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Watching Labour squirm on Newsnight last night over this shows what problems exist and how bodged up this has been. Its a complete farce that this situation has been allowed to happen.

Its great to see a Shadow Cabinet member other than Cameron, Hague or Davis speaking on an issue. Well done Ainsworth!

Agreed James. Labour must be nailed over causing such distress to local farmers.

I look forward to them getting their arse sued over the incompetence.

I love the evident upset of the BBC that it wasn't Merial that is to blame:


"I look forward to *them* getting their arse sued over the incompetence."

*them* is us, normal taxpayers have to pay for this public sector incompetence.

A private sector company and people would be baying for their jobs, shareholder suffer by losing profits not the public at large, and the shareholders then take action against the officers. What action will be taken against the officers in this case? A big pay off, early retirement? Shouldn't we know if we're picking up the tab.

And where were you Mr Ainsworth when this was happening?

"*them* is us, normal taxpayers have to pay for this public sector incompetence."

Oh, thanks for the info. I thought it grew on the money tree.

It was not only the BBC displaying their obvious bias towards Labour but you may recall that Gorden Brown at the time of the outbreak inferred that Merial might be to blame to the exclusion of the government establishment. How often have we heard 'lessons will be learned' in an attempt to reduce the impact of bad news.
Given the background information about the problems left unresolved this is sheer incompetence on the part of Defra in-particular and the Government more generally. Considering the damage this has caused in financial terms, the effect it has had on the farming community and the public generally I urge the front bench to be ruthless in their response.

Oh, thanks for the info. I thought it grew on the money tree.

Posted by: Think about it | September 08, 2007 at 12:23

The money tree belongs to David Cameron. (You know that thing that cost the Conservatives £40.000) the same one the Jack Russell cocked his leg up and had a piddle on, a bit like the electorate views Cameron et-al.

Well done Mr Ainsworth. A very good set of questions.

They are good questions but I won't congratulate someone on doing their job especially given his aides no doubt put these questions together. He still messed up during the floods, though not as much as Cameron who decided to visit Rwanda.

Agreed good questions. Better late than never.

How did the 2001 Foot and Mouth outbreak start? If the problem of the pipe had existed for several years, could Pirbright have been either the direct or indirect cause? The Government did not want an enquiry into the 2001 outbreak so shall we ever know? Or is there a report in some DEFRA office which could eventually see the light of day?

Your posts become ever more ridiculous Effie. If Ainsworth manages to force the government to admit its mistakes he will get my admiration. Tabling questions is the easy bit.

It would seem that firstly the government wouldn't fund an upgrading following a bad report and then cut the existing funding. And the man responsible was Brown. Now I apreciate this might be complicated but I cannot see why the above simple summary cannot be yelled from the roof without waiting for the government to admit anything.

Over the last 2/3 years Brown has been making little cuts almost everywhere because of the mess he made of the finances. This point should be made to everyone when Labour go on about how nice they are to public services.

And while we are on the subject Brown has skeletons in his cupboard over floods but we mustn't upset anyone by saying this must we?

One of these days Malcolm you may just manage to have an opinion of your own without being prompted by others.
Tell me have you always been a follower, have you never been an original thinker?
Stay with your knitting and cats Malcolm like the dear old lady you are.

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