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This is a non-story, Ed. We sold the building ages ago. Personally, I couldn't care if the new owner(s) want to fly the red flag - it's their building, their decision.

It is filed under light relief, Justin!

Is the "big embassy" any different from two offices which have been in Westminster since 1973 getting together in the same building?

Talk about tilting at windmills...

Do opponents of this want all foreign company or country information offices to move out too?

Still, if Blair becomes the EU president, it would still be the home of the anti-Brownites.

Today's CONHOME is like the blogosphere equivalent of 'Life on Mars' I feel I have been transported back to the 1980's with all this chat about Europe....

Why not let the EU use it - it may be where The Blessed Baroness had her successes, but it's also where Treasonus Ted and co. planned to betray his country...

Metric Maude, a.k.a. St. Francis of Maastricht also has strong associations with the building.

Make a fresh start!

Read the Telegraph article. Beyond the irony is the EU obsession with flying the EU flag which it seems may cost the EU tax payer around another £1 million per year in rent.

But the constitution is not about flags or anthems or embedding an EU identity is it? Is it?

Together with the hard working Metric Martyr Neil Herron, I was involved in forcing down the EU flag from our local council.

It was not just symbolic, it flushed out the hypocrisy within local government and certainly those that continued to support the North East Assembly and the EU Committee of the Regions despite the massive NO Vote.

These councils continue to send subscriptions to the Assembly, yet have now been forced to come out and disagree with the Regional Assembly's Regional Spatial Strategy that discriminates against the rural and semi-rural areas of Co. Durham.

They support the Assembly, use our money to finacially keep it afloat, and disagree with its strategy...all at the same time.

Back to the flag...we waited for the opportunity and when the EU flag was lowered for the Cross of St George (being flown to thank the contributions of Durham cricketers now playing for England) we struck.

It was only good enough to fly "our" flag if and when we manage to have local players playing for England - at all other times the EU flag comes first.

Some will continue to believe these are small issues, and they are in some way, but the letters pages of local papers in the days following demonstrated the utter contempt for people that used the flag of England in such a way.

It is a very touchy subject, and especially those flags - they are adjacent to the war memorial and I for one object strongly to the EU flag being flown in that vicinity.

Will they be flying before November 5th? We'll need something to set our Guy Fawkes bonfire's alight with!


From the way this story is written up, anyone would think it was the Nazis, not the EU.

I must confess to being amazed that any Tory in the above posts can not be concerned by this monstrous waste of money. See Dan Hannan's blog for more details. Even if you think it a good thing for these EU embassies to be set up in every capital in the world, surely all Conservatives can agree on the pure "value for money" question. Why do they need a large building in the most expensive real estate zone in Western Europe just for an "Information" office? And what about this obsession that the flag is flown to mark out the embassy? They are proposing to spend over a million pounds a year for what could turn out to be un-used space, just to fly the flag! We should all be shocked.

Tony Blair has definitely got an eye on the Euro presidency. That's why he was so eager to hang-on and sign away our sovereignty. His middle-east jaunt is just his way of trying to redeem his reputation after Iraq. The man who believes he has the hand of history on his shoulder definitely has his eye on the top job.

The current CCHQ might just as well fly the EU flag for all the genuine euroscepticism that translates into actions coming from the Cameroons.

"Tony Blair has definitely got an eye on the Euro presidency."

I wonder if British attitudes to Europe would change if Tony Blair *was* European President (obviously I'm talking about in general, not amoungst Conservative supporters). Would the EU be seen as less 'foreign' somehow if it had a British president?

Just a thought...

We have to withdraw from this mess as soon as bloody possible. It's all getting too stupid for words. I really don't care what the E.U wants to do with its money, but I bitterly resent being asked to pay for it.

Would that be the EU with its ambition of a centralised European Empire run from Germany and extending from the Duoro to the Volga, suppressing democratic dissent whereever it deigns to reer its ugly and unwelcome head and supported by Gauleiters doing too well out of the regime to be worried about the damage it is doing to national sovereignty and traditions....

.... or not?

@Jim Tague

More power to your elbow.

Another little known fact.

You have the right to erect a flagpole and fly the national flag of any 'nation' without requiring planning permission. This was extended to the flag of the EU on 6th April 2007.

However, the Cross of St. George would require applying for permission under Schedule 1 Class H of the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007.


The EU is a nation.

England is not.

I'm surprised the EU hasn't enquired after Eisenhower's old HQ in Tottenham Court Road.

OR, perhaps they are about to be totally crass and ask HM to vacate Buck Palace.

This is a Coup D'etat, Where is our Army, Oh yes they are being conveniently Culled and demoralised in the Mid east with Poor Equipment and lack of funding, while the Govt Spouts on about how we are a strong economy.
Doublespeak, Actions not words reveal intent.

The Secret Plan to Destroy Britain, well not exactly secreat as we can all see what is happening to our country.


Any chance of Policies like these from the Conservatives..


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