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Very interesting. Ignatieff is certainly the one Harper should fear.

You have to hand it to Harper for overturning the Liberal 5-10% lead in the opinion polls in the space of a couple of months before the 2006 election. Despite the fact that the Liberal administration was undergoing a sponsorship scandal, it is still a great achievement, and one Cameron should look at carefully.

The Tim Hortons point is one Cameron should take particular note of. We need to give lower income voters a practical reason for voting Conservative.

I have just returned from Nova Scotia and, while I was there, caught a TV programme where Conservative politicians spoke openly and enthusiastically about tax cuts. Nothing about "sharing the proceeds of growth" - just the beneficial merits of tax cuts.
At least some politicians in the Anglosphere understand what is the bedrock of conservatism.

This is a very interesting article and in effect an analysis of all the things the UK Conservative Party has not been doing for the last ten plus years.

I know several Canadian friends who would differ from your analysis. they believe that what the Canadian Conservatives are doing is the same as NuLab is doing to Britain, selling its sovereignty.

What you failed to mention was the tripartite talks going on with the US and Mexico, and the secret meeting going on to form the North American Union (the US version of the EU, an Empire by another name).

US documents released under the FOIA have also shown that a wide range of US administrative law is being re-written in stealth under this program to "integrate" and "harmonize" with administrative law in Mexico and Canada, in a similar fashion to moves that have become commonplace within the EU.


Try looking at the following URL for the story on North American Union.


One of the things that catches my eye is Harpers efforts to involve, co-operate and ensure unity. Also of course the history of Liberal party efforts to be part of the identity of Canada. This also is interesting because I think Conservatives were generally regarded as the patriotic identity of Britain for many years,


A excellent resume of the Conservative fortunes in Canada, particularly the work Stephen Harper and Preston Manning are undertaking in setting up a Conservative dynasty in the 21st century.

Besides his government,s minority status, Harper has difficultiese in maintaining a Conservative administartion due to the different nature of Conservatism in different parts of the country.

In the West, the home of the old Reform Party, it is free market very reminiscent of Margaret Thatcher with a slice of libertariansim thrown in. In Ontario and the Maritime provinces it is coloured by the old Progressive Conservative Party, which was more corporate in outlook and often nicknamed "liberal lite". In Quebec it has a moderate Quebec nationalist flavour. Keeping these disparate parts together requires consumate skill. It finally undid Mulroney; Harper has so far achieved this. In fact his achievement in bringing this together over the past few years and winning an election has been truly remarkable. All this in the face of a hostile media, that a times appeared to be a branch of the Liberal Party. David Cameron could learn a lot from Stephen Harper.

Regarding the Consevatives gaining parliamentary recognition of the Quebecois people as a nation. Last November the Bloc Quebecois put down a motion that the Quebecois people are a nation. Seeing the danger of opposing this in Quebec eyes but supporting it in the rest of Canada, Harper put forward an ammendment and secured it's passage that "The Quebecois people are a nation within a united Canada."

On a lighter note there is a old Canadian joke about the regional differences.

"Canada is like a cow; in the West they feed it, in Ontario and Quebec they milk it; you can imagine what happens in the Maritimes" !

Finally though the Liberal Party have been the natural party of Government in Canada and have displayed a genius for reinventing themselves and a ruthlessness for hanging on to power, the statement that they have ruled for over 80% of the last century is a little overstated.

The Liberals period of office totalled 69 years during the 20th Century. Since 1921 they have been in power for just over 64 out of the last 86 years.

More blood anoraks going on about the NAU... total bollocks. It is rather hilarious to see someone who is supposedly conservative worried about "Empire", trade liberalisation, or integration with the US. Very paleo-conservative/agrarian rather than reflecting free markets, free people, strong defense... The anorak would presumably also not have approved of Lady Thatcher either!

And Another Thing.

Stephen Harper's predecessor as PM was the Liberal Paul Martin. From 1993 Martin was Jean Cretien's finance minister, but like Gordon Brown he craved the premiership. Finally in December 2003 Cretien stood down. Martin inherited and not withstanding the re-unification of the Conservative forces stood on the verge of the greatest Liberal landslide in history. He had a bounce that made Brown's look like a gentle skip.

Then the Liberal's became mired in scandal. Martin was reduced to minority status in the June 2004 election and lost the January 2006 election called following his defeat in a no cofidence motion in parliament.

Martin had been regarded as one of the most effective Finance Ministers in years. His premiership was little short of a disaster.
Will history be repeated here in the UK.

PS. Re my previous post. Oddly enough though the Liberals dominated Canadian politics in the 20th Century, the two largest landslides were Conservative victories in 1958 and 1984; the only occasions that a party has obtained more than 200 seats in Canadian history.

Sorry, I meant to post in my name, not Odessa Calling.

I got some of my political friends in Canada to read the article and their comments are interesting.

My attention was drawn to Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, as very pro-British and pro-Commonwealth. He gave a wonderful speech in London supporting Commonwealth ties and saying that the British Empire benefitted Canada. He is also pro-monarchy. Unfortunately, the British press ignored it and David Cameron refused to meet him. That is regarded by many Canadian Conservatives as disgraceful.

Despite the foregoing, the article was regarded as a pretty good analysis on the scene in Canada, but doubts the prediction on Maxime Bernier. I am reliably informed that Foreign Minister, Peter MacKay, despite some internal grumblings, is still the one to beat when Harper retires.

ConHome at its best

I have just looked up Maxime Bernier's election result. He gained his seat from the Liberals as follows:

Con 36,915
BQ 10,997
Lib 4,344
Gr 1,405
Ind 1,397

Quite a swing !

Whilst the Canadian Conservatives have succeeded in uniting sections of the Right, there are many elements of the party which Cameron's Conservatives should not associate with. Many of the Canadian Alliance members were seen as rednecks and highly derogatory to the francophones in Quebec. Now that they occupy the rump of the Conservative Party, one would hope that Harper has moderated their views.

I think it also important to remember that Paul Martin was a brilliant Finance Minister and managed to balance the books - even to create surpluses after Mulroney's Progressive Conservative government. What we need is the Liberals without their rhetoric about the climate change.

Oh please, all Harper is doing is digging this country further and further into the hole, and insisting that no one watch it happen.

Haper has significantly moderated his views since taking office. The man has strayed far from his old Reformer roots and is now more liberal than the Liberals who were in power in the 90's. Let's hope Jason Kenney can succeed him and bring some real libertarian policies to government.

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