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The headline to this post really does say it all!

"Do you have any advice for David Cameron's speechwriters?"

If David Cameron had any principled core beliefs or solutions for the nation's problems he would be able to instruct his speech writers as to how they should be best presented.

Here is the Blair legacy all over again, "what would sound good" rather than "what has to be done"

My advice to Steve Hilton, Dougie Smith and Danny Kruger is - Let Cameron be Cameron. DC is at his best when he speaks from the heart. He was brilliant at the Carlton dinner last week.

Dear Mr C,

There are some good, practical things coming out of conference, as an attractive reason to vote Tory, rather than the other main parties and I am confident that the Tories would be better in government than the present mob.

However, I need to know definitive intentions re EU overall (i.e. not just in the restricted sense of a referendum on the imminent treatystution)and if these aren't EUsceptic, I shall be voting for anything but Lab/Tory/LibDem. This topic overarches everything else, as it relates to national discretion to devise policies in the national interest. Love Europe;Hate EU.

Then I want to hear something encouraging about democracy for England as a single national entity. Maybe nothing more than EVEL might be forthcoming at this juncture but it would be a start. If you bang on about Britishness and the Union, a la Gordie, then I would expect this to be accompanied by a statement of intention to reverse devolution, as one can't be a British Unionist whilst also a devolutionist.

Union, Federation or Independence. You choose - but that doesn't include the option of devolution to the Celtic fringes whilst denying the concept of nationhood to England.

I wait in eager anticipation of your heart-stirring pronouncements on these two issues.

Okay Martin but I did ask for "constructive advice"!

Paint a better future for Britain and how we can get there through specific changes.

He needs to bond with the grassroots.

The grassroots-Cameron relationship is lukewarm.

His advisers talk of "them" when they refer to the voluntary party.

A bond needs to be created on Wednesday afternoon.

Cameron needs his troops to march alongside him for the looming election.

#1 Announce David Davis as deputy leader as a high impact, visual representation of the new aim for 'And' balance.

#2 Drop support for statist policy of extending state funding of political parties

#3 Bring forward withdrawal from EPP to next General Election to ensure consistency with the EU referendum call and that all elected Tory officials speak with the same voice.

#4 Then ensure Cameron's speech clearly higlights that it is not of choice of trad or uber but balance between the two.

They should have Cameron point out Labour's racist discrimination of the young people of England, by not only seeking to financially discriminate against English students studying in Scotland, but that Brown got his Scottish MP's to load top up fees on students in England.

They should have Cameron point out Labour's racist discrimination of the sick people in England, where Labour have funded English patients substantially below what they fund Scottish patients, leaving English cancer patients to die for the want of drugs, drugs available elsewhere in the UK, and point out that that even though Brown said the NHS was his priority, but not so much a priority that he didn't avoid slashing capital spending in the English NHS by one third, though only England was to suffer these cuts!

They should have Cameron point out the racist discrimination of the pensioners of England, where even though the people of Britain have paid the same taxes, its English pensioners who end up paying for home care, having to sell their assets to do so, while Labour funds Scotland to pay home care for their pensioners. In fact outrageously there are old peoples homes in the North of England, where Scottish pensioners are having their costs paid for, while English pensioners are being driven to penury through the costs, but discriminated not on need, but what nationality they are.

And they should have Cameron hammer the lectern and say that he and a Conservative Government wouldn’t put up with this discrimination anymore!

Dear Mr Cameron

I am in my late 30s and work for an investment bank in the City of London. I commute into London every day from Ashford in Kent, living in a nearby rural village, which means I need to use my car (yes, we have a 4x4). I send my daughter to a private school, for which I pay out of taxed income. As a law-abiding private taxpayer, I feel that I get precisely bugger all back for playing by the rules and the amount of tax that I currently pay through central and local taxation is criminal - the alleged services that I receive bear no resemblance to the money that I have to shell out to pay them.

Please can you give me some concrete reasons to vote for you because after 2 years of your leadership, this Conservative voter is currently planning to stay at home. With all due respect, taxes on supermarkets, air flights or plastic bags are not going to persuade me.

If I was the speechwriter I would ask Cameron to make the choice he has so far failed to make. Is he going fully for his modernising message or not? The Party is a very wide one and this balancing malarky is extremely risky as its seeming to alienate an awful lot of party members, including myself.

I know some here will disagree and argue that we cannot be a core vote party concentrating on the key conservative issues, but we have been blowing hot and cold so many times since the leadership election that is has led to confused messages. I'd like to see Cameron make the choice to help us make our own.

This is a real chance to clarify policy issues, focusing on smaller government, including:
1. A referendum on the EU treaty
2. Tax cuts (stamp duty, inheritance tax)
3. Cutting red tape (abolish IR35)
4. Immigration has been good for us but numbers need to be controlled
5. Clarify environmental priorities (no VAT on flights or taxes on supermarket parking)
6. Britain will lead the world in carbon offsetting by encouraging CO2 offsets on flights

I agree with Ken 08:25 You need to put something positive forward for England. At the moment most English people feel used and disenfranchised. Please make sure you declare that England is a Nation and should have its own voice.

Tell us what you are going to do, above and beyond giving us a referendum, if Gordon signs us up to the Treaty. Will you tell our "partners" that unless we get what we want from the EU, ie opting out of all political directives which are bad for Britain, you will lead us out. That should concentrate a few minds.

A few slogans that will stick and less of the philosophy.For example,

Public services: better not bigger

The Economy: save more spend less

The environment: rewards not penalties

Crime and security: less law more order

The state: small is still beautiful

Europe: never closure union

Scotland and Wales: stay or go

Education: abolish tuition fees

The New Labour Project is the destruction of England by encouraging vast numbers of people from abroad to colonise this country. They do this by

a) letting anyone however useless in.

b) by changing the way people can hire new workers so for instance in rural England where work is thin on the ground but the workers are English, if a foreigner comes from abroad they give the job to them. The Orwell speak is called 'balancing the under representation of minorities' But if there are very few minorities in the first place it is in fact giving people who have been here 5 minutes an unfair advantage over English people. As I say, in rural England jobs are thin on the ground so to encourage foreigners to come and take the little that is there is criminal.

b) Indian IT contractors come into the country via Indian companies as cheap labour. Once they have ousted the indigeonous hard working IT workers, they then leave their Indian companies and get a job as a fully paid contractor - thereby having fully ursurped a British person's job totally. They then go on to buy houses and bring their families in.

c) Where have all the British receptionists, doormen, and other such workers gone? Don't tell me that they have all suddenly become lazy because it is not true. But they have all been replaced by foreign workers. Where have they gone?

d) Gordon Brown has just pushed through Parliament a law whereby hundreds of government agencies eg the Taxman, can listen to everyone of your mobile and landline phone calls. This is the making of a Police State. The Tories need to square up to McStalin. Because what he is doing is real and very frightening.

I think the public are geting increasingly sick and tired by the way much of the media writes off the Tories chances of winning an election at every opportunity.

Remember, the British love an underdog and will react strongly to this constant media spin that the next election will be a walkover for Brown.

Don't forget David and Goliath.

BTW The economy must be in an even bigger mess than we thought if Brown and Darling along with Greemspan have to appear on TV on a Monday morning in an attempt to reassure us though, no doubt, it's also a pathetic and puerile attept to spike Osborne's guns later this morning.

Just more of the same in the ilk of the Hague speech. Constructive policy presentation, why the Tories are different and ready to govern and why Brown is the wrong man.

Present the Tory alternative, stamp it hard as Tory and then what Brown has said to show the difference.

Also, more of the same media coaching that Osborne is getting. I heard him on R4 Today with Jim Naughtie being his baiting, agitprop worst. At one point, so flummoxed at Osborne's weighty and evidence backed reasoning, he chided Osborne for not cutting taxes more.

At the end of the interview, cue the line from Jim about what Brown might do come the election?

And the response "I don't know Jim, you know him better than me."

And for once, Naughtie was stunned into silence. Have some of that!

In the so called "Three days to save the Tory Party", they have to drive home their different policies and fight to destablise the faulty goods running the country.

They need to level the polling and Brown will have damaged his Premiership to cries of "No Bottle Brown".

Beware that clunking fist which is heading straight for your wallet.

Anger about the way the country has been misgoverned for the last ten years, an understanding about the daily issues that matter to ordinary people, empathy with the grassroots and a sense of vision and conviction about the future.

Personally, I think that Cameron is at his strongest when he identifies quality of life as a major dirving force; the largest single component of this is freedom - the freedom to choose to work long hours in an investment bank or sit in a hippy commune strumming a guitar. It is this freedom that Labour have been eronding so distasterously over the last ten years. It should be the job of government to help people make a success of their own life choices, not to micromanage their existence for them.

As well as personal freedom, the two major achivements of civilised society are health and education - we progress as a society as we know more and have healthier and longer lives. It is therefore of paramount importance that we sort out the NHS and, particularly, the education system as soon as possible.

Gordon Brown will steal any popular policies that are announced - as he has few principles that aren't negotiable in the cause of his personal ambition.

He needs to focus the feelings of unease about Gordon Brown.

He should also announce a referendum on an English Parliament - which is one of the few policies Gordon Brown can't follow him onto, as well as being what the English people want. ( Even some Labour MPs ! )

A few mentions of England would really undercut Brown's emphasis on Britishness. Would be a bit risky, but would certainly chime with Telegraph and Daily Mail readers!

"He should also announce a referendum on an English Parliament"

Man in a Shed, yes it seems like a no brainer to me, and its an issue he can get angry about Labour's discrimination against English people, wrong footing Labour and putting them on the back foot with the biggest electoral group, and as you rightly point out, its not a policy Brown can pinch.

But even if offering English people a Parliament goes against the Conservatives Unionist roots, its an issue they have get on and deal with. So offer us a referendum with choices, an English Parliament, their option English votes for English Laws, and Labours choice of English people as constitutional second class citizens, and let the English people decide!

Make it clear that the Conservatives plans to rebalance the tax credit system to make it fairer for couples with children, is for both those living together as well for those that are married.
I like the idea of bringing back the married persons transferable tax allowance, it gives the message that we support marriage. But we must concentrate more on my first point, DC has to make clear that the present unfair anomaly whereby you are better off in the tax credit system if you are a single parent is the really important one.
We need to encourage parents to stay together not penalise them for doing so whether they are married or not. Strong FAMILIES are the only way we can start to mend what is wrong with our society.
The present system and message from this Labour government also encourages fraud with people tempted to lie about their relationships through financial necessity.
I think that there is a real resentment building up, especially with lower income families who work. They are caught in Brown's tax traps and find that they are penalised at every turn in the welfare system for being a two parent family that works. That has got to be the real scandal of the failure of this government.
They punish lower income striver's with an almost obscene tax burden whilst rewarding non domiciled millionaires with an unbelievably generous tax break, the most cynical and hypocritical thing this government has done in 10 years!!
So low income two parent families who work get hit by Brown the taxman and Brown's redistribution tinkering.
Labour say everything must revolve round the child, and that is why we have the problems we have today.
Children need a stable and secure home environment and this government's social engineering undermines this and has decided that the State, not families should be in control. Just look at their latest wheeze, taking the responsibility of the care and health of their children away from parents in the GP surgery!!
Anyone really believe that this Labour government is better placed to play parent than us, Brown certainly thinks so?

Cameron needs speechwriters?!? The lazy git should write his own! If I were standing for PM, i'd like to think that i had the wit to at least write a speech about what i'd like to do once inside Number 10!

I cannot understand why the simple word "REAL" has not been put in front of the conference's theme slogan.

People think we already have had a change

For my money I would do these things:-

1. Repay the PM's compliment and don't mention him at all.

2. Highlight the diagnosis of current problems, your prescription and the prognosis if not adopted in full. And use that so that voters can ask, is the analysis correct? will the prescription work? and will it make things better? and get yes as the answer to all of them.

3. Be the visionary statesman, show that the roots run deep and the ambition is high.

4. Allow the contrast to be drawn between a party that only wants an election to destroy its opponent and a party that wants an election to get on with changing Britain. "They want an election to damage me, I want an election because they are damaging you!" for example.

EC Referendum: What really troubles Gordon Brown?

It is with delicious irony that Sotherby’s has announced the sale of the Magna Carta in New York whilst Gordon flies in the face of The Sun with a perpetual no to all and any calls for an EC referendum. A call for a public vote on an equally as fundamental a shift in the legal status of England as the Magna Carta.

But why the resistance, Gordon? Is it really because of your contempt for the electorate? Is it because the British electorate is too unsophisticated to intellectually cope with such arcane complications as the future of the United Kingdom? Is it because it is a treaty but not a constitution or in other words that it is a binding legal document but not a contract?

Gordon Brown had an ideal opportunity at Bournemouth and the door still remains open to cash in on the populist appeal of the Sun’s campaign. It would be a low risk strategy to soak up some more Tory and UKIP votes by honouring his own promises with a deftly worded referendum and a portentous campaign of dire warnings perfectly suited to his funereal style. He might even secure a Yes vote if he can generate enough fear in the populace and cede to the trades union demands. If the vote goes against him then he can simply ignore the result as is the established tradition in the EU. It would be a low risk and populist strategy and would undermine one of the few remaining Conservative selling points so what, exactly, is holding Gordon Back?


Gordon knows what the outcome of the referendum would be in terms of the constituent parts of the United Kingdom. If England says No then the English can safely be ignored in the same way that the North East of England was ignored when it said No a regional assembly and had one imposed, unelected, regardless. What really troubles Gordon is if the Scots say Yes.

A Yes vote in Scotland and a No vote in England would almost certainly see off the union permanently and Gordon knows it. The SNP ambition is to be an independent Scotland in the EU and Alec Salmond would, naturally, campaign feverishly to secure a Yes vote. Given the current popularity of the nationalists in Scotland and Wendy Alexander’s one way trip to political oblivion it would seem almost certain that the Scots would return a Yes vote and equally as likely that a Euro-sceptic England would say No.

The Salmond would then claim a mandate for independence and ratify the EC Constitution given that an English Westminster could not legitimately act against the will of the Scottish electorate and the Union would be irreparably damaged. Gordon Brown's vision of Britishness would be at an end and he would be held directly culpable in the process that led to the death of the United Kingdom.

David Cameron has stated that he will grant a referendum. Ergo the above scenario will unfold.

The advice to David's speech writers to is to trump wee Gordy's Britishness with the English card. And win the election outright.

He needs to say three somple words: No More Taxes.

That goes for supermarket-parking-tax, airline-flight tax, any 'supertax' on nice cars or plasma-TVs. People of Britain are fed up with government plundering their wealth. A Conservative government which does not commit up front to stopping and reversing this is not worthy of the name 'Conservative'.

.Something about cutting tax for the poorest and raising the minimum wage to encourage more people into work.

.Something about putting more money in people's pockets to pay for "food, better housing and school uniforms and to give PEOPLE more control over their lives and government less" wouldn't go amiss and would show him to be less out of touch.

Less vacuous statements ("tough choices", "proper measures"), stick to his course, and take the fight to Brown on the NHS and the economy.

Maybe a poem:

Ten years ago, Ken gave Gord the sums,
"Fantastically good shape", murmured Gord's chums.
The global conditions looked decent too,
So old "prudent Gord" knew just what to do.

He piled on stealth tax and mis-sold our gold,
Knobbled the married and stealth taxed the old,
He doubled tax on the lowest earners,
Cast students in debt, punishing learners,
But still went out and borrowed more money
To bribe the country with milk and honey.

No middle-class in the world pays more tax
And yet local hospitals face the axe
He bankrolled ill-equipped soldiers to war,
Widened the gap between the rich and poor,
Bumped state dependency up to a third,
On funding those pensions? Nary a word.

Three managers for each doctor or nurse,
Health researchers face red tape round the purse
He splurged our money, mortgaged our future
Less Flash Gordon, more Lex Luthor.
Old Gord saw our nation ripe for the plucking.
Vote him back, he'll give you a [BLACKPOOL'S SOUND PROBLEMS AGAIN]

"A few mentions of England would really undercut Brown's emphasis on Britishness. Would be a bit risky, but would certainly chime with Telegraph and Daily Mail readers!"

He would not be the intelligent man I think is if he did that. Brown's play on Britishness was to counter such an attack, the fact we have not done this makes his assertions even less credible. It is also bombing up in Scotland, not because of anti English sentiment, but because it is not credible and pushes the message that Brown will do or say anything to woo Middle England.
Listen to Wendy Alexander's speech last week at the Labour conference, she tried to accuse Cameron of doing just that to stir up a "little Englander" mentality South of the Border. Its not true, but they are already trying to spin that line as a fact. It is exactly the sort of nasty and negative campaigning tactic they used in the May elections up here, and the evidence now proves that it was counter productive and the biggest reason Labour lost!!
Janet Daley whitters on about Cameron leaving a gap on his right flank for Brown to move into. So she would have us believe that Brown can be the centrist, the socialist and the right winger aka Norman Tebbit all at once? I am sorry but that woman's analysis is all over the place in just about every article she writes these days, sadly it does not stop her from crowing that she has been proved right.
Will some people please study WHY Labour lost Scotland, and why Alex Salmond saw some of the swings to his party in less than two years, it was not because the majority wanted independence but because he provided a credible alternative to Labour and he had a positive message on his vision for Scotland!
If Cameron does the same it will work.
I think that Cameron should stand firm on the centre ground and dig his tanks into position, leaving Brown to scramble around on the far right and left trying to shore up his vote in the Labour heartlands. Both moves by Brown are cynical posturing and very negative, that is what will smash his credibility, believe me!

I'm not overly bothered about inheritance tax and Dave's chums who are rich enough to pay it. WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO ABOUT DITCHING THE COUNCIL TAX???

Just one word of advice:

Do try and be nice to the people who, in a couple of weeks time, you might be asking to go out and do leafleting and canvassing for you.

Chris, not dealing with the constitutional mess Labour has created via the argument you give, is for Cameron to be censored by the Labour party and cowed into silence lest Labour attacks him for being a little Englander. Well if Cameron is going to be cowed into silence because Labour makes some disparaging comments about the policy, suggests the Conservatives might as well not bother at all, for what ever happens, one thing is guaranteed, Labour will be calling Dave some nasty names, its all about whether the policy is right or not, and whether the Conservatives are seeking to right an injustice. In light of the discrimination Labour have enacted against the young, sick, and old people of England, and above all made us constitutionally second class citizens, the case is made as being the right thing to do, and as such it doesn’t matter what Labour is going to call Dave, its whether the cause is just, it is, and that trumps any nasty language Labour can employ.

I am pleased that this 'rebalance' is finally happening.

David Cameron must not be frightened of mentioning immigration, it's too important. He should point out that Brown's idea of an Australian-based points system won't help us because it doesn't take into account illegals and the vast influx of people from Poland, Romania etc. He should say that he will bef up the border police, make them more imposing like they are in America.

I saw your interview on This Morning a week or so ago and was impressed, and again yesterday with Marr your friendly and attentive approach does not desert you under onslaughts. Can I please mention that a developing small habit - no doubt arising from coping with slings and arrows - notices on TV and that is a pressing of the lips together sometimes, if your aides go back through tapes they will see what I mean, I do not wish to say the impression that it gives to a viewer on the small screen.

I liked James Burdett's suggestion at 10.32, but would change it slightly (always remembering the alert 'slagger offs'!!) --- 'They want an election to damage MY PARTY, I want an election because they are damaging you' !!!

Otherwise I agree with many of the posters above - Zorro @ 8.18 - Iaian @ 9.10 - Tim @ 9.25 - Jomo @ 9.26 - Jane @ 9.27 and Man in a shed @ 10.13.

Go for it DC, let them see how much you really care!

Say "moderate conservativism" instead of "centre ground".

Emphasise politics of "And"

Slogan idea: Conserve the Environment, Conserve the NHS, Conserve Society, Conserve British Sovereignty.

Good Government not Intrusive State

1. Have the moral courage to say that had we known the truth about the intelligence on Iraq, we would never have supported the Iraq invasion. Make it clear that we only supported the invasion on the basis of the intelligence supplied by the Labour government on the existence of WMD which threatened our country, and that in the light of all that we now know we would opposed the invasion and would have done everything possible to prevent it from ever taking place.

At present the electorate do not perceive that any of the parties have a moral core, a belief in integrity and morality which underpins all that they do. As a result, voting decisions are being made on the only issues left, old prejudices and self interest. But if we can change that, if we can show with sincerity that one mainstream party in this country really does understand the obscenity of invading another country without just cause, if we can show that we realise that making millions into refugees and triggering the deaths of more than a million others is wrong by any ethical measure worth the name, then we will give the electorate hope that the country can again have a real moral backbone, rather than a sham pretence of soundbites and vacuous spin. Labour will respond by calling us "opportunist". Ignore it. Don't let a fear of name calling prevent us from doing what is morally right.

This is Brown's biggest exposure, and probably the area where he most fears an attack by the Conservatives. As a result he will respond violently. Believe in the rightness of your position. Roll with the blows. Hold Brown to account for the 2003 invasion of Iraq and you will discover that the electorate have a much greater abhorrence for the original invasion, and a much more instinctive feeling for the moral dimension of this than Brown and CCHQ have given them credit for.

2. Commit to providing the funding the armed services needs, while cutting the profligate waste of the MOD (Start with the PFI £billions being spent to refurbish the MOD's London offices) Promise to bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and provide them with the equipment they need during the evacuation. Commit to bringing back dedicated military hospitals. Restore the standard of accommodation provided to the armed forces and their families. Promise that we will never, ever hear again the harrowing stories of injured servicemen being shrugged off with unrealistic
compensation payments, of wounded soldiers left on trolleys being told to remove their uniform in case they give offence, and of wives and loved ones desperate to understand where they are going to find the resources to care for their injured partner, abandoned by a cynical, heartless and uncaring Labour government.

3. Stop using the word green immediately. Never use the word again. Start using the word sustainability - understand what it means, and use it with sincerity. Realise that it means an acceptance that we have finite supplies of essential resources, of water, food, energy, finance, infrastructure, and homes, and of space and clean air. Some of the programs already being discussed under a green banner, or on the basis of CO2 reductions, are entirely compatible with an ethos of sustainability, but it has a much more secure, and credible, underpinning.

Commit to legislation requiring car manufacturers to sell an increasing number of cars each year with zero emissions. It worked for California 20 years ago, it can work for us today.

Commit to reducing the price of heat pumps as a source of domestic heating and making them the norm. Currently around £10k to install, this form of heating dramatically reduces the cost of providing heat for an average home since it draws heat from the environment, not from raw fuel such as gas, oil, or electricity.

4. Address the immigration issue head on, but as a contributor to population growth and its effect on sustainability. With a platform of sustainability it is obvious that we need to set a limit to the number of humans on our island, regardless of race, nationality or religion. We are already at our limits in many parts of the country for water supplies, drainage, and infrastructure. We know that our education and health systems are already at breaking point. The list of pressure points because of uncontrolled population growth is endless. Look hard at the Australian approach to immigration. Adopt the best and most appropriate parts.

Promise that within 3 months you will switch back on the immigration controls which Jack Straw switched off in 1997.

4. Commit to a referendum on the latest EU treaty and any further treaties.

5. Promise to address immediately the growing scandal of neglect of our senior citizens, either living on absurdly low pensions paying council tax which exceeds their income, or neglected and abused in cold and heartless "care" homes.

6. Commit to repair the broken NHS, with actions and time scales

7. Commit to repair the broken education system with actions and time scales

There's much more, but these are the hotspots and will do for now……

My advice to DC's speech writers would be 'In the age of 24/7 news coverage, you are talking to the outside electorate as much as the delegates inside the conference hall'

Patsy @ 11:43 - well phrases tend to get honed in the process. I agree your version is infinately better.

Try this, David: "The EU has been a grand experiment. But, as with all experiments, there comes a time when the results must be impartially assessed. It is clear to me, that, on balance, the EU does NOT benefit the citizens of this country, and, therefore, the Conservative party, with immediate effect, will seek an amicable divorce from the political European Union and its replacement with a genuine free trade agreement, which is what we thought we signed up to in the first place. "

Simple bit of advice: write the speech in real sentences with verbs. If Cameron's speech writers don't know how to write speeches like that, get them to co-opt one or two of Hague's, as he seems to manage it. I have just read it and it reads wonderfully.

It's not just a question of respecting the English language, it means you have to say something real rather than just create a fuzzy impression.

Also, whilst we need to demonstrate that we are not afraid of an election, someone must lay down sufficient pointers to why calling the first mid-term election of a PM with a secure majority would be an utterly cynical abuse of the British people. Maybe this needs to be someone speaking tomorrow (Davis?), as we would want the soundbite of the leader's speech to be on his vision rather than this tactical point. But someone should make it utterly clear that Brown would face a barrage of criticism on such lines if he does call an election next week.

The original question was 'what to deliver and how'.
Just on the how, I'd say, don't sound like a toff, or President of the Oxford Union.

If he goes on as now he is set to lose.

He has to break the three party fix and announce something so eye catching and revolutionary that he completely remakes the political weather. Incrementalism is doomed to ignominious failure. He needs a coup de theatre.

Only England and/or the EU offer this prospect. But there must be something on the public services too.

I would offer referendums on an English parliament and the EU constitution. Then it is not us putting forward a policy but us giving the people a chance to speak. If he's clever he would carry this forward more generally, promising referenda for all constitutional and social issues eg hanging, hunting, GM crops, as part of an agenda for less pompous politicians really trusting the people. Labour's deaf-mutes versus Conservative free thinking Englishmen.

Even Question Time is coming from London rather than Blackpool this week. And there are many far more engaging things for pensioners to do in Blackpool than listen to David Cameron and his ridiculous courtiers.

So, by the time of Dave's speech, will anyone even turn up? What would happen if nobody did? And what would happen if nobody at all voted in a pointless General Election this year?

Don't ask me how, but people believed Gordon Brown genuinely cared about the issues he covered in his speech. Political rhetoric and terminology will not be enough.

Remember who your real audience is. And, it isn't Hermann-Munster-headed EU obessives. Promise a referendum on the treaty, then shut up about it. Lots of people have an opinion, but it's not considered an important issue.

Offer a cut in income tax, or an increase in the base tax-free allowance. Cutting income tax increases tax takings in the medium term.

Establish what the Tory party is all about - helping people to stand on their own two feet where they need help, but letting them benefit from their own labour without fear of interference from the State. Encouraging the private and charity sectors to step in, in preference to the State, but protecting the sacred cow of the NHS. Fight crime by the most effective means, not just the most popular. Encourage civic responsibility and engagement - the state shouldn't do everything for us.

Account for public expenditure properly. PFI is a big con to take government debt of the books. When you do this, you'll see that public sector spending is vastly too high.

Net migration is a benefit to this country, and we welcome those workers who have come here, most of whom are highly skilled, motivated and well educated. But, the level of net migration is much higher than prediction, and needs to be managed. Propose fixed term work visas.

Amend the smoking ban so that smoking can take place in dedicated smoking rooms.

Most work places had ventilated smoking rooms in which only smokers ever entered - what harm where they doing to non-smokers? Airports had smoking booths set up, which were completely surrounded by smoke filters - what harm where they causing to non-smokers?

I understand banning smoking in public places, but why ban it in rooms which do not pose an health risk to non-smokers?

My advice would be to always have an answer to the inevitable question of how to pay for tax cuts.The answer would be to list all the quangos and all the policies the labour incompetents are wasting money on,for instance sending child benifiet to eastern europe £1 million a month if not more just state simply this will stop.Not only would it highlight the waste,but also the stupidity of these wastefull policies iIthink it importent to actually list all the waste so people can see where our money is going

David Lindsay says: "Even Question Time is coming from London rather than Blackpool this week."

Er, maybe that's because it takes place on a Thursday evening, and the Conference now ends on Wednesday afternoon. For the same reason, I don't think last week's QT was from Bournemouth either.

This would have rather undermined the rest of Mr Lindsay's post, had it not been so silly already. There are many uncertainties this week, but one thing is certain: the Winter Gardens will be packed for Cameron's speech and the media will be falling over themselves to report it. The question is only whether or not that reporting will be favourable. My money is that it will be, if only because the media will want to run with an "it's all to play for" story; more interesting (as well as more accurate) than "2007 Election all over bar the shouting".

Build upon sincerity and passion

Warning: I am going to mention stuff that some here may not be unaware of and may be a bit sniffy about.

Big Brother

The annual reality fest that is Big Brother spawns contestant related news that is then developed and exploited to sell magazines and newspapers. The public know that this ‘news’ is manipulated just as the developing storylines in all reality TV offerings are manipulated but accept the deception because it is easily digestible celeb related froth.

No Brian isn’t actually not interested in Twin 2 and Posh looky likey Chanelle isn’t actually madly in love with the ex-boyband blonde. It is spin. We know it is pure invention and exploitation but it is only popular culture and is pretty harmless. Who cares.

TV execs and tabloid journalists can get away with this deception because we permit them to do so.

Politicians can not.

The Big Bro producers can brainstorm the most audience friendly storyline themes but politicians need to think, very carefully, before conning the electorate.

Gordon Brown has concocted his new storyline of all new Labour and is spinning it as vigorously as messianic Tony ever did. He has been systematically re-branded as affable and yet formidable and has quietly been absolved of all previous sins. He is a product re-launch with a blue smoke screen and has to be exposed as such.

Cameron does sincerity and honesty well and now we need to see the passion to expose Brown for cynically selling us a version of the truth rather than sincerity and true vision.

As to content, I shall give no advice because a course has been charted with which I am out of sympathy. All Mr Cameron offers me is damage limitation. So be it: I'll support him, faute de mieux. That said, I just wish he'd ditch the false "man of the people" voice; avoid words like "hunkering down" and speak in his natural accent. Nobody particularly cares for leaders who ape their manner of speech. Dignity should be his watchword.

Simon Denis | October 01, 14:26
"..Nobody particularly cares for leaders who ape their manner of speech..."

Oh shame -- did you not care for Blair's faux glottal stops, then?
After all, he was just an ordinary sort of guy!

Having heard George Osborne's speech, here's one more piece of advice for David Cameron:

Don't do any jokes.

Just be honest with the British people. Tell our people that the party can't produce miracles but will work hard to make life better for everyone in the country. Make it clear that when there are difficult times the Conservative party will tell the people straight and not try to manage away bad news with spin and gimmicks as the Labour government does. Honest government.

Stay clear of Punch and Judy jokes.
Lets have some real straight talking: what is the problem, who has caused it and what you will do to put it right. Specifics with principles and passion.

"The Winter Gardens will be packed for Cameron's speech and the media will be falling over themselves to report it" - well, of course this is the case. The Winter Gardens will be packed with the media, and with Westminster appartchiki. There will be almost nobody else in the room.

This isn't a party point (I'm not on one, anyway); they are all like that these days. Indeed, the Party Conferences are now only held at all because the BBC still agrees to televise them. And even then, most of the coverage is on BBC Parliament.

Keep emphasising the billions of pounds of tax payers money that has been wasted.If it had been spent properly there would probably be no need to increase taxes. How about the slogan "browned of with labour, vote conservative, maybe accompanied by a picture of the queues around the Northern Rock bank.

Be honest. Tell the conference that we could be facing an economic down turn and that Labour will only waste more money. There will be hard decisions to be made and only a Tory government will keep us afloat.

We cannot afford to keep pouring money into labour's black holes.

Abolish local councils - they have little or no power to do anything other than administrate Whitehall/ Brussels decisions.

Devolve all welfare taxation, policy and delivery to County level and abolish the department of social security

Devolve all health taxation and delivery to country level and abolish the NHS and department of health.

Give the country a referendum on Scottish independance

One wonders where these people come from with their'immigration has been good for this country' views. The country faces an immigration emergency and soon an emigration emergency as so many young and talented flee Britain. Why dont you go and talk to any emigration consultancy and find out whats going on?

The media and Labour will always accuse the Conservatives of "lurching to the Right". Well the Conservatives are a Right of Centre Party so why should we respond to this accusation as if we are ashamed to be Right of Centre. Instead let us acknowledge the fact and turn the question back to those who think such a position is beyond the pale.


I did intend my remarks to be constructive.

I will spell out the steps I believe can achieve a 'result' on Wednesday.

DC must spend as much time as possible over the next 36 hours quietly considering his poll collapse. He let down his supporters with the EPP turnaround. The EU is a huge and growing problem for all democracies (see the JBS report I linked on Ironies Too over the weekend and the quote from the German President) People across the EU know this and are looking to the UK Conservative Party for a lead in protecting parliamentary democracy which has its roots in our country. Belgium is splitting, the UK will be next!

Devolution is a major problem, EVEL is not a solution, he must offer a review of the Barnett formula. He is the least Scots of the party leaders he must further distance himself from his Scottish blood - if he does not sincerely believe that is necessary or desirable then he should provide an explanation to English voters in his conference speech.

I would like to see a commitment to following the French model on health, but dream on! Huge tax savings are possible and the intellectual argument is irrefutable.

Typed in haste, apologies for typos etc.

I have guided CEOs in their first 100 days and this is a similar situation. My advice would be:

1. We need a "signature" speech that says the same thing three times (at the start, in the middle and at the end). Look at Churchill's "The Few"/ Mike Collins' pre-battle speech.
2. Make it clear that this may be the last democratic election where it is possible to make a difference (because labour has engineered the constituencies and ethnicity so the minorities decide the government),
3. Decide not to play Gordon's game (which may involve civil disobedience, actually symbolically withdrawing from The Commons because of continued criminality of this government). Don't play the BBC/ media game, don't court them, they are part of the problem. Find a way to demonstrate their complicity in this tragedy.
4. Suggest (jokingly) the need for OfGov -a regulator who could regulate Labour to prevent anti-British legislation.
5. Announce 3 things you are going to do. And do them.
6. Find a comedian to start telling Brown jokes.

No catchphrases or PC speak...give it right from the heart. Deliver a speech Conservatives (in or out of the party) would expect from a Conservative leader. Aim not for the media but for the actual voters.

1. Abolish inheritance for all
2. EU referendum guarantee
3. make private school fees tax deductible

No waffle just the facts man.

My advice to DC and every other speaker this week:
keep on about demanding a referendum on EU 'constitution', or whatever it purports to be.
It is important to a large majority of all party supporters, and wrong-foots Brown at the dame time.
Every single current Labour MP relied on the promise for election, and should be shamed into demanding fulfilment of their promise.

There is little advice to give except to speak with passion and conviction about the things DC really believes in. If it's sincere it will come through.

People need to be given hope that their lives can and will be improved under a Conservative Government. Labour's deliberate 'well they couldn't do any better' dampening down of any hope or expectation that the country might improve needs to be challenged and defeated.

The other advice I would give is the speech must be devastating in its attack on Gordon Brown, and his mediocrity mascarading as gravitas premiership. Obviously this is a bit of an obvious one. But he must be attacked in the right way. Any trying to paint him as a staid, boring and out of touch with the modern world will only enhance his image as the dour, safe roundhead to David Cameron's foppish cavalier. Instead he must be exposed as the power-obsessed fraud that he is. The gloves have to come off -Gordon is a big boy and he can take it.

Pushing a referendum on the EU Reform Treaty is the soft option allowing fudge on the EU to continue.

If the Tories won a majority this Autumn they would pass the Treaty through parliament with a subsequent referendum one presumes?

Instead the party should once and for all bite the bullet on the EU. The people of Europe do not want this treaty! It is an affront to all their democracies in Britain's case built over centuries.

David Cameron at this moment on the Today programme is again fudging the issue.

He must stop and be clear. If he wins a majority this Autumn he will not ratify the reform treaty in parliament, to ensure this is possible he should demand every Conservative candidate includes a pledge to vote against ratification in the Commons.

If he is elected after it has been ratified he should clearly notify the EU that his party considers the Treaty unconstitutionally ratified in view of Labour's election pledge, and that he will not be bound by the withdrawal provisions of the Treaty.

As several posters above have commented: The EU has to come first. Talk about the broken Labour promise on the referendum, and how you will listen to the people of Britain unlike Miliband.

I absolutely cannot believe that no-one so far has mentioned ID CARDS and the NATIONAL IDENTITY REGISTER. Yes, this lunacy is still Labour policy so challenge it! Not just because of the civil liberties implications, but because it is a massive, massive waste of taxpayers' money. So is Connecting for Health. Also, some aspects of the database state arise from EU directives, so make this connection clear.

Poster 'Patriot' is right on with points #1, #2, #3 and #5. The Tories need to talk about Government waste a lot more - having a bit of a laugh at Labour's expense at some of the worst examples would be good and get the message home (if you have a look in the 'Big Book of Government Waste' I'm sure you'll find some good examples - check them out first)

I disagree with #4 (increased immigration controls) though, that is the road Michael Howard went down in 2005 and where did it get him? The platform you suggest would be divisive and play into the hands of the left-wing press and the BBC, as well as potentially losing immigrants' votes.

And, yes, don't overdo it, but mention England. You're not going to win seats in Scotland or Wales anyway. Hint at the West Lothian question without making a firm commitment to an English parliament.

I have to say, that I still don't think the Conservative Party is really adressing the nations problems in the way Her Majesty's Opposition should be.

In todays Britain, young people have one of two choices; they can work extremely hard, make alot of money in a short time, try and get on the property ladder with a killing mortgage etc. Or they can choose a life of state dependency, council housing, benefits, benefit fraud, petty crime etc. This is an incresingly popular choice, because there is no middle way any more. You cannot just be normal, get a normal job, buy a normal house, and live modestly but comfortably. The sums just won't add up. People want good jobs and acceptable homes. If these aren't provided, they will become dependent on the state, to the detriment of the exchequer and the state of the whole country.

I don't see the Conservative Party (or indeed any party) even coming close to adressing this. I have no doubt that a Conservative Goverment would govern with much greater capability and finesse than the present one (it wouldn't be hard, let's face it) and the policies so far announced are admirable, but they seem aimed at making life slightly more bearable, rather than providing a means to actually dig this country out of the hole we're in.

Another huge issue is crime and anti-social behaviour. Any fool knows that our streets are more dangerous now than they were ten years ago, despite every left-wing commentator's attempts to persuade us otherwise. This one is somewhat easier to adress. We need a cast iron commitment from David Cameron to make our streets safe. The rehabilitation of the hoodie and the restoration of family life are laudable aims to be strived for. But how long before anyone sees the fruits of this labour? 10 years? Surely 5 years minimum. In the meantime, a huge proportion of the law-abiding population walk the streets with the sickening knowledge that they may be mugged, verbally or physically attacked with impunity -and believe me it is with impunity. The priority must be to get the offenders off the street and keep them off. It's as simple as that. Any Prime Minister who can save a person from walking the street looking at the pavement to avoid making eye contact and provoking a volley of foul language or worse; is worth that person's vote.

On the housing/jobs issue, I can understand reticence. The solution may require radical economic changes, and outlining such 'out of the box' ideas would almost certainly expose the party to ridicule from oponents. I just hope the party is thinking about these things even if it isn't talking about them. On the crime and anti-social behaviour issue, there is no reason to remain silent, and indeed it's offensive to do so. Find the money; make the commitment.

So, getting back to topic.. David Cameron should go on law and order in Blackpool. The hoodies may need hugging, but the rest of us need a break.

if you want a true vote winner if a snap election is called then promise to reverse the closure program of post offices introduced by labour and support local amenities. although the post office network is losing money if the conservatives were to support the post office network they would recieve a huge amount of votes as public opinion is so high over this matter.

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