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Weak, weak, weak.

All i'm saying is this: when Cameron loses the next General Election and there's a leadership contest lets not rush back to Hague.

A 'Giuliani figure'?

It depends which aspect of his character you're looking at...

Hague's statement seems reasonable to me.

This post suggests that ConservativeHome may be moderating comments but the Editors remain determined to be independent. Those who think CH is to become slavish to Cameronism should read the above!!!

Guiliani is in big trouble now that Fred Thompson has joined the race. Rudy is a liberal who is courted the neo-cons by appointing the notorious Norman Podhoretz as his his foreign policy adviser.

The neo-cons, however, now have their own candidate in Fred Thompson. Thompson was the key figure behind the Scooter Libby defence fund. He is Bush-Cheney candidate and it would not be surprising if Karl Rove joins his team in the near future.

The neo-cons trust Thompson more than Guiliani and will ensure that he has all the money that he needs to win. Rudy will be offered the VP slot as a second prize.

Winning the Presidential election will be another matter.

What a relief it is to know that all the presidental candidates are prepared to bite the bullet and deal with Iran one way or tother (see the Spectator article). Someone should point out to Hague and Co exactly where Iran is on the map in relation to Iraq and of its involvement in the "mixed message".

My only problem with Hague's statement is that he is not calling for an immediate withdrawal of all British troops.

We had no busines being in Iraq in the first place, we have no business being there now, and the sooner we pull out the better.

Months back Cameron seemed to be getting into the business of making apologies (to Mandela etc) Well the only apology I'd like to see him make is to the Iraqi people for supporting Bush's murderous war against them and to the British people for supporting the sacrifice of British lives to the cause of American greed and stupidity.

Those units who have taken place in the great American Iraq-grab should be awarded the battle-honour 'Halliburton'.

"Traditional Tory", more cameroonian "not the tory party" rather than traditional. To pull out now would be to betray all those who welcomed the fall of Sadam and would lead to a bloodbath. Not a tradition I would follow, it is neither ethical nor moral. But then the present party seems deficient in both areas.

"Traditional Tory", more cameroonian "not the tory party" rather than traditional.

That's a new one. Me a Cameroon!!! I love that.

To pull out now would be to betray all those who welcomed the fall of Sadam and would lead to a bloodbath

Most of the terrorists operating in Iraq now welcomed the removal of Saddam. A lot of ordinary Iraqis wish he had never been removed.

Traditional Tory, that would be if there was such a thing as an 'Iraqi'. Iraq is an artificial creation of the colonial powers Britain & France.

The Kurds are ecstatic about mass murdering tyrant Saddams death. And that alone should be reason enough to be happy about. It's time the promise of an independent Kurdistan was delivered. France & Britain stabbed the Kurds in the back in 1922 with their shady deal with Atatürk.

Making Hague more like Giuliani doesn't sound like much of a solution. Hague's already pro-gay marriage, for one thing. Making him pro-baby-killing as well will hardly be an improvement.

What would be an improvement would be if he just stopped being such a creep. The Government is now fully committed to its retreat from Iraq. Why on earth doesn't the Opposition DO something and oppose for once? He's supposed to be a Tory and he sounds like a member of Greenpeace or CND or Amnesty or something.

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