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You should persevere with this Tim. Guido has said that you're on the way to making this website the in house journal of the Conservative Party. That's a bit of a stretch today but in two or three years time you could get there. Coverage of Parliament, local government and much more profiling of movers and shakers are all sensible steps towards toppling The Torygraph. Keep going.

Thanks CCHQ Spy and to the six councillors who have replied to this post during the evening.

I'd still particularly like to hear from councillors in Wales, Scotland and north east England...


I support this site 100%. The lower readership for the new additions is probably due to information overload. We simply do not have time to read it all!

Nevertheless it is still a very useful addition.

I really enjoy reading this blog. I find it accessible and highly informative. Thanks.

COUNCILLORS IN WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTH EAST ENGLAND...Should boycott this southern focused, Anglo centric website. And please stop patronising Conservative party members by using the term 'grassroots'.

Very constructive, Bill. Thank you!

(if I might try and be a bit more constructive?)

Presumably your parliament section is just focusing on Conservative members? Surely there is a market gap for a site that gives coverage of all parties.

I'd love to know what my local MPs (both Labour)/MEPs (Lab, Tory and UKIP I think) etc are up to.

Again, ditto with my local council. I put my 'X' by whoever is the Labour candiate, but I don't have a clue what they get up to in between times.

(I realise you couldn't do this alone, but I wonder if that is the way to go with this-in conjunction with others)

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