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Well done Mr Hague.

In place of the gangsters, terrorists and thieves that we normally prioritise, those who have worked for our armed forces seem like a better deal.

If we don't behave honourably toward them, that will be a big stain on our nation's character.

Good too on The Times for championing these interpreters.

I'm strongly against the large-scale immigration of Iraqi refugees after our withdrawal from Iraq that some US neocons have been demanding, but letting in 91 individuals probably wouldn't do much harm and seems morally justified.

It's important though that 91 not become 9100 or 91000. I expect each of these 91 has an extended family who would like to come too, and can plausibly claim to be at risk.

The 91 obviously have little faith in either the Iraqi police or army's ability to protect them. I'm not suprised.
We owe a huge amount to these people. We should let them in.

It's very encouraging to read Conservatives united in wanting to see justice done to these 91 heroes.

Sign the petition:


Write a letter to your MP:


The Washington Post is right. For all of Blair's talk talk talk Britain has been defeated in Basra. Bush has at least tried to prevail. Shameful for Britain. Shameful.

How has Britain been defeated? We did what was asked of us, and now, having done what was asked of us under a blatantly false prospectus*, we're going home. If anyone has been defeated - and they have - it's the American Neocon fools who conceived this insane adventure, and were lucky enough to con Blair (and, of course, the bulk of the then Tory leadership) into supporting their foolishness.

Just to reiterate the point, though, in case anyone is gullible enough to take at face value that astonishing piece of dishonest US bureaucratic buck-passing cited by the WaPo: Britain did what was asked of her. The 'security situation' in the South is certainly *now* going going tits up, after having been stable enough, but that's because we're going - we're not going because the situation has forced us out. Got that?

It's not that we've been 'forced out', but rather, because, far, far too late we've decided to liquidate a commitment we should never have entered into, what was always going to happen after us is of course starting with a vengeance. This, contra the WaPo report, is an *American* problem: let them sort it out therefore. And now that we in Britain are free of Blair and his ego, that's just what we are leaving them to do.

*To wit: there *are* WMDs in Iraq; regardless of whether getting rid of Saddam makes life safer for Iraqis, it'll improve our security. Cue hollow laughter, save from all those greasing their way to, oh, a Heritage grant.

P.S. I totally agree that we owe a debt of honour to all those brave, or even opportunistic Iraqis who helped us/sought to (perfectionally rationally) further their own self-interests by thinking we were always going to stay the 'strongest horse' in that part of the world. More fool them for helping us, but if we don't now help people like this, we'll have far fewer like them to help us elsewhere in the future. Can I suggest that for every Iraqi and his dependents we take in, we send there a Murdoch or Black hack who cheered on the war?

I remember one of them, after we had been out on a job together, showing me the bullet holes in the driver's seat and windscreen of his car. He'd previously been attacked off duty and had been extremely lucky.

Hague has a point. Not all of them will want to move. But Immigration Services should put these people - and, if necessary, their immediate family - at the front of the queue.

It's as much a matter of honour as good sense, building trust in future employees. Though of course it also then raises issues about all kinds of other vulnerable groups, from Assyro-Chaldean Christians to political figures from secular parties, and shows what is at risk if Iraq goes completely down the pan.

Actually Lee, surely it shows more exactly what we were setting ourselves up for when we needlessly went into Iraq in the first place? Clever old France and Germany, to name but two, for not letting themselves in for all this sort of crap. As I say, Conrad-era Telegraph leader writers, op-ed columnists at Lupert's jingo Times c. 2003 etc etc - send 'em over to their glorious success in Iraq to replace every Iraqi we take in.

It's about time this story made front page news. The attitude thus far from the UK immigration services has been appalling.

Only 750 Iraqis have made it into the US to date and it's been agreed that 7000 be given asylum status in the States this year.

91 is nothing and no, they don't or can't bring their extended family with them - please get a grip of the situation. The refugees in the States have taken years to get there and in many cases it's only because of who they know that they've made it into the States at all. Many are still living in fear in Iraq or hiding in neighbouring countries.

The people we are talking about have risked their lives on a daily basis, helping the military or others. The rights and wrongs of the war do not come into it - we owe these people the opportunity to live their lives free from the ever present daily threat of death squads.

Thanks for highlighting this story Ed.

iam an iraqi interpreter , icant tell my real name but the name up is my nick name .

i am now and still risk my life waiting for death (as the militia said your fate )
i was working with the british i helped them in their duties . and now i see how cowards they are i was always said to them american troops are the bravest men not you

all in all , i hide inside my home now .but its too shamefull hay this is the great britin??????
do you know what is the great britin?
ok .bye

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