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I'd be shocked if he didn't go down the Harman route. He was the Chancellor who scrapped the allowence and has always insisted that's the best policy.

Harman is irrelevant...she was not particularly courageous when she had a spendinf department to run - she could not back Frank Field nor could she resist Gordon Brown when he wanted benefit cuts introduced....he knows now that he has to curtail spending on Tax Credits or face big tax rises....so he will "reform" and "modernise" and she will smile sweetly

Tomtom 12:36

And she didn't have the spine to admit she supported withdrawing troops from Iraq when she was running for Deputy Leader, but doesn't do so now, because it would affect her political career.

Spineless, dreadful woman.

I think Harman speaks for many in the establishment who see marriage in religious terms and hate it for that reason.

DC target must be to end this liberal cultural consensus,n Marriage is good its safe and must be Celebrated

I suspect that Brown will want to please Dacre. All that we have seen from him since he became PM is that he is more interested in electoral calculation than anything else. Whether Dacre or Harman is right will be very secondary in Browns' mind in my opinion.

I think Dave will find his hands tied on this by EU law on equality and the like. Actually, I guess he knows that really...

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