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Good piece, Sam. Pensions are a real "beachhead" for Conservatives on Labour's shores.

IMO, the most entertaining piece on CH for a long time. Thank you.

Thank God for Chris Grayling. At least one senior Tory is up for a fight against the increasingly repulsive Brown and his clan.

We’ve had the endowment failures; the pension failures of the past decade; and now the concern around the safety of your deposit account savings; the punishment for saving by removing pension benefits and the increasing risk from the merging of tax and NI causing higher taxation on your pension when you finally get around to drawing it (who's to say the tax rate won't be 40% or more in the future) these all add to the feelings of lack of security for the private sector workforce.

We've all seen and felt for those poor pensioners on the beach naked with banners trying to stress how even though prudently saving through their career they were ripped off and no-one helped them. The Brown years on pensions for me started when the funds were damaged by tax, the actuaries then said they had a deficit, the advisors told the funds to buy government bonds which performed less well than property or equities so the funds had an even bigger deficit and our pension return projections nearly halved.

Next they want us to trust them with compulsory pension savings schemes, where will these be invested and what will be our safety net?

Chris Grayling appears to do a much better job of being in opposition than most of his peers.Was Kinnock crying?

For the first time in weeks there is some good news. Brown is proving to be more adept at spin than even that repulsive Blair.
Cameron and co must remove their gloves next week and spell out policies while also explaining all the voodoo economics and spending plans spewed out by Brown.

"Thank God for Chris Grayling. At least one senior Tory is up for a fight against the increasingly repulsive Brown and his clan."

Having been extremely critical of the Shadow Cabinet for their disappearance from the political scene, I should like to add my thanks to Grayling as well.

I hope the rest of the Shadow Cabinet are taking note on how to do it!

Now that's good news. Let's hope the media give it the exposure it deserves.

Nicely done. More of the same please.

Fantastic ! As Labour establish a dictatorship in its own party - we should be there arguing with Labour members to join us in the free world.

Of all people to tuen up, Kinnock with his multiple pensions. Couldn't make it up. Well done Chris Grayling.


New Poll by Yougov for Channel 4


Lib Dems at 13%!? Their conference gave them the very opposite of a bounce then. Single figures soon perhaps?

Thanks John. A new thread has just begun on that poll.

Yougov Poll for Channel 4

Here's the link. Apparently it has been taken since GB's speech.

On the Despatches prog on C4 last night, Roz Altmann pointed out that (I hope I have this right) no-one may have a pension pot of more than £1 1/4 million in a liftime EXCEPT the Prime Minister and a couple of other MPs - so they're OK then.

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