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"CCHQ say that pass applications were at a five year high"

File that with the "hottest 10 years in history all since 1990" and the "Thames barrier being raies 6 times a year" fibs from the video wall I guess!

Next thing you'll be claiming you can raise £3.5bn per annum from a resident non-dom levy...

Deliver us from Hague:

'he also promised to amend the 1972 European Communities Act "so that if any future government agrees any treaty that transfers further competences from Britain to the EU a national referendum before it could be ratified would be required by law."'

He must know this is meaningless. Any future govt that wanted to avoid such a referendum would simply change the law back again.

Until we have a written Constitution and Bill of Rights that is enforceable in law courts then the govt of the day is a de facto dictatorship. In the past this didn't matter because even Labour politicians could be relied upon to observe conventions. This is clearly no longer true - we have a constitutional crisis on our hands, and the Tory leadership doesn't seem able even to recognise it, never mind propose answers.

Editor - on (10) you looked pretty fit when interviewed on the Daily Politics - smart suit etc. I won't make a joke about comparison with the gentleman you were interviewed with because I really like him. Any...er...fan mail from recent higher media exposure?


I'm not sure the criticism of David Davis's speech is totally fair.

The question I would ask is was David Davis's speech intended to be understated to set the tone for the main event - Ian Duncan Smith's marvellous speech?

My impression of the Conservative approach is that being 'Tough On Crime' is the last resort and will be addressed rigourously by the leadership but being 'Tough On The Causes of Crime' is the key objective?

I suggest that the two speeches (DD/IDS) combined provide that message.

In my view he could well have taken a minor one for the team and if that's the case well done DD!

"Any future govt that wanted to avoid such a referendum would simply change the law back again."

No need - the current treaty has a "ratchet clause": If it gets passed, no treaty will every be required again, hence no need for ratification by countries. WHY isn't William Hague denouncing this to the skies?

I was also in my constituency rather than Blackpool. I really couldn't justify a week out catching up with friends (which is all Conference is really about for the delegates) when I have a key marginal seat to win. As a result of being here I have been able to achieve masses of work - I look forward to the team returning today ready to fight an election straight away!

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