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It is good to see the party making progress with this but I agree that the most important relationship hasn't been cultivated yet i.e. GOP-TOry!
Why didn't DC stop over at DC (hoho) on his way to California last week?

The GOP is unpopular at the moment (in the US, UK, globally), perhaps it's prudent to wait until after the next Presidential Elections before cultivating a relationship again - especially given how Michael Howard and others have upset the current incumbent

Since the GOP is unpopular at the moment, NZ couldn't be a better alternative. I know fellow Americans who've been there and have loved the country but have left in disgust. You won't find 1 positive word about America - anything American - from their media, and it does appear an overwhelming percentage of the citizens on their islands over a 1000 miles away from the rest of the world, enjoy it. Some of the most convinced self-esteem bigotry in a democracy. I'm not even sure Greece beats them.

And Paul, its hard to tell if the GOP is any more unpopular at the moment than the Dems here. Bush's approval rating is around 30% and Congress is at 11%.

I share some sympathy with Steevo's remarks. The best thing DC could do would be to actively persuade a Key government to return to bearing their responsibilities in the Western alliance and returning to ANZUS...

I seem to recall reading that the UK has largely sub-contracted its South Pacific interests (such as they are now) to NZ so it's worth this sort of message coming from a British politician to a NZ one.

Good point, Sam, about the need for Cameron to visit DC.

It's been too long.

Not really a comment, just letting you know that johnkeymp.co.nz is John's electorate website. His "real" website is johnkey.co.nz

Good coverage!

by the way, can I use your image of the two men sitting down for our Flickr account and for the National website? I'm the web editor for the Office of the Leader of the Opposition and we met briefly while you were here.

Dear Hon.John Key,

Just can you please pass this on to the prime minister of NZ -Helen Clark for me. We are living in danger.

“New Zealand Night Shelters Prove Dangerous”.

Question: “What do New Zealand Night Shelters and Dental Caries have in

common ?

Answer: “They both prove dangerous to one’s teeth !”

Just ask Mr. Pradeep of Bangalore, India. For he can attest to the fact first hand. For one thing he never counted on when leaving his native India for New Zealand was loss of teeth through an assault carried out at one of its night shelters. Yet that is exactly what happened in November,2006. Mr. Pradeep through no fault of his own, was directed to a night shelter by the Honorable Prime Minister’s Office in Mt. Eden, Auckland.

Now, ordinarily, these night shelters are not to consist of violent minded persons. Yet unfortunately for Mr. Pradeep and fortunately for Dentistry he was assaulted at 38, Airedale Street, Auckland Night Shelter. An assaulting which resulted in the loss of an upper tooth.(Which as of now has not been replaced).

You know, it occurs to me, that New Zealand, to all would be migrants, is considered a land of Kiwis, Maoris, milk and honey. Yet in the light of Mr. Pradeep November 2006 assault, perhaps there should be an addition to the above representation. A more truthful addition. Perhaps instead, New Zealand should be considered not only a land of milk and honey, Maori’s, and Kiwis, But a land where, additionally, organized Government sponsored assaults occur in their night shelters upon innocent residents such as Mr. Pradeep.

Furthermore, the above article chronicles just one case – that of Mr. Pradeep, A man who came to New Zealand and placed his trust in the Government. A trust which wound up costing him not only the previously mentioned tooth, but also his business, his assets like car, finance, health, Etc. Not to mention that the assault upon him was a clear violation of the Bi-lateral Agreement between New Zealand and India which ensures safety and dignity thereof for all Indian migrants. As has happened so much before in her long history,

Page: 2

America has become once again a haven of hope for the desperate.

Mr. Pradeep joins the long line of those who preceded him in coming to America after discovering that life in his former country was intolerable. In his case New Zealand, under it’s present Government. It is not even so much New Zealand who is to blame, but her incompetent and very negligent Governmental governance. “A Government which is giving New Zealand a black eye.”

In conclusion, Mr. Pradeep’s losses demands, not asks, demands an answer to his question. That question being: when will the government of New Zealand going to right her wrongs and pay him in full for all the losses it incurred on his part ? !


Incidentally, Mr. Pradeep is open to any and all inquiries concerning this matter. Please feel free to contact him via e-mail , telephone or post :

[email protected].

Phone: 1-916 723 0329.

10 -11 PM (USA Time)

06 - 07 PM (NZ Time).


7761, Greenback Lane, # 68,

Spring Creek Apartment Homes,

Citrus Heights, CA. USA – 95610.


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After a certain point, she became impassive, detached utterly from him

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