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Of course S and S would want to be with Labour and not the tories given a choice. They want to be on the winning side and I say that as a tory.

If that is going to be the basis of their campaign, then Labour are playing a very dangerous card.

On the one hand, some people may have been bought by Gordon Brown PM, but on the other hand, it makes their entire campaign an easy target by reminding people that Brown is one of the main reasons why we are in such a mess in this Country at the moment.

Radic Tory, you're coming across as a troll.

S&S have supported the losing side for many years.

It's good that we dumped them, we do NOT need expensive advertisers.

Anyone that surprised? They produced some terrible stuff for us over the last ten years - and made a fortune from it!

Easy retort to that.

He's jilted Tony and John.

Gordon is a Moron.

Brown is more popular than Cameron when it comes to who people want to be PM. At least Brown looks the part, Cameron looks like a boy playing at politics who thinks he has some God given right to be PM. Brown will beat him.

Actually, M&C Saatchi are the people we've used.

It's a different company (they kicked Maurice and Charles out when they tried to buy Midland Bank).

The name Saatchi and Saatchi doesn't guarantee anything. The fact that Margaret Thatcher used them so much could easily suggest that they are not going to be able to adapt their major campaigns to modern politics, which has changed considerably in the last 15+ years.

The Libdems can have "Not merciless, just Ming"

My understanding is that S&S haven't done any work for the party for over a decade - M&C Saatchi has, which is a different thing.
Kate Stanners is a former exec at St Luke's, an interesting agency that paid all its people exactly the same, regardless of seniority, success, etc. Nice lady, but socialist to the core.

I've amended the post so that the distinction between the two companies is clear.


Justin wrote "They produced some terrible stuff for us over the last ten years".

But not as terrible as the dreadful Tory Tosser campaign.

That's an awful election poster.

Truly amateur.

Labour are welcome to them!

Well that's Labour's narrative for the next election in four words.

What's ours?

Old Hack - Time. For. A. Change.

A laughable play on character and Gordon Brown's bumbling inoffensiveness. That is inoffensive so long as you are not one of those pensioners mugged by Gordon Brown or one of those failed by the NHS under Gordon Brown, or one of the 5.4 million without work under Gordon Brown.

"Well that's Labour's narrative for the next election in four words. What's ours?


Or possibly more than four - "Not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy"

I made a 'Flash Gordon' joke on Iain Dale's blog the other day so I think I deserve the contract.

Flash Gordon ? OK but we've been calling him HASH BROWN for ages after his wrecking of the Farmers, the flood defences, the NHS, the Tax Credits, our defences, the education system, immigration and police force morale.

It's funny, but the problem is...

...what does it tell the swing-voter about the Labour Party and its policies? We won't be facing a presidential election, as much as leaders are important.

All it seems to do is say "our leader is cool" - rather pathetic, really.

How about "No policies, just Dave"?

That poster makes Brown look...

1) Like a leader without any followers
2) A loner
3) Awkward
4) Ordinary

Plays on words or phrases never work as they're like jokes without the punchlines.

I though the Conservatives' efforts that were shown online were much, much, better.

Gordon,no flash in the pan but money down the drain.

We could always come up with some smart put down line concerning Gordon and Gin. No? Perhaps its time I went to bed then.

Just saw this on another website which I thought was a fun response -

No Capability, just Brown

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