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Sky News are reporting that the speech will be 'unscripted' and that he won't be using the lecturn. Risky!

I'm staying in Blackpool too. Will you be at the Imperial?

All I can say is: I would not like to be David Cameron right now!

He's going to do an hour-long speech without script or auto-cue, which could well decide if the country has an election this autumn, decide whether he still is Tory leader this time next month, or possibly even be moving into No. 10....

He has got to appeal to the wider country as well as motivate his base. He's got to grab the headlines and cement the 'it's time for a change message'. But he's also got to look substantial, a PM in-waiting.

It's an absolutely huge task.

If he pulls it off, it'll be a feat worthy of a man who deserves to continue being leader, regardless of any possible defeat in an autumn poll.

this may be a little bit off topic :

How come the politics section of the bbc website, during the tory party conference has had a 'party conference' section whereas during labour's conference the section was call 'labour conference' and durring the libdem conference it was called'lib dem conference'?

Surely this is strong evidence of bias?

You've got to feel sorry for IDS.

He's watching the speech in the BBC studio sat between Jenny Socialist and Ed Balls.

IDS has just put Balls in his place, telling him no one should believe in Brown because he was the man that announced a tax cut but simultaneously raised the threshold on lower incomes.

He also, like Major, got pretty angry regarding Brown and Iraq, at one point poking Balls on the knee and saying Brown's use of the army to score political points was a "disgrace."

The unity shown by the party over the pasty few days has been commendable.

Hardly unscripted, I bet it's virtually the only thing he's been working on this past few weeks.

Yes, at 7ish Graham for an interview with Sky News i/v.

i'm nervous just watching it. He can't get this wrong. c'mon dave

It'll be like watching England in a penalty shoot out!

I seem to recall he gave his speech last year without notes and away from the lectern. Its the way he does it.

Is the speech being webcast anywhere?

Did I spot a bit of AND there?

Terrorism AND climate change!

Did you script this, Tim?

Speech is live on News 24 Politics

This link should work for online streaming (BBC Media Player)

Here's a link to the live broadcast

Hes sounding good...can he keep this up for another forty minutes?

Doing extremely well so far.

Thanks for the link.

I'm loving the stuff on education. Its reminding me why I was originally a DC supporter...

The BBC won't be happy with him saying 'p*****' on daytime television!

This is amazing. The election is won.

Did he say "pissed" or "pissed off"? (I know there's a lot of drinking in schools these days) Talking of words, what's wrong with "expel"? I'm pissed off with all this "exclusion"

'2.40pm: Has a party leader ever said "pissed" in a speech before!?'

No, but I know one who was.

Has a party leader ever said "pissed" in a speech before!?

It worked (and I think to good effect) because he’s not on autocue.

Great speech so far, Dave. Hopefully he can keep it up and the BBC gives it the coverage it deserves. We all know that won't happen though!

I think Dave gave away his upper class breeding a bit in saying "pissed" in the middle of a conference speech. A middle-class politician like David Davis or William Hague would never have done that.

I dont know if the election is won.
I do know that GB will be chewing over this for the next four days, and all we can hope is that he bottles it.

"It'll be like watching England in a penalty shoot out!"
I can barely watch, it reminds me of the last few minutes of the Scotland vs France match recently! I am willing him to succeed just as I did the Scotland team that night!

BRILLIANT! Surely this puts us right back in the game. Politics of "and" kicks in...

*Just* what the doctor ordered. DC 4 PM.

William Hague would never have done that...

William Hague boasted about how many pints he could drink!

Good stuff so far on education ( are we bringing back the voucher policy?), marriage and family.

>I dont know if the election is won.
I do know that GB will be chewing over this for the next four days, and all we can hope is that he bottles it.

Why would we hope that?

We want a general election, followed by Conservative victory.

There is nothing I would like more than to see an end of 10 years of Labour government next month.

What a goal, what a dream, what joy it would be.

We do not want Brown to bottle it at all.

We want an election, and we want to win.

"I do know that GB will be chewing over this for the next four days, and all we can hope is that he bottles it."

All we can hope is that he calls an election, and now. After this speech we'll walk it.

Whilst Cameron is certainly very competent with his unscripted speeches, I've yet to hear anything where he speaks with absolute passion and even a little bit of anger. He sounds a bit too soft on every issue and people watching the soundbites on the evening news will not be particularly inspired.

Come on Dave, get some fire in your belly.

Typical BBC, my stream has just cut to pictures of donkeys at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the middle of the speech!

Excellent part on military - as a father whose 17 year old son is in the army it is great to hear.

Great stuff!

Tell me again why we are not going back to Blackpool? Clearly this place brings out the very best in David.

Can't believe that having Afghanistan as his top priority will be a vote winner

I think he said Afghanistan would be a foreign policy priority not a general one, not that its significance is anything to do with elections!

Have not heard the speech - will listen later. I am slightly excited after reading all your comments. Sad of me but oh well.

Winchester Whisperer, Afghanistan was the real issue, defeating the Taliban and Al-Quaeda. Iraq was an unnecessary distraction.

Gordon Brown must regret starting this game of election poker. His bluff has been well and truly called, and not just by David Cameron. Hague, IDS, Davis, Lansley, etc, they all did brilliantly.

What a fantastic speech, ending in great style with laying down the gauntlet to Gordo! I can't see us having an election now to be honest, given his track record in bottling it whenever there is a difficult decision to be made.

Before this speech I thought we'd win a snap election.

Now I think we're going to win by a landslide.

Oh that's a relief! Was wondering how many voters (ex-army) are in Kabul.
Doesn't he mean that the great thing people can do is "vote" for a change?

F+++ing brilliant - can't say anything more. Bring it on!

BRILLIANT!!!! He did everything we could have wished for! Amazing, truly amazing, no notes, no GB gimmicks - I hope GB calls a election I can't wait!!

Good speech, will play very well with the right wing papers and media, and a lot of the public. I'm thinking Daily Mail, The Sun etc.

Dancing fogies. Getting embarrassing now!

Well- what a performance! Absolutely brilliant! DC stands head and shoulders above GB & MC! I'm so proud of his speech- and absolutely proud to be a member of the conservative party!

Bloody marvellous!! Cameron is a worthy leader for a great Country and shows Brown up as the small man he is.

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! For the first time in ten years we look like an opposition and David Cameron looks like a Prime Minister in waiting. Get that election called, we are heading back to where we belong, governing this country!

We CAN do it if we really want. And, boy, do we want to now!

Forget this 'lets hope it makes GB not call an election'. I want him to call one right now!!! David Cameron made us all proud today, he stood head and shoulders above GB. This weeks policies were great, a nod to Mr Osbourne but Mr Cameron really did make me pround to be a Conservative today - I've never been more enthusied to get out thier and campaign for this party! Well Done DC - You will be our next PM!


Oliver, don't get carried away. How many normal non-anorak political types do you think will watch that speech? In some ways it will be more interesting to see how the major news outlets spin it.



Outstanding speech :-).

The BBC have gone to Peter Hitchins to ask for his views.

Of course, he's trashing it.

Got to hand it to the BBC. They are better than Brown's own spin operation.

BBC is reporting the speech well, which given its the BBC is bloody amazing! Can't see anyway that this cant be spun even Ed 'Boring' Balls couldnt help but praise him.

Well Done! He did so well, so well. Reminds me of why he is our party leader!

That was the best speech i think i've ever heard from a politician. Cameron was not only honest, he spoke from the heart.

For that the British people will take a shine to him even more.

It's time we fought for him just as he would fight for us.

We must all stand up now, in every constituency throughout the country and give everything we have to win..

Now is the time for change.

Just watched in - outstanding.

Be nice to win a November election wouldn't it?

Oliver - you're getting a tad over excited!

However, you couldn't ask for anything more from his speech today.

I have the utmost respect for a man who can perform so well, and it's not as if it's the first time either. The guy from the Telegraph said on News 24 that it was one of the best post-war speeches he's heard by a politician.

The contrast with Brown's speech last week could not be greater.

Brown is truly an analogue politician. His speech played on fear, on old-fashioned ideas and clunking grumbling. Intellectually exhausted.

DC is a politician of the modern age. His speech spoke of hope and optimism; it was dynamism personified, fresh and youthful.

Tremendous. Bravo.

Bring on the election Comrade Brown.

Gosh! I think the Conservatives could win the next GE.

Osborne's all flushed on News 24!

He's like the schoolboy who got the sweets!

I just think even he couldn't believe it could go so well.

But it has. Fantastic.

It was a brilliant speech - a modern speech for the modern world - vision and realism, leadership and humanity. There was plenty of fire in his belly, but no ranting. The passion was obvious (very very different from automaton Brown). That speech will play very well - the tone was right - it had all the breadth and coherence of ideas that were entirely lacking in Browns unconvincing, shopping list. It's very hard to have big ideas and be specific but he managed it. Great stuff.

Breathtaking. A real slice of inspirational, aspirational political oratory. I feel history will show that as one of the finest conference speeches ever given.

It's been a rollercoaster these last two years but Cameron's was not found wanting today. I suspect he will not be found wanting when he leads this great country and our great party.

Dull, uninspiring. Certainly not good enough to impact swing voters. As a lifelong tory, i'm nervous about our prospects for the next few weeks

Check this out from Labourhome.com
Completely disconnected from reality

"I can honestly say I think that's the poorest speech I've seen him give. Where was the passion he uses in Prime Minister's Question Time? It simply wasn't there.

Considering Brown could call an election at any moment, this was pretty dull by anyone's standards. No new policies, no conviction, no heart. Cameron's shot himself in the foot with this one"

Well done Cameron and the whole Conservative party at all levels this week!
Great speeches and fantastic to see the likes of Hague, Clarke, Heseltine and Major getting stuck in, haven't seen this kind of unity and passion for years.
Great speech by Cameron, but to do it without the auto cue or script took real guts which is something he has in spades and Brown lacks!

Dull, uninspiring. Certainly not good enough to impact swing voters.

This thread is about Cameron's speech, not Brown's.

"The BBC have gone to Peter Hitchins to ask for his views.

Of course, he's trashing it."

A sure sign that he's said something right then

Excellent. Absolutely excellent!

Here's my personal prediction....

Brown will bottle it and will disappear for a few days. Eventually his 'excuse' will be the potential effect on the ballot of postal strikes and the inability of the backoffice electoral machinery to be ready in time, such as the updating of the electoral register, the problems of printing and distributing ballot papers, polling cards and other such nonsense.

You're right Scotty - doing that speech of all speeches without the autocue took a lot of courage - and ability.

".59pm: If there's an election we'll fight Labour every step of the way on NHS cuts."

Thats cuts in the ENGLISH NHS - not in the Scottish or Welsh NHS's .

One of the last things that Brown did as Chancellor was to cut the ENGLISH NHS capital investment budget by £2.5 billion - with not a squeak of oposition at the time from the Conservatives .

Stop going on about "the NHS"

go on about the English NHS which is victimised by the British government whilst the others are favoured .

He wasn't going for swing voters anyway.

He was going for the 40% of people who don't vote.

That's statesmanship.

At last DC has confirmed his intention to lead the UK out of the EU, via the Social Chapter opt-out & repeal of HRA. This should help us grab some votes from UKIP

I watched the last 10 minutes of the speech and Cameron was brilliant. Also got he reaction from a few floaters, two thums up and one very positive.

brown will have no finger nails left by the end of this week and I am convinced that he will not drive up the Mall next week.

Quite brilliant - David Cameron played to his strengths - which turn out to be Brown's weaknesses -wow what a genius how incredibly brave - courage under fire.

Scotty and Patriot on the lack of an autocue- I remember riding a bike without hands when I was small just to show off. It was, however, a disaster.

Hope it sounded better than it reads but since he didn't once mention the key supposed dividing line between the Tories and Brown - the EU Referendum - it shows he's not got got his heart in winning. This won't bring back the missing 3 million. Unlike my (first) namesake above I predict at best a slight improvement.

I see Ed Balls reactions (unsurprising) contained - BIG surprise - the statement "got his biggest cheers for his attacks on Europe"

Why didn't the blog mention this, I wonder.


Perfectly pitched.

It is a great time to be a Tory again. What a fantastic week.

The biggest cheers were not for Europe, I suspect that Balls used a pre-prepared line when he couldn't think of anything else.

Isn't 'courage' a bit excessive when it comes to describing speaking without an autocue? How do you imagine politicians managed before the 1980s? Presumably Dave practiced it all quite thoroughly before, the 'I'm speaking without an autocue' line as much as anything else. Indeed, it's naieve to believe that this was anything other than a slightly transparent gimmick, along with all that 'he hasn't written any speech yet' briefing - but of course very much in the Brownite 'honestly, I'm not spinning at all, really' anti-Blairites style, which seems particularly fashionable this autumn.

I watched only snippits of the speech on Channel 4. It was the first time I could actually see Cameron as Prime Minister!

Rocking! Cameron's played a blinder: how do you counter Brown's spin? Deliver an unscripted speech from the heart.

Throw in plenty of policy as well, and Cameron's given a solid platform for the (hopefully) coming election.

Jake @16.20. You couldn't be more wrong. In Wales we are facing numerous cuts in community hospitals, village doctors surgeries and many other barmy decisions including expecting neurosurgery patients in North Wales that currently use Liverpoll having to travel to Swansea!!! Then there are our hospices receive no real core funding etc etc. The papers are tearing into Welsh Labour almost daily about the sheer incompetence of the way they are managing the NHS here.

Oh and as for DCs speech - very good and spot on in tone and themes.


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