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Pictured above is NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg when he addressed the Winter Gardens this afternoon
And outlined a number of excellent arguments for sound fiscal policy.

Well done on your coverage guy's, it's been great, especially for folks like myself who can't make it this year.

I'm stuck in Trinidad with work, annoyingly to this Friday! The speech's from William and Boris were very good indeed, and bode well for a good week (we all pray). To those of you attending the fringe events and geting pissed in the bars of Blackpool, a big hello, enjoy!

There should be more comment made of BBC bias. We call the organisation BPC for Brown's Propaganda Corporation.
Greetings from Baku - much more exotic than Trinidad.

I'm a 'no' person myself, I can't see that Mr Brown has anything to gain from an early election.

Glad to hear the BBC people got a talking to, I'll listen to WATO today :-).

Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg....inspiring to have American politicians tell us how super everything here is....maybe they can persuade us of their approach to gun ownership and abortion and the death penalty too...those would be radical policies to reconnect with our own history

Given we have said with absolute clarity, that we will not have unfunded up-front tax cuts, can Osborne after this Conference please send a list of the tax pledges we have made and the costings for each to the Associations?

Ive not seen a single figure put out for these tax cut pledges we have already made prior to this Conference.

Predictably, on each news bulletin yesterday, the first thing that was concentrated on was the difficulty with the sound system, and the gentleman with the loud oxford accent asking if people could hear now, snide bias never changes!

If Brown did decide to go for a Sunday Election, it would demonstrate for all to see that he is more Stalin man than 'son of the manse'!!!

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