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An excellent appointment.

Good luck to Ruth Lea too.

I hope Global Vision flourishes under her direction.

Jill Kirby has proved herself as an authoritative writer, a forthright commentator and a lady of the utmost integrity. This is a superb promotion for someone who has never hesitated to challenge the liberal elite with the reality of the consequences of their permissive agenda. Congratulations.

Congratualtions to Jill -- overdue recognition for her understated impact on the policy debate.

The evidence for the importance of marriage for the upbringing of children is overwhelming and a cross-party consensus in favour of rebuilding the family would be very valuable for child welfare and for the war on poverty.

I disagree. The evidence merely shows that children who are raised by married parents do better than those who are not. This does not imply that getting married magically transforms bad parents into good ones. It seems much more likely that people who choose to get married have certain attributes (moral values, religiosity etc.) which are are also beneficial when it comes to child rearing.

If people get married for different reasons, such as for financial gain in the form of lower taxes, then the rules of the game change and it is naive to expect those people--who do not share the values mentioned above else would have gotten married without the tax breaks--to be any better parents than if they remained unmarried.

Congratulations, Jill. Fantastic news!

Political opinion seems to be moving in the right direction at last and as Director of CPS you will be perfectly placed to make sure that family policy gets the attention and publicity it deserves.
Your hard work over many years is finally paying off.

The CPS, like other centre-right think tanks with the exception of Policy Exchange, are shadows of their former selves. In recent years, donations have slumped and staff and budgets have been cut back. The IPPR has more staff than the centre-right thinks combined!! The Social Market is not far behind.

The think tanks have failed to grasp the reality of the internet age. They are stuck in the 1980s and all we get are boring seminars, drinks receptions and tedious pamphlets (PDFs if we are lucky). I no longer waste my time and money on them and support hungry campaign groups like the Taxpayers Alliance and Freedom Association instead.

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