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Traditional Tory, Brian Jenner hasn't jumped ship - he was stitched up.

Thanks for John Leonards post that put what Ann Widdecombe actually said into context.

'Thats why we are doing so badly in the poll's, the right are putting us back onto the previous stance.'

What?!? How are we supposed to be doing that? Every political party is under the control of the Left, so are the entire broadcast media, and most of the press. What are we supposed to be doing, sneaking into CCHQ at night and tippexing policy documents?

A classic case of blame-the-messenger if ever there was one.

Oh and incidentally, we don't actually want to go back to any "previous stance". We want policies that work, eg low taxes and a properly robust attitude towards the EU. Those haven't been party policy in my lifetime (even Maggie didn't actually lower them).

So Osborne has not particularly subtly launched his bid to suceed Cameron when, after Brown has creamed the heir to Blair at the polls, common sense returns to the Conservative party and Cameron wisely "decides" that it is time to spend more time with his money. Unfortunately for squeaky he is entirely unsuitable for the job.

Quite a bit of hysteria about George Osborne's common sense remarks about the need for a balanced agenda. Concern about the Environment doesn't mean we can't talk about crime ans Immigration, nor does a committment to social justice mean we can't talk about tax cuts.

David Cameron and George Osborne have both been pursuing such a balanced agenda in any case, though from reading the comments on here you wouldn't have thought so.

I dont think Gorgeous is stupid enough to try and launch a leadership bid at this time or to suppose that this marker will have any effect on his leadership standing. Cameron and Osborne must realise they sink or swim together.

I think this is code for a general retreat by the modernisers. A general recognition that they were wrong and hopefully the signal of a political shimmying at the Conference. Whether Brown will allow them the time to learn from their mistakes will be announced in the next ten days.

Graham D'Amiral, sorry but if George Osborne cannot use the correct language when he is Election co-ordinator, and uses language open to misinterpreted. If nothing else, doesn’t that suggest he is unsuitable for the role?

OK, let's forget the interpretation, nuance, misundersanding etc and look at what Gids actually said:

"I don’t take the kind of über-modernising view that some have had"

So he is unequivocally distancing himself from those (unnamed people - clearly plural y the use of 'some') he defines as having an 'über-modernising view'".

So the big question is; Who are these unnamed people he referring to? Shadow cabinet members, activists, Maude, Bagshawe, Cameron himself etc?

Just who are the übers?

Dear all,

It is of my belief that the current course that the Conservative Party have been following, heading down the liberal conservatism approach is a dangerous game, particularly at the time of an economic crisis. Ultimately this is leading to the point that there is no difference between New Labour and the current Conservative Party. Whilst this move by George Osbourne seems to be an attempt to remove himself from the so called uber-modernisers, he is still responsible for the strategy setting for the next general election and so therefore partly responsible for this uber-modernisation. This sounds to me more of a David Milliband moment in sounding out the possibilty of becoming a future Conservative Leader.

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