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The Question is:

Did the leak come from within the BBC or within the Govt? ;)

Now there's a thing Greg! Is there two Macavities skulking around??

Congrats Tim and Sam on the scoop. I suggest the name I saw on political betting, "Yellow Saturday"!

I think Danny F spotted the marginals poll on the notw website when it went up at lunchtime.

Even if the Fink had said it emphatically noone would have noticed. I was scouring the internet obsessively yesterday and his speculation didn't come across my radar at all!

Well done CH team :-).

Well done CH. You are helping us get our democracy back. Now, on to a referendum on the constitution as promised. They don't like it up 'em.

Conservative activists have done a great job in exposing Gordon Brown's opportunism and lack of convicion when it came to the crunch. Now that the British electorate have been courted and stood up by Brown, lets all work hard to ensure that Gordon Brown will always be remembered as the petrified premier.

Well done chaps you should be very proud of yourselves.. Really sorry to have missed all the fun yesterday afternoon. Rugby took precedence over politics in this household.

Well done Tim and Sam, yes it was fun yesterday afternoon.

AND we have the definitive idea for a statue for the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square :

The "Petrified Prime Minister" would of course be a liflike representation of Brown in his PM's Question Time pose with his finger up his nose.

The popular name for the statue would of course soon become "The Bogeyman".

Alan Douglas

Overjoyed, just overjoyed, his carefully span edifice of no nonsense serious politician has been demolished.

I've waited 20 years to see this non-entity of British Politics rightly shown up, today is a good day.

Conviction Politician?

Erm, ok Gordon.

Many, many congrats to all Tories for showing courage, unity and purpose to face him down.

Ours is the future, there is still a lot to do. We have to be ruthless, Gordon is down, let's put the boot in, to keep him down.

Show them the ruthlessness they showed us.

Well done CH Team.

I never thought I would see Adam Boulton livid at Labour and tearing chunks out of Labour Ministers and MP's. Has Brown now broken his covenant with the Murdoch Empire? Let's hope so!

Well done Tim and Sam!!

Alan Douglas - what a brilliant idea but what a horrible thought! The vision of GB with his fingers stick up his hooter is putting me off my breakfast!

errr, no surely it is well done to Tim & Jonathan?

Err no, this was in October 2007 therefore it was Sam.

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