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How about a virtual version of that mole-bashing game. Gordon's face pops up out of the holes and you've got to whack him as quick as you can.
Not very intellectual but very stress-relieving i'm sure!

In this game gordon always wins in the end - mmmmmmm.

I enjoyed it although only momentarily, the trick is to get people who aren't supporters knowing about it and playing it. Some more of this kind of stuff that proves we have a sense of humour is a good idea, but as I say it needs to be known about more widely and it has to be balanced with serious policy as well.

These are the same 111 tax rises that we are committed to for the next 3 years in the event of winning the next GE????

Oh, it has to be Monopoly doesn't it?

'Do not pass Go until you have handed over all your money and property to Gordon. Then start all over again.'

Gordon nots flash, just after your cash!

Thanks very much for finding another highly addictive online game for me to play! Just when I thought I'd kicked the Scrabulous habit...

Like the use of the Conservative logo by the way. Is the Gordon turning blue bit supposed to mean something?

Slightly O/T but I have to say that this headline could be turned into so many jokes, most of them equally blue! Sorry, could not resist that pun.
From the Beeb, "Brown pledges bluetongue action"!

So the tax is too high and yet the "Dave Cameron's Conservatives" can't find any tax cuts? The voters may be dumb, but are they too dumb to see the lack of logic.

I am disgusted by this cynical ploy to derail my PhD from a site which claims to support education!!

Great game - totally addictive! And the message is, of course, an important one.

Nick - when Gordon turns blue, you can gobble him up. But only once you've got the Conservative logo - only the Conservatives can destroy him, you see! :) Beware, though. The Conservatism only lasts so long- and soon enough Gordon is back to his old ways and will destroy you again :)

Does anyone know how to convert this into a Facebook application? It would spread like wildfire on there...

I see this is now on Facebook, brilliant stuff!


How can I join the Conservatives?


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