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'Emily Miller, 25, who claimed to work for a charity that helps Indian children, applied for a £40,000-a-year job as assistant to Conservative Party chairman Caroline Spelman.' - Daily Mail Article

£40,000 a year, eh?

I doubt the Mirror will be particularly embarrased by this, they do after all have form. In Piers Morgans time they infiltrated someone into Buckingham Palace.
It is a shame though that CCHQ didn't keep up the ruse and feed Miller all sorts of misinformation.It is I think what people like Alistair Campbell,Peter Mandelson or the other slime within Labour HQ would have done.

What was her mission, to see if their were any solid policies hidden away?

Disgusting behaving by a paper that does Labour's bidding. While the pseudo-intellectuals of the liberal Left may despise centre-right papers like the Mail, the Express and the Telegraph can anyone really imagine any of these newspapers stooping so low as this?

"centre-right papers like the Mail"

Centre-Right - who are you kidding?!?!

Surely the use of fraudulant information in the application for a well paid job is highly illegal. Will this young lady, and her sponsors in the Daily Mirror, be prosecuted by the Met? I won't hold my breath!

Surely anyone claiming that they were 'very encouraged by the policies the Conservatives are putting forward on tax' (ie. sharing the proceeds of growth) must have seemed somewhat suspect at the interview stages?!

What an appalling rag the lying Mirror is - I wish it would go bankrupt.

The Mirror are a shameless lot, they won't be embarrassed at all, but then again they are also oblivious to how puerile and infantile their "all Tories smell" rhetoric looks to anyone without an IQ in single figures!

Leak her CV to the Bloggers

The Mirror has realised that pretty young blond things with big tits can easily get a job in CCO.

She looks similar to that girl innocent of selling honours for Labour.

And we are supposed to believe that some of the more lurid and persistent posters here haven't been similarly placed?

£40k for a job at CCHQ...more like £30k tops!!!

BTW anyone sen Gordon Brown recently?

Finding him might cost a few quid in detective agency fees.

As for CCHQ why go round the back door when you can get in through the front? If they call up David Cameron, he'll tell them everything he knows for free.

Cardinal Pirelli


The mirror has gone up in the world, last time they were digging around counting nappies in the Cameron's bins in the hope of undermining the leader of a political party!

If no apology is forthcoming then I think that CCHQ should take some action.

"The mirror has gone up in the world, last time they were digging around counting nappies in the Cameron's bins in the hope of undermining the leader of a political party!"

No need to count nappies - Tim managed to do it on this blog without getting caked in Tory baby poor. Guido also does a nice line in Nappy-Based Undermining.

"Ms Miller's cover was finally blown when a party computer expert established that her application form was sent from a Hotmail address accessed from a Daily Mirror computer."

Timmy - was that you?

Iain Dale is claiming this as an exlusive!

Gordon Henderson is right: she might be prosecuted for an offence under Section 2 of the Fraud Act 2006 or even Section 3. The former makes it an offence for someone, inter alia, dishonestly to make a false representation, and intending thereby to make a gain for himself or another. Here the false representation was as to who she was and her background , and her intent was to be paid a salary on the back of getting a job as a result of that false representation.

I would prosecute her, if only to discourage others from trying the same stunt which has no place in a fair and decent democratic system: just ask Richard Nixon.

This story is proof that "the enemy within" willl stoop to any lengths to stay in power. The enemy, as Mrs Thatcher rightly said, is the Labour party and all their minions.
I hope this proves to all Tories, including those who have been very critical of DC and the party,that our enemies are those members and acolytes of the authotarian Socialist government of Gordon Brown.
Unless we all realise this sooner or later, we wont have a country left worth saving.
Talking of the Socialist, the following is from the Saturday BBC News UK Papers website reporting the newspapers reaction to John Redwoods sensible tax proposals:

'Thatcherite baggage'
The proposals by a Conservative policy group for sweeping cuts in taxes fill many editorial columns.

For the Independent, the report presented by former Conservative Cabinet minister John Redwood is weighed down by Thatcherite baggage.

The Guardian also dismisses it as a series of old right-wing chants. However, the Daily Mail sees it as the red meat of proper Toryism at last.

The Sun agrees, saying it gives the party a realistic chance in the polls.

More Examples of BBC Bias.
Time to stick it to them again Ian Dale.

The Mirror has realised that pretty young blond things with big tits can easily get a job in CCO.

Blond things are male........Blonde ones are female....

This is nothing new!! It goes on all the time and I think we should have "played her along" and given false information!

Spellchecker - it's entirely possible the spelling may have been quite deliberate!

LOL. That figures. The Telegraph's Tom Harper tried the same with UKIP as it feared that UKIP making inroads on the right.

Clearly, the same is now true for the Cameron's Conservativeson the left.

How long before Socialist Worker start trying to infiltrate CCHQ? ;-)

Tim: have you checked that Sam is genuine? He could be monitoring you!

Completely normal for the Mirror. The Mirror is a disgraceful paper which I avoid unless bored to death. The Mirror hates the Tories more than any other paper. Not suprizing, not nice either. For this we should have nop further dealings with the Mirror or other publications connected to it.

Never mind, i suppose if Ms Miller did infiltrate the party she'd find little of interest! If she's looking for another job, perhaps she would consider working for John (soon to be Lord...)Prescott. She looks like the sort who would like to work under him!

What disgusting behaviour from the Mirror - next thing you know they'll be tapping the phones of members of the royal family. Oh wait, that's what *our* press chief had to leave his last job for . . .

Wasn't there a story of the Telegraph trying to place someone in UKIP not that long ago? Just asking. ;-)

Of course they gave her a job without checking her properly. She's young pretty with long hair and no doubt a posh accent....what more does the party ever want !

More to the point, has anyone got her phone number?


The Mirror has realised that pretty young blond things with big tits can easily get a job in CCO.

Blond things are male........Blonde ones are female....

Which shows that Rightwingery knows a good deal more about alleged employment practices at CCHQ than you.

The Mirror tried something similar in Folkestone prior to the 2005 general election. I think that it was unpaid work experience that time, but he/she was rumbled the morning she started. I don't know whether it was the same person though.

Memories of telephone tapping scandle, News of the World and Andy Coulson.....

Pretty??? Big tits?????? Not from the look of the picture here she isn't/hasn't.

If it was in reverse, I wonder what the paper would have made of it!?

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