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As MD of a research-led engineering company, Ecocats Ltd, I can tell you that cutting National Insurance Contributions would be the most help govt. could give us. People are key to research - in the UK they are frighteningly expensive after taxes.

All the Regional Development Authority and Business Link people who have wasted our time are a pain. Should be closed down to fund cuts to NIC.

Like most other things in a British context which refuse to recognise that the UK is erraticaly and grotesquly unfairly , in that there is no English representation , evolving towards a federal state , pan British education initiatives are useless .

Like most other British initiatives , it all seems a good idea but in practice they always degenerate into a unholy grab for cash between the component countries of the UK with Scotland receiving , usually , a completely unwarranted overly large and unquestioned share and England receiving nowt .

Only a specifically English STEM initiative ( an excellent idea ) , with specific and ringfenced English funding , is worth bothering about

I'm glad to see that the conservatives appreciate the importance of science and engineering skills in the UK warrants its own policy group. The de-skilling under Labour has been very dispiriting.

When are we going to get news stories about this report?

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