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A very well put argument and backed up with lots of thought-provoking statistics. I liked the part about re-training British workers and I look forward to seeing the proposals as and when they came out. I hope David and the team will set particular focus on equipping the young with the skills needed to compete. The way Labour have let down the young unemployed with their New Deal gimmick has been a disgrace. So Conservative plans to re-train are a light in the tunnel.

I especially valued hearing some FACTS on this subject.

Great sppeech from Cameron on immigration today.He's looking more and more like a Prime Minister in waiting.

Thank God the Tories are finally getting their act together to save us from the corrupt, incompetent, sleazy new Labour spivs.

In the draft East of England Plan that the Government is trying to force through it is clearly stated that 41% of the household growth of 508,000 houses is projected to come from the balance of net migration into the region.

It appears from the figures provided that 82% of the forecast population growth is from in-migration; only 18% from increase of births over deaths

(The difference between the 41% and 82% is houses for "hidden households", caused by decreasing occupancy rates per house)

This cannot be sustainable.

Unmitigatedly positive response from me: great speech.

But it is disappointing that we cannot impose limits on EU migration into the UK. This surely means that Tory policy will lock out, to a greater extent than one would want, non-EU or Commonwealth migrants... regrettable and entirely down to EU rules.

It was a good speech, but it is worth noting that the whole 'transitional controls' will do essentially nothing, as all of the countries that are ever going to be in the eu are already in it.

A very encouraging and well argued message from DC.

I appreciate why the EU migration cannot currently be addressed. However, that is not to say that in years to come that it will have to be. Until it is we do not have any guarantees that immigration can be fully controlled.

As it stands the immigration issue can only be improved not resolved.

On the 'Welfare to work' theme I think we have to be realistic about expectations. With over five million jobless and only just over half a million vacancies available at any available time we have to accept that we won't be able to provide work for everyone. Thats why I think it important that employment strategy is most focused on those under thirty. The Conservative party must not fall into Labour's harebrained egalitarian scheme of trying to funnel the over 45s and the disabled into very vacancy going. The focus must be set on providing work for the young.

Dale - you may be correct but there is a strong lobby to bring Turkey into the EU. There may be a small likelyhood of this suceeding but while there is some possibility I would prefer a government that is prepared to put some controls in place rather than the current regime who did nothing last time.

There are 78 million people in Turkey, that is over 150% of the population of Poland.

This was a great speech by Cameron, he has managed to frame the immigration discussion in terms which do not make us look like hard right wingers.

Absolutely John Leonard, it's progress but not the finished article. I'm pleased and a little suprised that the BBC appears to be giving this speech fair coverage.

Let us not allow Labour to claim this is a "lurch to the right". It is nothing of the sort. It's eminently sensible.

Before getting too excited over Dave's immigration plans may I suggest you read what Richard North has to say on http://www.eureferendum.blogspot.com/

Sorry David! You can't raise the minimum age for a spouse coming to Britain - and for the sponsor - to twenty-one … or insist that every spouse coming to Britain should have a basic level of English.

If the person wishing to have their spouse join them is an EU citizen, then Directive 2004/38/EC applies. That makes no provision for excluding spouses on the grounds of age, and you certainly are not permitted to require that they speak English.

As long as they acted in accordance with the law of the country in which they married, no such conditions can be applied.

I expect that the number of teenage brides entering the UK who are citizens of EU countries is tiny. OTOH, the number coming in from the Indian sub-continent is considerable.

I'm pleased and a little suprised that the BBC appears to be giving this speech fair coverage

Fair coverage? Seems like you won't stay too surprised Malcolm judging from Nick Robinson's report on the 6 c'clock news. He seemed determined to make out this is a racist policy no matter how carefully written, factual and well considered Conservative ideas are. This is a rough summary of the report :
Talking about immigration spells trouble for the Tories - so much so that Cameron didn't dare use the 'i' word. But there may be trouble ahead when he gives us a number (if he ever does) - he can't limit numbers of EU members coming in (mostly white) - this means they'll be coming from other places - and "let's put it this way - it's unlikely that their faces will be white". And in one bound Robinson had conjured up the vision of a racist policy. Let's face it - if the BBC don't get the quotes they want - they just make up their own scenario (rather as Daniel Hannan explained over the BBCs coverage of Europe).

Richard North, if you are right it would force a Conservative Govt to address the problem of EC Directives head on. So you should welcome this because the more conflict that a future Conservative Govt has with the EC the more likely it is that we get withdrawal. There cannot be a change of attitude by the UK Govt machine until it has many areas of conflict with the EC. Look at the dynamics involved. Conflict with the EC is good.

Difficult to take Cameron seriously after all the previous fluffy nonsense about the greatest menace to our nation, but at least is is likely that Brown will now move to outflank him, so perhaps something may at last be done.

It is high time the sort of idiots who call commonsense on immigration a 'lurge to the right' were exiled to the outer fringe of politics.

Farage, the leader of UKIP, recently called for a moratorium on immigration. That should be the Tory position.

The number of Thai and Russian brides who get married and get visas without any problems is also considerably high.

I do agree that something must be done to stop these legal immigrants.

Nick Robinson...seemed determined to make out this is a racist policy no matter how carefully written, factual and well considered.

This will not surprise anybody who recalls the previous career of 'Red Robbo' in the YCs and the Tory Reform Group.

I don't know if anyone else heard it, but when I was listening to the speech at about 11.45 on Sky. When David Cameron asked the question " What are we going to do about it? "
Someone uttered the words "Extermination ?"
It did not sound as if it came from the audience, it sounded more like in a studio or in a OB control room.
I was not on the drink that early, I am sure I heard it.

Cameron has not told us anything new about the effects of immigration that was not already well known. He will not be doing anything about immigration from the EU. He states that he it will be using transitional
controls for new entrants into the EU, but sooner or later those controls will be obviated by the time lapse. Richard North by quoting chapter and verse of EU directives appears to have demolished Cameron's arranged marriages wishful thinking exercise. All in all do not expect much change under his policy.
Cameron's approach to this problem seems to have much in common with the way he dealt with his EPP promise; prevarication over his EU Referendum promise; toothless Grand Committee approach to an English Parliament and now a smoke and mirror immigration policy. It will be interesting to know what Immigration Watch has to say.
They say that politics is the art of the possible; Cameron is turning it into the art of the unlikely.

ITV tried to insinuate that Cameron's ideas were anti-Black.

I just shook my head and switched it over.

Talks cheap. Easy to cut money from benefits but hard to create jobs. He says go self employed. It was on tv that banks won't lend to people with business ideas. So how are people who are on dole going to afford to go self employed? What could they do if they had the money. Probably unskilled they can't become a carpenter. They can't open a shop because the likes of tescos sell too cheap for the little man to compete. We have no industries hardly now. Cameron admitted that uk companies are more than 90% of the time likely to employ eu migrants that uk citizens. If you ask me we are doomed. I think it will be uk people who will be migrating for a better a life soon.

Whats the point of training people if there are no jobs at the end of it. They only train people to give them something to do, not to find work. I have more training certificates than I have clothes and I still couldn't get a job at the end of all those courses. The problem is China and India. We buy everything from them now. So we have no jobs and what can change that situation. Not one idea from Cameron as yet. The only way we could do it is to go self suffient and cut off from trading with other countries. Make our own cars, grow our own food, make our own tvs etc. But uk governments like be powerful around the world so thats unlikely to happen. Lets all migrate to china and india I say.

J'ai forte détermination à réussir.

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