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It looks like he is committing a third as well in not keeping a lid on the sniping within his team. I haven't seen all the papers and that but there are clearly some angry people briefing agains Balls and Alexander. So now we have a PM who has backed down from a fight, annoyed large sections of the media and exposed divisions at the top of his team. That is an extremely toxic combination.

Major announcements like this ought not to be made 'Exclusives' but then again Gordon Brown thinks he is a law unto himself. Gordon Brown has really messed people about, his own party, the other parties, the media and the voters. This man is contemptible and not fit to be prime minister. This isn't a game. This is serious business. Hopefully the public will learn a lot about Brown's character from this. He has, just like Jim Callaghan, stood the people up, and we know how angry jilted brides can be!

If one thing is clear from this debacle it is that Brown cannot handle the media, which is compounded by his sheer arrogance as was shown by his closed to interview with the obliging Marr. Indeed, Marr didn't look too happy when speaking to BBC News 24 straight after - he knew he was being used as a tool, probably having been presented with a fait accompli by the BBC elders. Brown has lost key parts of the media - I wouldn't be surprised if Murdoch releases the hounds soon (even though Boulton, quite rightly, couldn't contain himself).

I stopped watching News 24 because somehow, in whatever way they could, they tried to turn it round as a negative for the Tories!

Sky were excellent, and with the Sun being a bit kinder to DC, one wonders if Murdoch is getting itchy feet and is looking to set up another 'meeting' with the Tory leader...

Edison, I agree. The BBC have been doing a fair impression of being "Brown's Broadcasting Corporation" over the last three months.After Cameron's speech tha 10 o'clock news had a panel of alledgedly swing voters whose comments were largely negative a and highly personal about Cameron. They will have to be a little more cautious believing the spin now.

You're right about Nick Robinson, editor, he's being unusually criticial on the 10 O'Clock News.

Maybe his flu bug has drained his patience, but he seems eager to lay Brown's pain on thick.

A refreshing change.

Robinson was highly critical regarding Brown and this period has damaged the 'safe pair of hands' persona that Labour have built around Brown.

This can be capitalised on in future.

Robinson seemed to view this as potentially the beginning of the end for Labour.....

Fraser Nelson is describing this as Brown's Black Saturday. I notice that you are using the same tag for these posts Tim. Journalists, members of the public, everyone will view Brown differently from now on. If Marr fails to grill Brown in a serious way tomorrow his reputation will really suffer too.

Alan S, you are spot on. Marr has to hold Brown to account tomorrow rather than the usual 'love in' sofa discussion.

I know it's of a much lesser order of mistake - but don't you think saying there would be no election in 2008 was also rather dumb? I mean he just didn't have to say that - and now it looks as if he's jumping from one extreme to another. He looks like a man unravelling before our eyes.

Oscar, How right you are! I couldn't understand that either. I don't suppose GB has had a very good day!

I think we really know why Brown selected Andrew Marr? Just check out Marr at Wikipedia for a quick guide to Scottish socialism.

Birds of a feather.

Just a wee bit of contempt thrown into the mix by Brown.

His first mistake was going to Iraq...

I watch the Andrew Narr show every Sunday and every single Sunday, without fail, he lets the Labour politicians get off lightly. He is a totally biased journalist and it wears a little thin after a while. I think I'll have to stop watching it.

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