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There seems to be a problme with the survey on question 3 (the 'other' checkbox doesn't seem to be working properly for the question "Who is your favourite right-of-centre/ conservative (and elected) leader in the world today?")

I agree with John. I had to vote George W Bush...hes my favourite due to his Boris-esque silly moments...

Similarly at the end, Im no longer a member and I dont feel like much of a supporter anymore. Theres no "none of the above" option.

That abortion question was appalling. It was so loaded as to be completely statistically useless. I'm sorry, Tim, but you can't put such a skewed question in and trumpet this as in any way a valid measure of opinion. A real disappointment.

Sarkozy shows a good understanding of forex whereas Merkel shows gives forex very little attention. George Bush is too intransigent to win favour with me.

I liked the questions on abortion. I am not a catholic but abortion is a subject I feel very strongly about. Nothing angers me more than hearing Liberal types enthusiastically advocating abortion while at the same time they are squeamish about the idea of executing child murderers.

There was nothing appalling about the abortion question, dont be ridiculous.
The only grievance you could have with it is that it only gave options for 18 weeks and lower when many people support 12 weeks.

How should the abortion question have been configured, Iain?

Iain: change the record, will you? Since the question asks whether people agree with a list of statements, the responses would actually be a perfectly valid measure of how many people agreed with the statements on the list. It may (or may not) amount to a valid survey on abortion policy, but as far as I can work out what Tim is doing is using all of us as free guinea pigs for message testing.

I didn't find the abortion statement problematic. I didn't agree with any of the statements and so didn't tick the boxes.

The international leader question is interesting. I like John Howard. The anti-gay stuff bugs me, but it seems Australia is behind on this issue across the board. My favourite is Arnold Schwarzenegger. But I don't know if the 'other' tickbox worked.

Another month where the shadow cabinet have garnered so little publicity I've had to answer 'don't know' to each and every one.

(In fairness to them I was away for the first week of the month and they were probably quite active then!)

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