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Is Brown a "Tory" now?

That was a coupe by Cameron, they can have Quinton Davies. We have got Brown!!

Labour or Conservative - things are becoming confusing these days.

Oh dear! just arrived in Australia. Put it down to jetlag. Headline now corrected!

Can Tim save the Right in Australia?

David Cameron's Conservatives.

So it is the official title now ?

I'd say that's closer to reality than Yougov's.

They're not good numbers, but they're workable.

Most people don't seem overly impressed with Brown's response to the flooding, and only 56% believe he will make a good PM - hardly an impregnable figure, and that in the midst of his so-called bounce.

They're not good numbers, but they're workable.

No, no Edison. That's a downbeat message. Let sunshine beam into your life and let's change to win!!

This poll is fantastic!! Brown has plummetted from 9%!! Election victory for David Cameron is now right on target for a guaranteed landslide!!

Where are all the Roons? Why am I having to write Tory T's script for him?

Maybe they've migrated to Platform 13...

Traditional Tory@22:46

"Let sunshine beam into your life"

I hadn't taken you for a Hair fan. (Perhaps you'd fancy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj1GIj5fpWw)

The numbers aren't good, but they certainly aren't fatal yet, and it hardly helps to be smug. You weren't convinced (and were right not to be convinced) that all was rosy when Cameron's ratings were good. Equally, you should not claim that all is despair now that ratings are less good - or is it one rule for the Roons and another for the Trads?

Still dreadful - what a surprise.

Brown will stay in the lead for a long time yet.

How long did Major's bounce last for? 3 months or something was it? It also took Labour a lot longer to get their lead back.

Gordo's been in for about a month - give him his 100 days at least!

"Where are all the Roons? Why am I having to write Tory T's script for him?"

That's quite funny as i have often scrolled down the page on conhome just to try and find the negative message that you have wrote on Cameron, no matter what he is doing.

Raj - Major's honeymoon lasted until about April 1991. Although Labour regained a lead, it was rarely more than 6% or so, sometimes it was a Tory lead, and I think never exceeded 10%. The economy was, of course, worsening throughout 1991.

But past examples are not necessarily a model - one way - or the other.

The Tory party has to stick with Cameron, but needs to flesh out more policy aims on the economy.


Quite right Jason. I am also very fond of Traditional Tory's postings and rate them above most others.

If that was Browns bounce it was a pancake!

We can't do much except maintain solidarity, and wait for the inevitable recession and cock-up from Brown. He won't be able to blame it on anyone else.

Yeah, Traditional Tory gives me a giggle every morning.

I think Cameron will have the last laugh.

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