father may have been a fishmonger but he was rich enough to send him to a top private school. Even Mcihael White said he thought Neil was being unfair. And after berating Labour for playing the class card over Boris last week, I thought it was a very strange pitch for Neil to make. Perhaps he was just trying to please his BBC masters.

The conference has been very positive and the emerging policies are going down well.

Good to see the conference goers are feeling positive. Its always so hard at conf when the mood is maudlin. It will be interesting to see if any of it translates outside of the half-pissed Tory throngs in Blackpool however.

What happened to number 8? And judging by the content in the latter few of the 9, there aren't at all ten interesting things to come from day two.

Well, I'm back at home now and casual onlookers are telling me we're having a good conference with the right ideas coming out.

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