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Mr. Brown is a single-minded, cold man, he is dedicated to one thing only - always and everyday - and that is keeping HIMSELF in office as PM until HE decides he wants to go onto something else. Mrs. Thatcher is part of a cynical game, it has to be if his book about her was as unpleasant as its title suggests! In fact the title -- 'Where there is Greed' !!!! think about it ... is very interesting in the context of Mr. Brown.

Indeed it might be worthwhile for someone to dig out that book that someone said on CH quite a while ago that Young Brown wrote - probably with a smirk on his face!, about how to get around the system etc: when a student at uni: I somehow DO NOT think he would have the same lenient, laisez faire attitude to students doing what he advocated then NOW!!!

John Gale, good point.

Radical Tory "Mr Editor - can people not please focus on issues?"

Ok then Radical Tory what issues are important to you?

The word in DA HOOD is


Jon Gale, I noticed that too. Then again I tend to notice it in quite a few topics. It is fairly easy to 'screen' out.

On the matter at hand, this is a bad move by Brown; the British public don't like calculated photo ops and he has just made the Labour base squirm (again). Of course the Labour base are subservient little souls and it will take alot to rile them (unlike our lot!) I don't think it has been a bad week for Cameron; he's been taking stock of the 'fightback' and so has Gordon and this is his 'weapon.' A rather weak choice for a Labour PM at that (no disrespect to Mrs T) You can be sure this pic will appear in Private Eye with another caustic put down. A very embarrasing pic for Gordy in the long term.

Lady Thatcher is the greatest policy in the world, I am the greatest admirrer of the lady, she is the best. The English people have luck with a great women. We have not luck in Belgium, the policy in belgium is very bad. long living thatcher.
A great admirrer
sorry for my bad English I am flemish
Beniest yves

Mr Gale

Fame at last!

''Ok then Radical Tory what issues are important to you?''

Discussing the issue the thread has been created rather than throwing personal insults to other posters.

If you mean more broadly I am interested in schools, healthcare, crime and the economy. All the types of things most people think about when they vote. Why? What did you think I would say?

As a new Tory I am pleased to hear some of the things from Cameron. Over the past 10 years areas of mass degeneration have been regenerated (Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle). However, they were not regenerated because of Government offices or regional regeneration bodies. They were regenerated because the world and this country pursued conservative policies and principles. Tories regenerated Labour Northern heartlands! Cameron has enabled the Tories, for the first time, to talk about how Tories can offer policies on poverty, on the ennvironment, on quality of life. Its the single greatest acheivement any Tory leader has acheived since 1992!

Radical Tory "schools, healthcare, crime and the economy"

In what way are you interested in these exactly? For example as you clearly despise Cameron so much what is it about his policy on Crime that offends you? Or more pointedly tell me why you apparently prefer Brown to Cameron?

Magnificent to see the great lady back where she belongs. A pity it was just a cheap stunt. I still harbour the highly unlikely dream that DC will learn something from her - It is a pity he seems more Heseltine than Thatcher.

Then, Radical Tory or whatever it is you call yourself why don't you discuss them then instead of turning every single thread into an endless personal attack on David Cameron and the Conservative party?
I've just been looking at Labourhome and seen what they really think of Margaret Thatcher. They mostly hate her with a passion as Brown did throughout her period in office. Yet some people on this thread seem to think Brown has been oh so clever and wouldn't be a wheeze to get back at Cameron by voting Labour.Well go on then,look at Labourhome and see what lovely bedfellows you'd have.

I'm not a Tory. But reading some of these comments makes me feel a little sorry for Dave; because his own seem quicker to ditch him and turn on him than people like me are to support him. So it's like his reforms aren't winning a vote for everyone they lose him.

When David Cameron was elected Conservative leader I was hopeful that there would at last be a big party that I could vote for. At the moment the only party I'd consider voting for would be the Lib Dems. Economically I'm actually quite right wing. But I'm socially liberal and want the persecution of cannabis users to stop. Dave hasn't done enough to get the vote of a right wing liberal like me, yet it appears that for reading some of these comments that in not doing enough to win over people like me he's done more than enough to lose support from the Conservative 'core'. Poor guy can't win.

Still I'm not really that bothered, I don't care all that much if the Conservative party has a civil war and kills it's self. But then I'm not a traditional Conservative.

Facinating to see the genuine emotions expressed as a response to this picture. What comes across is great repect for Margaret Thatcher and great contempt for Gordon Brown. If I remember correctly Tony Blair invited Mrs Thatcher during his early days in office to discuss Europe and now Gordon Brown has done the same. So I asume this must be some sort of political protocol. Of course Brown will milk the publicity for all that its worth. Just facinating to see the reaction to this picture, the hurt is tangible.

voreas06 - Cameron messed up on crime with the hug a hoodie issue. He let it get out control. That's not leadership. He should be stressing zero tolerance New York style, but he's not. The amount of time he gives to crime just tells you its not important for him, he much prefers making it harder for the poor to travel.

Cameron seems to just follow labour, for example, rather than supporting school vouchers he's happy with city academies. We want a choice come the general election. Rather than cutting tax we agree with Labour's spending. Rather than offering an alternative to the NHS we accept it despite its huge failures.

I don't prefer Brown to Cameron, I just think we must sort out our own party before we try and sort out the country. At the moment the party is not attracting support but alienating plenty. We are 10 yrs into Labour and have a supposedly dour PM yet Dave is still behind in the polls.

Why do you like Cameron so much? Have you ever been angry with him?

malcolm - I'd love to discuss education and health etc but whenever Cameron mentions them, which is relatively rare, he messes up. What do you expect me to say? Congratulate him on getting attacked by hospital after hospital for alledgedly misleading the public about their future? Even when he dosen't make a mistake he is just agreeing with Labour. If I wanted that I'd vote labour.

As far as im concerned Cameron is the one who has most in common with those on Labour Home. After all they both love to trash Thatcher.

Malcolm its not the fact that brown has invited Lady T its the fact that she took him up on the offer and from what i have read it seems Lady T knew this quality of life report was coming out today but she still chose to go and she refused to go in the back door to save face for DC and wanted herself to go in the front door,the cameroons may try to make this look like a stunt but the public will see this as a snub to DC..also DC is reported to be thinking about dumpimg most of this report which makes him look like he can't make up his mind and the the public wont stand for that.

So which one of them hates DC more? Mrs Thatcher may be ageing but she won't have done this except as a mute warning to Cameron.

Remember the hanky over the British Airways tailfin. This is worse. The tailfin lasted 2 yrs until BA felt they'd saved enough face to be able to do the inevitable and re-brand again the entire fleet. How long will the Party give DC?

The Cameroons have to realise that loyalty is a two way street. They have deliberately tried to upset the activist base - the A list (always that first), "delusional" etc etc. Now when the going is suddenly tough and they need all the solidarity and support they can get, they seem genuinely surprised that the activist base is giggling with schadenfreude. Whether it finally surrenders to Party loyalty and gets back on board is I think still in the balance. The EU referendum is important but I think it is going to take him sacking Gorgeous Gideon and fessing up that he has been wrong on tax. And I don't think DC is prepared to loose that much face.

Jon Gale, wake up and smell the coffee. I fully understand that this really hurts and it should: the greatest PM in recent history snubs the upstart most of you favour here at CamHome.

They were regenerated because the world and this country pursued conservative policies and principles. Tories regenerated Labour Northern heartlands!

As you are so emphatically 'aware' of these facts, Ash, I'm surprised you describe yourself as a 'new Tory'.

Did it come as a sudden flash of enlightenment?

Doesn't this just prove what a treacherous old bat Thatcher really is? She and her acolytes went out of their way to destabilise Major, certainly didn't help any of his successors and are now determined to ruin Cameron's chances. Just because a small, obsessive group of Tories cannot get over the fact that she was well past her sell-by date in 1990 and had to go. Jorgen's point, whilst cynical, sums it up. Major wouldn't be invited by Brown because he would not do the disloyal thing by accepting. Have you heard ANY suggestion of such behaviour by Major toward HIS successors?

Interesting contribution to party unity, rumpelstiltskin.

I imagine Lady Thatcher received a polite invitation from Gordon Brown, who does happen to be Prime Minister, and thought that it would be churlish to turn it down.

Presumably neither she nor Brown had any idea at the time that the Conservative Party would again be in a state of total disarray by the time of her visit.

Shouldn't you be pleased that the Thatcher story has squeezed the Gummer/Goldsmith fracas to the sidelines?

On the plus side, Mrs T doesn't seem to be so fondly remembered in Scotland, so maybe GB has undermined his own constituency votes!

Quite right Patsy - what Brown has done is cynical and cruel!! Lady T must have been thrilled at being back in Number 10 and did not realize that she was simply being used!

Alistair: it's you Labour types who are likely to be running around like headless chickens about this photo.

Personally I find it hilarious that the last two Labour PMs have thought it worthwhile to invite Mrs T to tea. Ha ha!!

As a Labour supporter I have little problem with this. Neither do any of my labour voting colleagues either it would appear. What we see is a very clever Labour PM outmanouvering an increasingly hapless Tory leader, thereby making continued government by our party of choice likely. He undoubtedly used her, but she showed a willingness to be used. Her advisors would have been involved. Is it possible she so detests Cameron she'd prefer a continued Brown premiership ? Mind-boggling, but it looks as if that might be the case.

How sweet and naive is rumpelstiltskin holding up John Major as some sort of moral example? At least whatever Maggie did and said was straight up and open - right or wrong. Unlike the smarmy John Major she wouldn't have skulked in her constituency with pretend wisdom toothache while her colleagues assassinated their Leader and then emerge miraculously cured to take the crown. John Major didnt need to be disloyal to his successors he used up all his disloyalty on his colleagues. What about Major's behaviour towards his wife? Maggie would NEVER have embarrassed Dennis like that!

Rover I agree with you 100% on that!

I don't think Baroness Thatcher or those that still advise her would be easily exploited.

Maybe she was just sending a silent message of disapproval to David Cameron.

Answer the question. Thatcher has been as disloyal to her Party and her successors as ever Ted Heath was accused of. Whatever else you wish to say of Major, he has never been so disruptive and deliberately disloyal as Thatcher. She thinks she is the only real Conservative, even though the seeds of our subsequent problems were all sewn by her actions and behaviour to her Cabinet colleagues.

Ah, John Major. The man who gave us Black Wednesday, the cones hotline and "Back to Basics".

What a strange time this is. A Labour Prime Minister feting one of the greatest Tories in the history of our party. A Tory leader
feting an environmentalist whose radical views put him on the lunatic fringe of the Lib Dems. I know that diehards like me - who have served our party faithfully for deacdes - are considered merely blasts from the past. But where should I - and those who do believe in mainstream conservatism -turn?

Sorry. Somebody has to do something, and it's just incredibly pathetic that it has to be us.
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Thanks for the help :), Ham.

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