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Michael Gove has summed it up superbly. Gordon Brown has been obsessed with being Prime Minister since he was at school. Someone with a thirst for power like that should be disqualified from day 1.

Can't get used to Michael Give without glasses. Like when Jack Straw got shot of them. At least he hasn't done it because he looked like the demon headmaster.

Yes, excellent photo. It capture Michael Gove's humanity.

That photo, I think it makes him look like a ventriloquist's dummy!

Good speech though.

Bring back the glasses!

Otherwise, this is a terrific speech - clinical, precise and lethal. My guess is that it will wind the Big Brown Bottler up spectacularly. Which will lead to more misjudgements and clunking slips.

You're all missing the point. The critical factor is what Mrs Gove thinks of the photograph.

lol Mark

That really is superb stuff.

Michael Gove really is the master.

This is a very serious and substantial analysis of Brown and why his politics will fail. It benefits from being fundamentally true, not something one can often say about descriptions of one side by the other.

I would urge everyone to read it.

Gove said "Whether it's been Neville Chamberlain after Baldwin, Eden after Churchill or Bush senior after Reagan, the successor model has never quite recaptured the excitement of the first."

Interesting set of examples (2 tories and a republican). And interestingly he hasn't used the most obvious one- Major and Maggie.

It simply isn't always the case though. After Eden came Macmillian. And who has heard of Henry Campbell-Bannerman? I hadn't until 5 minutes ago when I checked the list in my dictionary. Yet after him came two giants- Asquith and Lloyd George- both from the same party.

I don't get his point and it's far too early to judge Brown.

Good speech from Michael Gove. Fully exposing Gordon Brown's politburo-politics. Top-down government by directive with a a dash of pseudo-engagement for effect. As Mr Gove correctly implies Gordon Brown is a 21st century prime minister locked into a 20th century mindset. Brown is a prisoner of his own personality. He cannot escape and he wouldn't want to either. The man has become institutionalized.

I bet only you and I on this blog know who the Demon Headmaster is Andrew!
A clever speach from Gove but I dislike the way he compares Blair to people like Chrchill, Reagan or even Baldwin. Whilst electorally successful we have to look at what Blair achieved during his term of office? A kind of a peace in Northern Ireland but huge damage to the Union. Anything else? Really? Hopefully history will be as unkind to Blair as he deserves.

Is he still known as a NeoCon these days?

i I don't get his point

Clearly, since it's not simply about succeeding to the top job after a member of the same party.

It's about succeeding after a figure who dominated the political narrative succefully for the time they were in office.Churchill did in relation to Eden, but Eden did not do so in relation to Macmillan, although Macmillan did in relation to Home.


I am deeply offended - clearly Moore was a superior Bond to Connery.

Great speech. It really resonates with what we all see of Brown and his government.
For Brown, political tactics are tomorrow's newspaper headlines and wrong-footing the Tories. Political strategy is the Sunday newspaper headlines.

I'm not sure Brown deserves a whole speech aimed at himself alone - it flatters him, even if the content doesn't.

I keep hearing from the most peculiar sources that Brown has some sort of immense philosophical intellect. I have seen no evidence of this. He's cold, calculating and very, very partisan.

He shows an unbelievable arrogance that he and his ministers know best - a trait common in all socialist-idealists.

What vision does he have of changing this country for the better? Nothing but more state control and a belief that public spending will see us through to some sort of "fair" utopia.

God I wish we had had that election.

So not before time the intellectual battle is joined, or not?

It's insufficient to tear Brown and his Government apart without proposing a timely and credible alternative.

This post-bureaucratic age stuff sounds marvellous but, frankly, where's the beef?

Idealism without ideas is just opportunism and whilst I'm sure Gove is quite credible to the metropolitan media and political elite, particularly those who've gone to the same schools and belong to the same club, at the end of the day we need meat and potatoes practical policies. Those he did not serve today. Nor did the Leader at the Google Zeitgeist beanfeast.

This speech was too clever by half. With that said, it is good to note the start of a serious critique of Brown.

But there's a lot more to do and it all boils down to how we want the shape and size of the Conservative run state to look. At the moment it's still pretty fuzzy.

Yes, excellent photo. It capture Michael Gove's humanity.

'Humanity' is not the word I would use.

Just when Cameron and Osborne are beginning to pose as Tories, Michael Gove emerges to thoroughly repel me from todays party once again.

Bit harsh on old Roger being compared to Brown like that, especially considering he is himself a Tory, whereas Connery of course famously supports the SNP. Perhaps Lazenby would have been more apposite.

"Just when Cameron and Osborne are begining to pose as Tories, Michael Gove emerges to thoroughly repel me from todays party once again"
THOROUGHLY repel. How far?

I don't get his point and it's far too early to judge Brown.

Posted by: Comstock | October 30, 2007 at 14:06

Come on Comstock do tell us what it was like living in the middle of the Brazil rain forest for the last 10 years.

They say Willetts has two brains. Well Gove has proved you only need one, provided it's working

David said "Come on Comstock do tell us what it was like living in the middle of the Brazil rain forest for the last 10 years."

LOL, hot and wet!

I meant it is too early to judge Brown as a PM- as chancellor I believe he is one of the best we've ever had, but to be fair I can only remember back as far as Lawson.

I don't know if he will be remembered as a great PM, but Gordon's record on the economy while at number 11 speaks for itself- and that's more credentials than the immediate alternative (DC) has.

It's the way that you tell them Comstock.

Oh wait, you weren't joking?

Gove comes across as thoughtful and intelligent, it's just a shame he looks like a Thunderbirds puppet.


:D LOL @ EML....... :P...... ;)

Ah, a speech going for Brown. Perhaps as Childrens Minister, he could explain the general direction of Conservative Party policy regarding children in care, an issue he didnt mention once in his Conference speech.

Yes I mention this regularly here, but it winds me up so much to see us talking about the strength of the family unit and yet fail to say how we will deal with the consequences. It may affect only 60,000 children, but they are incredibly vulnerable and the Conservatives are ignoring them.

I have spent a long time (years) studying Brown and trying to rationalise his behaviour. Gove's analysis is by far the best I have read yet. If MP's, activists and supporters can dedicate the time to reading and understanding this speech, then they will have a newly developed and very effective weapon to deploy on this Government.

I already has a positive opinion of Gove, but he has gone up many notches more after this. I am really encouraged by the growth of talent within our party and hope it continues.

Malcolm, Blair blames Brown for fustrating his ambitions regarding reform. The complex relationship these two had and how it ties with the party is still unclear to me, but I suspect for all his failings, Blair was more open to decentralised reform and aware of Brown's addiction to controlling the agenda. But trying to control him was obviously beyond him - this is the key to the failure of Blair.

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